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A long weekend update

Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm actually kind of excited to blog today. We had an awesome weekend despite some chaos. (:

Friday I got off work a bit early because we had eye doctor appointments. Turns out we didn't have the right insurance card with us (even though it's the same insurance and they found us in the system, we just didn't have the physical card) so all they could offer us was 20% off the appointment. Erm, two glasses appointments, two pairs of glasses, a contact appointment, and two boxes of contacts....not gonna happen without insurance. So we canceled the appointments and decided to wait to get the ID card. Grr! DF had already said he wanted CiCi's for dinner and since we were right there, I agreed. Bad decision, but I had healthy food cooked at home that I knew I could eat all weekend. I didn't do too badly. I had a slice of deep dish veggie pizza that I probably shouldn't have, but it was SO good! We drove around like crazy after that trying to run errands but everything was closed where we needed to go. How frustrating! We ended up just going home.

Saturday DF left for work at 4 I think. Another early morning, but I got to go back to sleep for a while. I decided to "sleep in" so I woke up at 7 to go run instead of 6 like I'd planned. I had an awesome 5ish mile run in the sunshine and then came home to relax and shower. Once I was showered up and clean, I decided that the sunshine was too beautiful to waste--even though my house needed to be cleaned badly--so I went to walmart to get some potting soil so I could replant some potted plants and start working on my garden. The instructions for my garden box said I needed 40 cubic feet of potting soil. Well, they lied. I needed about 20 maybe. I still don't know where the other 20 feet came from..that's a LOT of extra soil I didn't need! Gr! I ended up going to Walmart and then came home to unload the potting soil. I then spent TWO hours digging up a big plant/tree that was in the way of where my garden box was going. My hands and legs are cut up now but I'm so glad that plant is gone. I then decided to eat lunch and then went to Home Depot to get some more plants. DF is very set on growing our own veggies, so I got eggplant, squash, bell peppers, and a strawberry plant. And of course more soil. I still had only bought about 18 cubic feet at this point but my car trunk wouldn't hold any more bags! I got home and unloaded the soil and the plants and ate a snack and decided to make one more stop for plants. I scored some okra plants, another tomato plant, and cucumbers. I decided against buying MORE potting soil thinking I'd try to find some cheap topsoil somewhere. I got home and repotted my last season plants and did some bumming around outside. DF got home soon after that and I made dinner. He wanted to go to Kohl's for some clothes so I showered AGAIN and we went. We stopped by Starbucks before we went (my guilty pleasure) because I was so exhausted I needed some fuel! We spent about an hour at Kohl's and all he got was two pairs of pants and a tshirt for DSS. Bummer. We then decided to do our weekly grocery shopping after Kohl's so we didn't get home until 10. Yikes!

Sunday we got up early for mass. Awesome sermon and JUST what I need to hear, so my day was great after that. We went and picked up DSS, went home to load up the car, and then headed down to 290 to go to the Sherwood Forest Faire. We got there pretty early so it was a nice day and DSS had fun. We rode on a carriage ride, we got some cinnamon roasted almonds--yum!!--and finally I got DSS to ride a Shetland pony!! He had a blast! We walked around for a few hours and then we got hot and hungry so we decided to head back to town. DSS needed a nap anyway so I got him some lunch and then he took a nap on the way home, lucky duck! DF wanted to go see a movie so we headed over there. Apparently I picked the wrong movie (he just told me what it was about so I assumed I'd found the one he wanted and we bought tickets) so we didn't stay. Luckily they gave us a refund on the tickets, so we ended up saving money instead of spending it! Since DF and I hadn't eaten lunch yet, we went to Red Lobster and each had an appetizer. I got the grilled shrimp brushcetta which was actually really delicious. The rest of the evening we ran a few errands and then went home to watch a movie and relax. We were both exhausted but ended up going to bed late last night, too. Grr!

I was too tired to get up and run this morning, so it will have to happen this afternoon. This weekend really wore me out, but it was fun! It's hard with DF working most Saturdays and some Sundays, so it's really nice when we have an entire day together, but we always try to pack in so much stuff that we exhaust ourselves! Oh well, I guess it's worth it to get to spend time together. (:
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    what a busy weekend-sounds like a very fun weekend, and you got a ton done! I love Kohl's- its where hubby gets all of his clothes too. it is just overall one of the best. Hope you feel rested, and have an awesome week!
    3630 days ago
    What a busy weekend!! Wish I would have known about that Sherwood Forest Fair. That sounds like fun. :)

    Did you guys go shopping at the Kohl's on Hwy 6? That's where we had to go when we came to CS. Hubby had left his pants at home so we had to get some new ones. LOL

    Fun weekend. I bet you ARE tired!
    3630 days ago
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