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35 week doctors appointment.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Not much to report, but that is good right?! The appointment was great. Michaela is doing great her HR was 143 and super strong. I was measuring in on track at 35 cm which is perfect . My blood pressure was much higher than normal as I was nervous, so it was 126/80 as opposed to the usual 106 or 108/72. I wanted them to test it again and they said they would after the vist but I forgot! Oh well. My weight gain was fine, 21 lbs which is well within my 25 - 35 range, so I am not worried about it which is nice.

We discussed my contractions with the doctor and he checked me to just be sure I was ok and I am. I am just getting going!! I currently am showing a 20% maybe 30% effacement and he said my cervix is just getting ready to start dilating. So he said we are totally fine for now. If I have more pains this next week they will check me again, if not then my next dilation check will be at 37 weeks and my 36 weeks appointment will be just the standard baby's HR, my weight, BP etc....Now what does all this mean, 0% effacement means no thinning and nothing happening and 100% means baby could come soon. So we are good as of now. He said I can still walk and be active but I should slow it down. We want the baby to stay in as long as possible! So I can still reach for a good slow 30 min walk every day but nothing crazy.

He did some measurements and guessed as to how big she is and as of now Michaela is about 5.5 lbs. He said if she goes to full term she could be around 7.5 lbs or maybe somewhere in the high 7's. I was so happy to hear this, I want her big, strong and healthy! It is of course an estimate so we will have to wait and see! My next appointment is a week from today, hoping for another good report!

After the appointment we went for our Thai lunch and oh my was it good!!! Always nice to treat ourselves! I love having lunch after the appointment where we can talk about everything, so much fun!! We are so excited!

I am off to clean and do more nesting! LOL!

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