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To All Those Who Have Lost a Goodly Amount of Weight-I Apologize

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The other night I pulled Joyce Meyers site up on the computer and clicked on one of her videos. For those of you who may not know who she is, she is a preacher that can relate to anyone. She lays it out where the tire meets the pavement and she is wonderful.
She stated in the video that there were some who saw her and others who have a ministry and they want a ministry too. She made the statement that sometimes those same people are not willing to do what it takes "to be another me" (Joyce M.) She said all people see is her out front, they do not see all the hard work. I got to thinking about that in comparison to weight loss and oh my goodness that truth smacked me right in between the eyes. I have never, I mean never, been willing to do what those of you have done to shed the pounds and get healthy. I go only so far and then get in this mode of telling myself that you who have lost the weight did not go through what I am going through. You were not hungry, you did not have the cravings I have, nor did you have to give up all the goodies that I have to give up. Ridiculous isn't it? But I have told myself that for years and today I find myself at 61 years old just as big and fat as I ever was. You know what, that bunch of bulls**t is stopping right now, today. I know that each of you walked the same hard road that I am going to have to walk and you came out on the other side.
I have felt sorry for myself because I am "special" and no one understands how deprived I have become. OMG what a pile of crap!!
Joyce also said in one of her messages concerning people (women) saying they want a ministry....she asked why? She said, "you can't even take authority over a sink full of dirty dishes. They sit there all day". Well, she slapped me again. I am tired of taking this abuse at the hand of the Lord and having to face the fact that I have not been willing to do what I know I need to do and what others have already done. LOL
So to you, I apologize and from this day forward I will get off the pity pot and pray for a willing spirit and willing attitude. I bet I see results too. My hat is off to all of you.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I know I'm late to the party, but this blog really hit home for me. I joined the gym on Monday and haven't gone yet because I'm so "busy." Like everyone that has ever needed to lose weight wasn't busy??? That is no excuse!

    Thanks for the insight!
    3639 days ago
    It is so easy to get in the pity party mindset and to wrongly think we are the only ones facing the frustrations and problems. I understand completely - you can vent to me any time. :-)

    3647 days ago
    I would guess that we have all had these type of thoughts at one time. The trick is to to keep remembering that and keep pushing forward.
    Thanks for a good, honest blog.

    3647 days ago
    No need to apologize. Just join us, ok? emoticon
    3661 days ago
    Liked this blog!!
    3674 days ago
    Hey Joretta, I loved this. and you are right, as one who is actually now doing what it takes to get to my goal, it is really not easy and I make it look easy, but it is really hard. The attitude that I give in my blogs is that of one who has accomplished the task and has won the daily battle, it is not the attitude of before I start or sometimes during. And I have to be honest, but, yes, Bob from the biggest loser has really given me the kick in the butt. Jillian does not look into the camera and really give you what you need as if she is talking to you, but Bob does. I have to admit, he really has pushed me. The desire to want to eat is not as bad as I thought. Because I am so focused to work out every day, that , that is what is on my mind and not food.

    If you ever want to come work out with me in my little gym, Monday thru Friday from 3:30 to 4:30, let me know. because, I would luv to have a work out buddy. Brian works out with me when he is off, but feel free to come any time. I am so determined to come off my blood sugar and blood pressure, that I use that as my focus. You may be able to do a little or you may be able to do a lot, but as Bob says, JUST MOVE!!!!.... and you will gradually get where you need to be. Just let me know.

    I am proud of you and your new thinking. I just pray you keep it!! I know you will and I will support you all I can.

    Have a great day. emoticon
    3674 days ago
    This is good advice for all of us, no matter what challenges we face. Keep the video handy for review sessions when you feel "down".
    3675 days ago
    Just go back to that video when you feel yourself slippin".
    3675 days ago
    Very well put! I've had many of the same thoughts and feelings as you! I've started over and over again, without sticking to it. The time is now! I wish you success in your self-improvement journey!
    3676 days ago
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