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An early morning update

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I don't usually post this early of a morning, but since I have to leave work at 1 today, an early morning post it is. Apparently W left daycare yesterday with a fever and he was "fine" last night and "fine" this morning but when his Mama took him to daycare this morning, they turned him away. Dur. Baby's gotta be fever free without the aid of fever-reducing medication for 24 hours before he can go back to daycare. Pretty sure that's not a new rule...how did she not know that?! Back story: W's grandma left yesterday or today (I forget) to go out of town, his grandpa is a bit unattached to his whereabouts, and BM (baby Mama) is a bit loopy. So she texts me last night asking if I can pick W up from daycare today because she's going to Houston to the rodeo with a friend. Sure, no problem. Then she tells me she'll come pick him up when she gets back into CS...around 2am. Um heck no! I go to bed by 9:30/10 at the LATEST, usually closer to 9, and I do NOT want to be woken up at 3am. Grr. Whatever, though, I told her I'd still pick him up because I didn't want her to ask one of her "friends" or someone else to do it. Fast forward to this morning. She calls me at 9ish to tell me that she can't drop W off at school so she doesn't know what she's going to do with him. Her friend is flying into town at 2pm and then they're driving to Houston for the rodeo. (Guilt trip much!?) I told her I could probably get off early if she *really really really* needed me to. She said she did. No hesitation at all. WTF?! So anyway, I can leave at 1, but really? Is it that hard to take care of your own baby? I mean I know he's got a daddy and all, but really, it's just the rodeo... Gr, I'm just frustrated. I've been trying to clock as many hours as possible so my paychecks are bigger and now I have to leave four hours early. Gr. But I've decided to walk to Wal-Mart today with W since I was going to go there after work anyway. We're out of toothpaste and kleenex, dangit! Oh and another thing that just frustrates the tar outta me: BM also told me that she "always" takes W to daycare with a fever, she just gives him Tylenol so that his daycare doesn't know he has a fever! WTF!?!?!?! Really?? There is no reason that baby should have a fever as often as he does. I know he's sick right now--poor baby hacks up a lung!--but he shouldn't have a fever that often. Kind of makes me want to take him to the doctor to get him checked out. I hate seeing babies sick. ):

On to me now. (: I overate last night, I must confess. R said he was bringing home fried chicken for himself for dinner because I was attempting to make sushi and he didn't think it would turn out. No big deal, I didn't mind, but that meant that dinner would be later than normal, so I ate a snack. A tortilla with peanut butter. Not so bad, but that's a lot of calories when I was already at my max for the day! So he gets home and he decided against chicken, my sushi failed, and I was cranky because I needed to clean house and he didn't want to help. So we decided to go to Potato Shack so he could get something to eat. We had coupons for it so it wasn't that big of a deal and I even convinced him that we should walk instead of drive. It's like not even a mile away so it's pointless to waste gas. We've walked over to that area before, it's a nice walk. So we walk to the store and he decides he wants Subway instead of Potato Shack. Cool, I can handle Subway. I got a sandwich even though I wasn't that hungry and I'm still feeling sick because of it. I don't know if something in there was bad, but I've felt like throwing up since last night. I ate breakfast this morning, just some peanut butter toast and a banana, and I'm not feeling better. Ick! So obviously I didn't run this morning, so now I'm going to run tomorrow and then try a long run on Saturday. Gr. Why does my body hate me!? But at least the walk today to Wal Mart will get me some exercise and hopefully make me feel better with the fresh air. Yesterday it got up into the 80's and today they're predicting hail. Crazy weather!! Oy!

I guess I should be off. I have to leave work in two short hours so I need to get some stuff done! Tomorrow is weigh in day and I'm kind of dreading it. Grrrr. emoticon

PS--Is that emoticon someone throwing the scale out the window? I always see people using it and I think that's what it is, but I can't confirm. I'm pretty bad at the emoticon things.
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  • NEA704
    Ugh! BM sounds exactly like my brother-in-law's ex is!! My sister's hubby has a 9-(almost 10) year old from his first marriage, and her mom is a total, self-centered moron! She ditches her daughter at her grandparent's all the time just so she can go out and have a social life. She takes no responsibility for anything, and even got herself knocked up by a boyfriend she hadn't even been dating for all that long! The new baby is probably about 6 months old now, and mama hasn't changed a bit...it's still all about what she wants to do and when can she hoist both kids off on their respective daddy's families so she can go be a trashy social butterfly. Mom's like that piss me off, too!! I hope W feels better soon and someone needs to tell his mom to do something about her child's health!
    3631 days ago
    That poor baby. :( I hate to see kids sick. BM needs to be a mom and take him to the doctor. pPoor kid.

    I hope your tummy gets to feeling better soon!
    3631 days ago
    Hey, Honey sounds like you are having a rough day. But cute baby is ALWAYS a good thing even after such an inconvenienced. You may want to take him to the docs though. Last year I used to sit for my nephew (husbands bother son) he and the mother are not together and she is a bing bat. Nephew was also sick improperly dressed and grumpy. I took him to the doctor only to find out that he had LEAD POISONING! The doctor said that she has been trying to reach his mother to no avail to tell her about the problem. WHAT!. I just HATE irresponsible mothers.
    3631 days ago
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