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The super(bowl) hard boiled egg

Sunday, February 07, 2010

I'm making a bunch of stuff for Superbowl and even though they are a cholesterol nightmare, I get a hair up the backside to do just one more thing. Deviled eggs. I have half a dozen different mixes from curry to sweet pickle to bacon jalapeno and I mix them up individually in a freezer bag, nip the corner off, and squirt the filling into the egg whites for a tasty assortment. I started with 4 dozen eggs (when did the price go up?) and I've never had problem cooking eggs before tonight and now I realize just how freaking pissed off trying to peel an egg can make a guy! I swear to God I almost threw one against the sliding glass door. Instead I smashed it hard as I could in my clenched fist, very much enjoying the sight of the pasty yellow bird food oozing out between my fingers. Everyone of those dam things gave me fits. The shell would remove with it, 1/16th" on the top of the egg, to 1/4" on the bottom of the egg, of egg white. I was left with, by and large, a yolk with a whimpy little white membrane layer around it. Worthless. Although I actually am known as an accomplished chef,I got on line and researched egg cooking because no one was around to see me. There were a variety of instructions, but for the most part, they called for placing the eggs in the pan and covering with cold water, then 1 minute of boiling, followed by 10 to 15 minutes soaking in the hot water, and then a quick cooling in cold water with ice. Some talked about salt and a little white vinegar to be added to the water. A thorough crackling of the shell by first rolling it was also encouraged. I decided to test my own unpublished theory by cooking one more dozen eggs, all from the same batch as the first. I believed that it's in the egg. No matter what the hell you do, if you have a fresh egg, your screwed and if the first egg don't peel for ya, change direction and make egg salad! The 5th dozen was cooked diligently to the prescribed methods. The result? Not a gall darn bit of freaking difference, just as suspected!! Now I need to run to the store and get some bread for my egg yolk salad sandwiches!! Anybody know of a good window washer??
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    Sometimes I take the easy road _ I buy Eggland's best pre-cooked eggs lol.

    Rachel Ray did a spot on cooking eggs, you may want to google that.

    Great blogs
    3036 days ago
    One of my sisters told me a tip that you crack each egg then chill them in the water until thoroughly chilled. Then use a spoon to carefully separate the shell from the egg.

    Apparently the water gets under the shell by way of the cracks and makes it easier to separate. It has made it a lot easier for me since I started using her method. (but I still get some that just won't peel nicely no matter what I do....

    I have been told the the fresher the egg, the harder to peel nicely, the older the egg, the better it peels.

    Try it next time and let me know what you think.
    3832 days ago
    Great blog... made me laugh, I just had the same issue last week while trying to make egg salad. Instead of throwing them against a window.. I tossed a couple down the disposal in a heated fit...

    By the way.. you're a great writer... keep blogging!

    3840 days ago
    lol, funny..and understandingly frustrating. May I encourage you to NOT eat all those egg yolks? Just one is almost a full day's cholesterol - eek!
    PS. I find that if I don't let the eggs fully cool before trying to peel them, then I lose a lot of white. If they are fully cooled, they seem to peel better. Just what I've noticed...good luck next time!!
    3841 days ago
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