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Friday, March 05, 2010

I just got back from running some crazy errands. Why does it seem like I ALWAYS have to run errands lately? Seriously, this is no bueno. So I'm sitting at work this morning, a bit bored but quite busy, and I happen to look down at my engagement ring and notice that it looks funny. I can't quite figure out why because I'm trying to type at the same time I notice it looks funny, but once I can look at it, I realize that one of my diamonds fell out!!!!! Now, I have three bands of small diamonds (one band of small, two bands of tiny ones) and this happened to be one of the tiny ones, but I started crying! My beautiful ring literally is falling apart!! I call R frieking out and of course he doesn't answer so I leave him this pathetic, emotional voicemail like "Babe, the worst thing in the world just happened, I have terrible news. Call me back!" Of course after leaving it I realize he's going to think I wrecked the new car, but I figure he'll call me back faster. Anyway, over an HOUR later, he finally calls and is of course upset and wants to know what's wrong and I tell him about my diamond. He gets overly upset about it and calls the jeweler. Long story short, he told me I could take it in and the guy would replace the diamond he "hoped" today. Not good enough, but I told him I'd go right over. So I take a lunchbreak and fly across town to the jeweler who tells me he will "try" to slip it to the guy to fix it today. I told him politely that, no, he would DEFINITELY give it to the guy today because I'm going out of town tomorrow and I will NOT be without my engagement ring. It will be the first time I show it to my family so I will NOT not have it on my finger!

Anyway, while I'm on that side of town, I decide that I will pick up our race packets for Sunday's 5k instead of having to go there after work. I ran in there as fast as I could and got them after some sloooooooooooooow old lady helped me. I was picking up both of ours so as I'm waiting on this sloooooooooooow woman to get mine, I kind of shout over to the A-L lady that I need one for R too so that this can speed up the process. Our shirts this year...Tiffany's blue. I do not know ANY men who would wear a Tiffany's blue tshirt. (FYI--Tiffany's blue is kind of like a like blueish purple...not sure how to explain it, but NOT masculine...at all.) Last year, our "goodie" was a pair of socks (whoop-de-freiken doo) and this year, it's even worse: neoprene sunglass holders that say ACADEMY on them real huge like. Ew. I personally do not want to advertise for Academy (even though I love them!) and I don't want neoprene sunglass holders. Bummer. Oh well, I don't run for the goodies, but still.....

Whew so I made it back to work with FOUR minutes to spare! Come to find out R's grandma's birthday dinner got pushed back so now I can work a bit later and then go get W and go get the balloons before having to be at the restaurant. Whew! I was going to have to add my packet pick-up into that mix, so I guess I'm glad I did that on my lunch hour.

Tomorrow we're leaving here around 8 to drive to my parents' house. My bestfriend's son is having his 3rd birthday party so we're taking W to it. Pirate themed, no less, so I'll be raiding my Godnephew's closet when I get there for some pirate clothes for W and some swim trunks since apparently you can't buy swimsuits in College Station in March. Urgh! It will be a quick there and back trip as we have a race here in CS on Sunday morning. The Armadillo Dash is an absolutely great run with TONS of support along the way. The water stops are all competing in a competition for best costumes, best music, best support, etc, so they go all out! It's awesome! We're just running the 5k so we'll only get to see two or three water stops, but the first ones are always the best! I'm excited to run it! We'll spend the rest of the day grocery shopping, preparing food for the week, and napping I'm sure, and I even told R we could go out to lunch to celebrate if he finished the race! Hopefully that's enough motivation to make him run fast! (:

Anyway, it's going to be an awesome weekend. I'm in a great mood so I hope it continues all weekend. I got up this morning and got a nice 3+ mile run in and I felt wonderful afterward. I overate last night at dinner and my coffee didn't have time to "kick in" before I ran so my tummy was a bit miserable, but overall, I felt great. I'm hoping my knee and foot are back on track! *Knock on wood!*

In my race packet, I found out about a few more races in the area over the next few months, so I'm really excited about those. One is a 10 miler here in town in October that I'm not positive I'll run but it would be a GREAT start to whatever long run I have scheduled that day (since it will be in the middle of Marathon training) or it might end up being perfectly what my long run for that weekend needs to be. Wouldn't that be great!? Ah, dare to dream...

Anyway, I'll wrap it up. This was a very long blog and my (naked!) fingers are just flying around the keyboard trying to keep up with my thoughts. I have lots of work to do so I must be off. R is set to go pick up my ring when he gets back to town tonight (before meeting us all for dinner) so I hope they have it ready. If not, I'm going to go chew some jewelers out!! Hope all my SP friends have a WONDERFUL, sunny weekend!! Here's to hoping for beautiful sunshine all weekend!!!! (:
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  • NEA704
    Hope your ring is all fixed up. I know I panic every time I think one of my stones might even be loose! I don't know what I'd do if one actually fell out! Yipes!

    Have a super fun weekend at the birthday parties and much luck with the race Sunday! Enjoy it!
    3646 days ago
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