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6 month checkup...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today was my 6 month doctors appointment and it went very well. The appointment was like others where they begin with checking the heartbeat with the Doppler. Well as usual our little angel was kicking up a storm! They were having a hard time getting a reading as she was moving so much, this lasted SO LONG! She would not stay still. Then they found a steady reading to get her heart rate recorded and she started kicking the Doppler! LOL The nurse would press down and she would kick back! Needless to say her reflexes and movements are great! I do think she will come out running! I better start shopping for a little pair of Nike's and a Just Do It T-shirt!

My uterus is measuring perfectly and they are keeping the due date as of now for April 8th. So only 112 days so go!!! I am officially 6 months pregnant today! My weight is also going well. This morning I weighed in and I was SOOO happy to see a total gain of 13.8 lbs! Which was a bit lower than my goal! I have really been watching my sodium levels and increasing my fiber and it seems to be helping.

My doctor gave me the biggest compliment when we were talking about weight gain and all my walking. He said I should teach a class to pregnant ladies on how to have a healthy pregnancy! WOW! I was so honored! He complimented me on my motivation and said to stay the course and keep doing the same thing I have been doing. I may need to lower my miles from week to week depending on how I feel but, I can continue walking as much as I am able to.

This week is an easy one for sure as my energy has been off. I am wondering if I was fighting off a bug or something. Regardless, my miles are FAR off track for this week but I will come back next week swinging I promise! I do not want to get sick for our weekend getaway we have planned for our 10th wedding anniversary. I need to just watch my foods this weekend while we are away and not go crazy! Treats are fine, great in fact but I have to watch my portions and just remember my little princess needs good nutrition....with a few treats here and there for our anniversary!

My next appointment is January 14th, when I will be 28 weeks/7 months. My goal is to weigh in and show a gain of 16.5 - 17 pounds at 7 months.
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    Jen, You're doing so awesome! Don't sweat not meeting your miles for the week. You are doing so much more than many pregnant mothers :). I love your account of the doctors appointment, i can't wait until i start feeling kicks. I'm almost done with month five and I haven't felt anything really yet.
    4041 days ago
    Jen, You are doing great - sorry have been a bit mia but I am back. sounds like you are doing great keep it up! You are just showing the world what a Spark pregnacy should be. what an example you are!!!! congrats on you anniv. My wife and I will be approaching 30 years next march.


    4045 days ago
    Congratulations on 10 years of love and happiness! Just remember when Little Princess runs a marathon before she walks that she had a great teacher! Are you thinking of names yet? I am so happy for you, Jen! The idea of of you teaching a class for pregnant mommies is great! Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

    Love and Blessings,
    4049 days ago
    Great report and have fun this weekend!
    4049 days ago
    Congrats on a good appointment! What an honor, you truly would be an awesome teacher for pregnant girls!

    Enjoy your weekend getaway, cant wait to read your blog on where he takes you!
    4049 days ago
    Congrats on keeping your pregnancy truly healthy! And what a compliment from the doc. Does s/he know your story?

    Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your trip!
    4049 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1299585
    Glad everything went well at your appointment. Too funny that she kicked the dopplar. She is going to be a busy little girl :)
    4049 days ago
    Congratulations on your great doctor visit--and especially on the wonderful compliment that he paid you! Keep up the great work!
    4049 days ago
    Glad to hear things are going well. Hope your aren't coming down with a cold. Have a great getaway!
    4049 days ago
    So glad you had an awesome appointment. What a great compliment from your doc!
    4049 days ago
    Congrats for all the good news. I agree with the doctor...You would be a great teacher for pregnant women on having a healthy pregnancy for them and their baby....I smell a great job opportunity here.
    4049 days ago
    What a FANTASTIC compliment your DR gave you!
    All this work will pay off (as it seems already) for you, the health of your baby, your labor & your recovery/post partum. You're doing so GREAT!!!
    4050 days ago
    Sounds like all is great!!!! Yay!!!! Happy Holidays!!
    4050 days ago
    Congrats on the great check-up! Be proud and stay strong! emoticon
    4050 days ago
  • RHALES199
    Glad to hear the check up went well!
    What a compliment from your doctor.... how awesome ( and, might I add, well deserved, because it sounds like you are working hard & doing awesome!)

    Happy 10th anniversary! emoticon
    4050 days ago
    I am so happy for you! Happy 10th Anniversary!
    4050 days ago
    WOW! That's FANTASTIC NEWS! I'm so glad to hear your Dr approves of your lifestyle! I'm sure he wishes he was walking that much-LOL!
    Even little baby girls deserve a treat from time to time! Love the "just do it" sneakers! I was never for brands and "stuff", but my baby sure was running around full of energy... a very active child, I might say-LOL!
    4050 days ago
    So pleased to hear that everything is going well for you. The compliments and support from your doctor are well earned:) Your blogs are so positive and they really encourage me to strive and get out and exercise...lately I have been lagging and using Christmas as an excuse! Not anymore:)

    4050 days ago
    My daughter walked with me during her pregnancy. O was training for a Breast Cancer 60-mile walk and we routinely did 8-12 miles. She did one 20 mile walk with me at about 7 months.

    Her labor was three hours from start to finish. She lost her plug at a bit after 6:00 with no contractions prior to that and her son was born just before 9:00. A medication-free, complication-free birth.

    So I really support the idea of walking through a pregnancy. Her son is now 6 weeks old (my profile) and she's almost to her pre-pregnancy weight.
    4050 days ago
  • WISCHY30
    I'm definitely coming to you with questions when I get pregnant!!
    4050 days ago
    Super exciting! My brother and my uncle's birthdays are April 8th. A good day, indeed! Great job staying healthy and active during your pregnancy!
    4050 days ago
  • SINGER73
    emoticon Keep up the good work. It will play off after you have the baby.
    4050 days ago
    your doctor is right you are the most fit pregnant woman ive ever met. ur amazing
    4050 days ago
    I love that your doctor is supportive and is giving you such positive feedback! Enjoy the weekend away!
    4050 days ago
  • JODI0155
    Thats great!!!!! I'm happy 4 u. emoticon
    4050 days ago
    That sounds excellent!! I think you're motivating your daughter to have an active lifestyle while she's still in the womb!! That's awesome! emoticon

    You are doing a fantastic job with your weight and activity level. I'm glad to hear that your doctor noticed and complimented you. Many people have the misconception that being pregnant means you can't do anything and you can eat everything. Sorry - that's not how it works.

    You really are an inspiration!! Have fun celebrating your 10 year wedding anniversary!! It'll be the last one you have without kids, lol emoticon

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4050 days ago
    WOW Jen! What a great compliment from your dr! I mean, we all know that already, but to hear it like that had to really make your day! You are the picture of fitness mom perfection ;o)

    The energy will come back - we all have those days - even NOT being pregnant! :)

    Have a great get-a-way!
    4050 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1425027
    You SHOULD teach a class on that! You would be AMAZING!!!!
    4050 days ago
    Congrats on a wonderful and healthy report today!! I tell you what....maybe you should give some consideration to your Dr.'s comment....I can't think of anyone better to lead a class on healthy pregnancy...or health in general for that matter. I really wish there had been someone like you on my radar when I was pregnant...and if I were now...I'd be the first in line for that class : D Keep up the great work Jen!!
    4050 days ago
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