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20 week pregnancy update! Half way there....

Friday, November 20, 2009

Yesterday my husband and I attended our 20 week doctors appointment. The good news is we received more positive feedback from the doctor! In regards to my health, everything is on track. My weight gain, fundal height, blood pressure and over all well being is going very well. He said once again how impressed he was at how good I am doing with my exercise, nutrition and weight gain.

I am now half way through my pregnancy and it leaves me with many emotions. My first is a feeling of excitement because I am even closer to meeting my precious baby. However I am also a bit sad. I LOVE being pregnant and it is just going by so fast. To be honest, I wish it could last longer. I know some of you are thinking I am crazy but it is a feeling I cannot describe. I used to think if I was ever pregnant I would be counting down the days until I could be myself again but now, I feel totally different. I am a Mother to be and I wake up every morning with a purpose. I no longer workout for the sole purpose of reaching a PR, burning a certain amount of calories or even training for a race. Instead, I exercise for the health of my baby and to ensure that I am the very best that I can be for my child. I love the feeling of knowing that through God's wonderful blessing, we have created life together. So yes, I am sad, I am half way through this life changing and beautiful journey I have been on. The good news is soon, I will old my baby in my arms and begin a new journey, one that I am sure will be beyond anything I could have ever dreamed.

The doctor confirmed what the ultrasound showed us on Monday. The baby's health is wonderful! The weight, length, heart, spine, brain etc....are perfect and developing well for 20 weeks. My next appointment is December 17th which will be my 6 month checkup along with the standard glucose test for gestational diabetes. I am not too concerned with this but apparently it is done for everyone to ensure all is well.

After my appointment yesterday I went shopping and got my hair highlighted and I developed a terrible headache. I came home and went to bed at 6 pm! I was hurting so bad. But after a good nights rest, I feel far better today. As a result I was only able to get in 1 mile yesterday but at least it was something. As a result I am off my miles for the week so I have posted the new schedule I will be following.

Monday - 1 mile walk - DONE!
Tuesday - 4 mile walk - DONE!
Wednesday - 6 mile walk - DONE!
Thursday - 1 mile walk - DONE!
Friday - 2 mile walk
Saturday - 3 mile walk
Sunday - 3 mile walk
Goal 20 miles for the week

Monday - 3 mile walk
Tuesday - 3 mile walk
Wednesday - 3 mile walk
Thursday - REST! Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Friday - 3 mile walk
Saturday - REST!
Sunday - 3 mile walk -
Goal 15 miles for the week

I am now heading out this morning to buy our Turkey and all the yummy ingredients for our Thanksgiving we are having this weekend. It will just be my husband and I as we are going to Dallas to see the family on Tuesday. This weekend we are continuing a tradition we started 10 years ago when we were first married. We decorate while listening to the Carpenters Christmas Album and then we watch White Christmas and my favorite Little House on the Prairie Christmas special...yes, I am a huge fan! The wassail will be on the stove all weekend, pumpkin bread in the oven and I am sure many carols being sung throughout the house!

Off to shop for a perfect Turkey,Christmas lights and cranberries! Blessings to all of you...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • AWOLF24
    Sounds like so much fun. You have such a wonderful view of pregnancy. If the time ever comes when I am pregnant again, I'll definitely have to take more of your view (the first time around lets just say I was not a happy pregnant woman.....LOLOL).
    4075 days ago
    I totally understand loving being pregnant! it is amazing and time flies. Way to go on being so healthy - it really is important and you are doing everything right!

    4077 days ago
    I am glad to hear you love being pregnant!! And look at it this way... you're ONLY half way through. You still have the good half left! ;D
    4078 days ago
    Great blog. Congrats on your 20-week check up. I'm not surprised to hear you love being pregnant and are enjoying every minute (that may chance at week 40, hehehe). It's funny how when we take the focus of ourselves and direct it outward, that we discover purpose, passion, and commitment.
    4079 days ago
    Wonderful to hear that you're doing well. Have a great weekend!
    4079 days ago
    And next year, there will be one more voice singing along :)

    Enjoy your celebration,
    4079 days ago
    I LOVE hearing how you love being pregnant. Seriously. Never having been pregnant but wanting to at some point, I hear a lot of negative stories about being pregnant so it's refreshing to hear a positive spin to it so I don't dread it when it happens!

    So glad everything is working out with the family and the baby and I can't wait to get my Christmas stuff up! My tradition is the first full weekend of December and since I'm moving in with my boyfriend this weekend, it's going to be extra fun this year!
    4079 days ago
    I so happy for you Jen! I love all the old Christmas movies. Stick with your traditions girl they sound lovely. By the way, I'm going to see Melissa Gilbert in "Little House on the Prairie" play tonight! She plays Ma!!!!

    Anyway, great job and I'm sure the glucose test next month will be A-Okay!
    4079 days ago
    You are doing great. I can only hope I enjoy being pregnant when I hit the 20-week mark. Have a fun, festive weekend.
    4079 days ago
    Awww thats a great plan for the day and I am happy you are enjoying being a mother to be so much.
    your going to be a great mom!
    Have fun shopping and yes, I do the same thing with the decorating, music and movies....Im a sap lol
    4079 days ago
    I'm glad you are enjoying your pregnancy! It scares me to jeepers! I skipped that and adopted because my fear of pregnacy gives me hives. I love my kids as if I birthed them so that's even better.
    4079 days ago
  • LISSA1976
    I am so happy for you! Congratulations on everything.
    4079 days ago
    Sounds great! You are doing wonderful! I would love to be at your home this weekend, it sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate your family and your joy of life!
    4079 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1425027
    You are so right! Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, and yes, I too miss it... Mine are 14 and 9, and I would love to experience it again, BUT I don't want any more kids!!!

    I love how you cherish the little things every day! God has truly blessed you and M with this wonderful baby!!!!

    Can't wait to get on here and find out the sex next week, but enjoy celebrating with the family FIRST AND FOREMOST!!!

    Don't worry though, after the baby comes, you'll have another entire set of emotions and moments to cherish!!!

    You are on a wonderful LIFETIME journey now!
    4079 days ago
    Everything sounds so wonderful. I am so happy for you :)
    4079 days ago
    Wow, what an uplifting post. The things you said about how pregnancy gives you this higher purpose as you go on your health journey is exactly what I imagined pregnancy would do. My fiance and I are planning on trying to conceive this summer (we're getting married in March), and I've been apprehensive about what pregnancy itself would be like. So many of my cousins and friends have been pregnant this year, and they've made it sound like anything but a joy. But after reading your post I'm reassured it's more what one makes it. Great job on giving your little one a healthy start in life!
    4079 days ago
    I just love this blog because you take me back to my first pregnancy. I LOVED being pregnant. I loved pretty much every moment of it and, like you, it made me sad when it was over. But trust me, the end result is something so special that you will never be able to describe in words how much love you have for this new little person.

    Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy (it sounds like you will!)

    4079 days ago
    You are amazing! Enjoy pregnency, it's a beautiful thing. It's amazing how well you're taking care of yourself and your baby while being pregnant! Awesome. Your child is going to have a hot and fit momma!
    4079 days ago
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