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Friday, September 04, 2009

Two blogs in a row. Boy, am I on a roll today!

So, I often read posts about people getting discouraged and giving up because they don't see results. I don't understand that. The weightloss program here at SP works on pure science. Calories in, calories out. There is no way for it to not work if you're doing everything right. So maybe you don't lose anything for a month, but you will eventually. It is plain logic. THERE IS NO WAY THIS IS NOT GOING TO WORK!

Also, what's with the obsession with a scale? A lot of people talk about how they've lost inches but not weight. Who cares! Inch loss > weightloss in my book. If I am doing this for vanity reason, inch loss means people can SEE that I've slimmed down. And trust me, if you need to lose weight and are doing everything right, your body will co-operate eventually. Enjoy the inch loss in the meantime.

It also scares me when people are sad about not seeing the number go down on a scale. I mean, they do know that they can't stop when they hit the magic number, right? How does it matter how long it takes to reach x lbs if you anyway have to do this forever? I know it is encouraging to see your weight drop. It is for me! It tells me I must have been doing something right. However, no loss does not mean I stop. I don't stop, no matter what. No loss = I keep going and wait for my body to co-operate.

As someone who lost 50lbs, I do know this. Sometimes, you won't see it in the mirror. I don't notice any difference in the 214lbs me and the 160lbs me. Except when sometimes I realize randomly that I can actually feel my ribs now. Or when I realize that I can run a 5k now. Or when I meet someone from school and they don't recognize me. Don't expect to see changes overnight, it won't happen. But after a few months you WILL notice the changes, even if the scale says otherwise.

It's said that women are more driven by emotions than logic. Don't know if that's true. But the next time your emotions take over, just remind yourself - CALORIES IN, CALORIES OUT - PURE SCIENCE - HAS TO WORK.
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    emoticon post. emoticon
    4163 days ago
    You got it right lady. It is a lifelong thing, BUT when you are maintaining you don't have to be AS strict. I can't wait to get into maintenence mode. I know I'll still be exercising and eating healthy but if I have a bad day or two, it will be just that. I wont gain any weight because I'll eat healthy and exercise the rest of the week. But it's like now when I'm trying to lose any single bad day is a setback. I'm just... impatient. I think a lot of people have unrealistic expectations but some are just impatient ;)
    but you're right... you do what sparkpeople tells you and you'll get results eventually. Just never give up.
    4163 days ago
    I needed to hear this today since the scale did not go down this a.m. but up a lb...... and I'm doing everything right!!!
    But I feel good, look good and the tops/pants are loose! (hellooo.... inches!!!) So,
    emoticon emoticon !!!!
    4163 days ago
    Great motivational post! And as a "maintainer", it is forever. You dont stop when you hit that magic #. You may have some ups & downs but you just keep the motion going.

    4163 days ago
    Thanks for the reminder.
    4163 days ago
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