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Family Baby Shower!

Monday, March 01, 2010

We spent the weekend in Dallas for our family baby shower. We were overwhelmed by all the amazing gifts that we received! The shower was beautiful and seeing my family was so much fun as some of them live in other states. I wish the whole family could have been there but they were in our hearts.

My little Michaela Madison officially has more clothes than I do! We received so many adorable outfits and some of the cutest hats I have ever seen. My heart almost stopped when I opened up a gift from my Mom and Dad. There was an adorable bunny inside that read, best friends indeed. I just loved it as my parents and I are truly so close. Then my Mom told me there was something else inside, it was a cardboard cut out and it read BOB Revolution!! I started crying and was in shock! I have been wanting this jogging stroller ever since I first became pregnant! It is chocolate brown and pink, so cute and perfect for our little girl!!

It was an emotional day for me as I was reading so many wonderful cards from my family that touched my heart so much. My family has been waiting for this moment for a long time and it really is a dream come true for my parents. My grandmother gave me a gift that in many ways is truly the greatest gift one could give. She gave Michaela her first Children's Bible and she had my little girls name engraved on the outside. I thought it was so precious. My grandmother has always been the best example of what the Lord can do in your life. Her strength, compassion and joy for life is something I strive to have and I hope I can pass down to my little girl.

After the shower my husband and I shared a romantic Italian dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Dallas. We talked about the day and how fast our little angel will be coming to see us. We drove back home on Sunday and unloaded everything then headed out to Babies R US to buy the rest of the stuff we needed to get set up for her arrival. We bought over 1,000 baby wipes and over 600 diapers! That should get is going for a few weeks at least! We also bought her swing, diaper genie as well as all the medical needs such as thermometers and so on. We took a photo of the den after we bought everything and it looked like a baby store exploded in my house! We then spent the night organizing everything before spending a relaxing night together reflecting on the weeks ahead. March is here and our little girl could very well be born this month and we are trying to get ready for her arrival as much as we can!!

I talked to my parents this morning and my Dad is going to try and have photos of the shower for me today so I will post a baby shower photo blog tonight or tomorrow!!!!

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