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A long boring update.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

So it's been a few days since I truly wrote a blog. I've been super busy at work. So Tuesday night we ended up not running at all because, as luck would have it, R's son was to be with us that night so we couldn't very well run since we don't have a jogging stroller (yet!?) and neither of us wanted to run alone at 8 o'clock at night. (I was scared, R was unmotivated haha!) So I left work at four because W was supposed to be over at 6 and I had a ton of errands to run. I went to the post office to mail a quilt to R's neice that he'd been bugging me about for a month, then went to TJMaxx to look for a shirt for R's grandma for her birthday dinner tomorrow night. Oh and I needed to find a "pirate" outfit for W for the birthday party he's going to on Saturday. Urgh! I ended up scoring THREE rocking tops for his grandma, a super cute outfit for W, and a funky pair of monkey shoes for W (that ended up being too small--boo!!) all in less than an hour! I was right next to a bridal shop so I decided to just pop in and see what they had. They gave me the rundown and told me I could look around, look at the books, etc. Since I only had 15 minutes, I decided to just look at a few books. The first book I opened, I opened right to the dress I had envisioned myself wearing. The bottom was the cupcake style which I'm not a fan of, but the rest of the dress was 100% right so I figured I could always have the bottom re-made if I loved the dress. I grabbed the salesgirl and asked for the dress which she informed me they didn't have, but they did have a similar one. She showed me that one in a book and I almost cried. It was MY dress..down to the semi-cathedral train and everything!!! On a whim, I asked her if I could try it on, just to see what it was like, and she said yes. So I bravely asked what size they had it in and.....it was a 10! Holy frieken cow, it was my day! I looked at her list and all the other dresses were either 2/4 or 14/16. This was the ONLY 10 they had in stock! She pulled it out for me and when I put it on and stood on the platform, I started crying. This was the dress I'd been dreaming of for years. I wanted to buy it right then and there, but as I was cutting it close, I had to zip home to get W. However, I decided that I most definitely WILL be buying that dress, but at the suggestion of others, I am going to try at least a few more, just to be sure. If anyone has the hankering, it's style 1938 from Casablanca. I'm so not one of those girls that wants glitz and lace and froo-froo on her dress. The yellow dress that Kate Hudson wears in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" would be another strong contender if I ever found it in white. That dress is even simpler than the one I tried on and would be PERFECT but I think my mom would have a fit before she ever let me wear something that "plain" at my wedding. But anyway, so I fell in love with the dress and that's all I can think of since then!

Yesterday I woke up early to run because I had to run some errands before work. I ran 2.5 miles and was super proud of myself. Getting back up in miles slowly is HARD! I still can't believe I am at only 2.5 miles when two months ago I was running 16! Weird! But whatever. So I ran my quick errands before work and then still got here on time. I left yesterday at 5 to go pick up our new license plates (woohoo!) and then I was planning to run by the Farmer's Market. It was terrible, only one table, so I didn't even stop. Winter here is hard. ): I then went to R's grandma's to drop off the birthday shirts and chatted with her for a bit. Left there to go return the shirt she didn't want, the shoes that didn't fit W, and to try to find her another shirt in a bigger size. I got the shirt she wanted in the right size but couldn't find the jacket so I got her a similar one. However, now I'm stuck with a suuuuuuper cute 2x white with black flower jacket/blouse if anyone knows anyone who wants it. The price tag was inadvertently taken off (and ripped in half, wtf?!) before she even tried it on, so now I can't return it. Annoying! Anyway, did that, then went to Ross to try to find her another jacket, which I did, and a cute pair of tennies for W. I even scored a new polo for R for $9! I was on a bargain-shopping roll!

Today I woke up early for my "rest" day for the week. Ahhh it was nice. I was so tempted to stay in bed though and fall back asleep so I jumped out of bed and took a quick shower before I could change my mind. It worked out really well. I have a headache today and my neck/back/shoulders have been hurting so I really wanted to stay in bed, but instead I got up and did some stretching and then showered and spent some time planning my meals for next week. I plan to cook FIVE nights next week! I think I've got bigger plans in my head than will happen, but we'll see. Monday and Friday I'll be using the slow-cooker so that won't be a problem, Tuesday is a super easy chicken recipe, Wednesday we're going to try to make sushi (yikes!!), and Thursday is just easy rice and beans (slow cooked of course) so it's really not "cooking" every night, but definitely prepping for every night. No more pulling food out of the freezer or the pantry because we are officially with bare cupboards! I have a few things frozen for nights when the cooking doesn't happen, but I have to start cooking again dang it. I've enjoyed the past month and a half of reheating meals! Almost everything I'm making next week will have leftovers for at least one meal, so those will go into the freezer for my lunches for the next week.

Anyway, I must get back to work. I have a lot to do today (plus tons of just sitting around, unfortunately) and I think I'm going to try to get a quick run in tonight before I relax. Tomorrow night is R's grandma's birthday dinner so I have to find something healthy AND no meat at a mexican restaurant... urgh. Fortunately it's a chain so I can see calories online, but still. I usually just get chicken fajitas but since I can't eat the meat and don't eat onions, I'd basically be eating grilled bell peppers haha. Not so yummy! Saturday we're getting up early to head to my parents' house for my bestfriend's son and nieces' birthday party, thus the pirate outfit W needs. So I'm going to spend some time finding something for dinner tomorrow night..wish me luck!

PS--Sorry for the long, drawn-out blog but that's what happens when I don't blog for a few days! (:
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  • no profile photo CD2833646
    That is a beautiful dress! You will be gorgeous in it.
    Can you try to return the shirt anyway? They might take it back. I don't know which store it was, but I would try anyway. It sounds like you had a wonderful shopping experience all around - emoticon
    3638 days ago
  • NEA704
    I looked up the gown style; it's beautiful!! I love the v-back; very sexy and sophisticated. My gown was very plain also, just with folding/tucking all over, otherwise it was plain satin. I added a pink ribbon around the waist, which really made the whole thing look so perfect, just the right amount of detail. So exciting!!

    Good luck with the meal planning and cooking! I have GOT to get my hubby to plan out meals better. It's always, day of, ok, what're we having? :P Everything you have planned sounds yummy though (especially the sushi!!).

    Keep on running...you'll be back up to your 16 miles in no time :). I could never see myself running 16 miles! Holy cow that's far!

    Keep on blogging! I like to see what people are up to.
    3639 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6673507
    I like this blog, i still haven't gotten into the habit of cooking and having leftovers to reheat and I think it would really help as I tend to go for convienience if i am tired! thanks for reminding me haha!
    Congrats on the run!! awesome!
    I like reading long blogs, blogs in general gives me a sense of who you are!
    3639 days ago
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