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An Exercise Quandary

Thursday, February 04, 2010

I was determined to exercise this morning, yet it was really hard to get out of bed.. Finally, at about 5:30, I just dragged myself up and put my workout clothes on and hopped on the bike, promising myself that I'd cut the workout short if it was as intolerable as I felt it was going to be.. I didn't cut it short, but I truly disliked every minute of it.. I don't say that often about a workout, but I just didn't want to be on that bike this morning.. I was of course happy I did it when it was done, but I don't like the fact that I had to fight so hard with myself to do it, and then didn't click into gear like I usually do once I started..

Two things going on, I think, one an offshoot of the other:

Riding the bike hurts my behind. I was very, very excited yesterday to find and buy a gel seat, I thought my issue with the hurting butt was about to be resolved...but I got home and was pretty heartbroken to find that the darn gel seat was too small for the bicycle seat.. Sunk my heart a bit..

The second thing is likely, at least partially, an offshoot of the sore butt issue: I seem to be tiring of the bike a bit. Now, I don't know if I would feel that way if it didn't hurt so much, I think I would a bit, as doing the same thing over and over again can be boring, but I definitely think problem number one plays into problem number two.. So, in an effort to resolve problem number 2, yesterday I spend HOURS in search of a Wii Fit Plus bundle, as I have been very inspired by my Wii Fit+ using spark buddies, and its breadth of options would answer the "sameness" issue that arises with the bike.. But I'm here to tell you that at least from a retail standpoint, this item cannot be found. I will look around online at some point later today for it, but was hoping to get that instant gratification that comes from going to a store, buying, coming home and using..

This year, I am looking forward to adding to my active lifestyle by playing sports. I used to love playing basketball, baseball, volleyball.. I have begun constructing a plan to do that once the warm weather comes, but until then, I must resolve this issue of boredom. In the meantime, I am praying that this morning's virtual rejection of exercise was a one-day occurance..

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    Well my friend, I'm sorry you're disenchanted with your bike. Leave it to you to suffer through in silence since October. Can you replace the whole seat? Can you pad it with a towel or something? Like you haven't thought of that... what am I saying? I was going to say Gamestop, like Diane. If I see one here want me to pick it up, and send it? (May be to work so it's not on the porch all day? or you mom's ... that's what I do with Christmas gifts, have them sent to mom and dads.) I'm sure you have the balance board, correct? Let me know if you want me to shop.

    Love ya, keep moving, no matter what you do.
    3919 days ago
  • TINATC26
    Thank you all for all your wonderful input.. I am happy to report that this morning, I was able to ride the bike and not be completely distracted by the PAIN IN MY BUTT!!!! I have been riding the bike since October, and the pain has always been there, in fact, it's probably there less now than it was in October..but for some reason, it has become a distraction to me lately. I believe Denise hit it on the head..yesterday, it was probably as much my disappointment that I was so excited to have planned to buy the seat and actually done it, and ultimately it was not as I had hoped it would be.. Today, I got over the disappointment, and was fine..

    I do want the Wii because it seems like fun, and I will get one as soon as I find one (I have tried EVERYWHERE, including online, without much luck). But I am assured they are coming, so I know I will find one.

    I have many dvd's, but they aren't calling my name these days. I have a gym membership, but I can't get to the gym as often as I'd like, when I do, however,I use the elliptical and the treadmill. Once the warm weather arrives, outside becomes an option, this is all to get me through the rest of the winter..

    Thank you all for your supportive and helpful suggestions, you are the BEST!!!
    3920 days ago
    about the bike.... even after you get the gel seat, once your bum is sore it take a few days to fell better so the gel seat won't help until you have given it a few days to feel better. After your much needed break from the bike, try to use it 2 or 3 x a week so you don't get bored and you work other muscle groups. I am a big fan of SP videos, but they are only 10 minutes each.
    I have a wii fit - it is great and I have been using it. I got it last year about this time of year and used it until the weather got nice so I could run outside. Now I have taken it out again and it is gettting me through the winter.
    I did see wii fit bundles in toys r us last week. Did you try there? I hope you find one.
    3920 days ago
    Hey T,
    you know how I love my bike, but mine doesn't have a regular bike seat, it's more like a padded chair, so the sore butt isn't really an issue for me. But, there's no way I could do just the bike for my cardio, so I've got a few DVDs I alternate with it. I would love a Wii Fit, but it just isn't in the budget right now.
    3921 days ago
    I love my Wii Fit! I'm sorry it's so hard to find right now. =( Call around to places to save the legwork, and if you find a place that has it, ask them if they can put it on hold till you get there. Good luck!
    3921 days ago
    I want a Wii Fit too!!! For now, it's the treadmill and a few different cardio DVD's. I would imagine the bike would get boring every day, just as the treadmill was.
    3921 days ago
    Hi T,

    I realized also that I got bored quickly with just one exercise. That's what I love about my Wii Fit+. I truly believe that's what I haven't stopped after 9 weeks!!!!!
    Have you tried WalMart, Gamestop, Bestbuy, Target. I've seen them around. Good luck my friend.


    3921 days ago
    Hey, T!

    So sorry about your butt... I actually KNOW what that feels like... can that gel seat be exchanged for a larger one (is it a regular mountain bike seat cover... maybe that would work?). What if you just bought a completely new bike seat at a bike shop - a regular, mostly comfortable seat and changed it out? Is that possible... I know it is with regular bikes.... And I really hope you get your hands on that WiiFit!!!!

    As for the boredom factor right now, how do you feel about videos? Get some stuff that won't take a lot of room to do... I've heard really good things about the 'Walk Away the Pounds' videos (Leslie Sansone)... lots of variety. For the fun factor, I really enjoy the 'I Can Do 100...' challenges (links below)... and with your sense of play, have you ever considered jump rope (skipping - also links below)? (I think I just talked myself in to adding skipping to my repertoire... Olivia and I can do it together!)

    I think variety is better for so many reasons... most of which is that your body can't find stasis easily, and you have a better chance of working and strengthening your whole body. Your exercise becomes truly functional as opposed to simply being a means to an end (THAT'S the part the BORES me SILLY). I LOVE the sports idea... we want to do a lot more of that as a family.

    So here's to YOU once again leading the way and taking it to a new level!
    {{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}



    3921 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/4/2010 11:30:40 AM
  • TINATC26
    One thing I should make clear, as I did not, I have always enjoyed the fact that I can multi-task while on the bike (or the treadmill at the gym).. We have a television right next to the bike and I generally watch the news in the morning while riding..so the "boredom" of which I speak is not with the actual time I spend on the bike, it's with the bike every day..does that make sense??
    3921 days ago
    I totally understand the uncomfortable seat. I don't have a stationery bike, but I do have a regular one and boy does it hurt sometime. It generally is not my legs and lungs that give out. I used to have access to a recumbent bike and that was nice to ride. I miss that bike. Do you use an MP3 player or anything while riding. Maybe, make up some music to make it more like a spin class or something. Don't know if it would help, just trying. I know doing some running in the midst of my walking on the treadmill has definitely eased some of the boredom there.
    3921 days ago
    I catch up with my tv watching while I exercise, this helps keep it not so boring and a form of multi-tasking. I understand the seat issue. Not pleasant to exercise if you know it is going to hurt you.

    3921 days ago
    It was probably a little resentment over the seat as well. That's the problem I have with my bike. Plus the fact that it's in the dreary cold unfinished basement. I too am searching for something new. Hope you find it! (Try Amazon)
    3921 days ago
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