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Friday, August 28, 2009

After hitting another plateau, I thought it was time to "switch it up again". I heard that Chalene Johnson was coming out with a new workout series somewhat like P90X. I figured it was time for me to tone and hoped my final residual weight would go with my muscle toning.

ChaLEAN Extreme is filled to the brim with stuff! Workouts for 3 months, a motivational cd, a workout guide, fat tester, measuring tape, exercise band, and a nutritional food guide.

I am already a BIG fan of eating small meals every 2 to 3 hours. My hugest issue was snack choices. ChaLEAN Extreme definitely taught me a new way of eating snacks. I'm now seeing that the TYPE of snacks is KEY!

The protein packed snacks in the ChaLEAN Extreme food guide are awesome! It took some getting used to.. but wow.. I was just amazed at how NON hungry I was.. how long those snacks lasted and how I didn't WANT to snack on bad stuff - like candies.. or carb-y things like pretzels and the such.

The FOOD GUIDE ALONE was worth the cost of this program. I LOVE EVERY RECIPE!!!

The whole program is set up SO beautifully and organized SO perfectly. Since starting ChaLEAN Extreme, I've learned to change my mindless/unconscious eating habits. After listening to her motivational cd, it really made me aware of it!

I was not eating or snacking because I was hungry - but because I was bored or stressed or just simply out of habit. For example, I'm consciously trying to NOT eat after 8pm. I have a bag of almonds in the back seat of my car. At 9pm on the way home from shopping I reached in the back seat, dumped out 10 almonds and started snacking. It wasn't until the 4th was in my mouth that I realized I unconsciously did this as a habit! I put the other 6 back in the bag.

My other huge bad habit is snacking at night during tv time or having something sweet after dinner. To combat that - I'm doing a cup of green tea. It keeps me busy for a while, helps with the sweet tooth, and helps me digest my dinner.

If I become more aware - I can be more proactive about stopping the cycle of mindless, senseless calories that ruin my accomplishments of the entire day.

ChaLEAN Extreme is not just an EXTREME workout program, it's an EXTREME lifestyle program.


I have become such a fan of ChaLEAN, and all beachbody products that I decided to become an Independent BeachBody Coach. Through my continued success, I am encouraging people to keep going - to keep striving - and that it IS possible!

You can read more about my success here. www.cutsandcurves

May 4th, 2009: 205 lbs :Day 1 of ChaLEAN Extreme

May 9, 2009: 196.9 lbs

May 18, 2009: 193.2, 6.5" lost after 2 weeks on ChaLEAN, 11.8 pounds lost.

June 8th, 2009: 191.6, 1 month of ChaLEAN, Loss: 13.4 lb , 8.25 inches all over, 5mm body fat, 3.5% BMI

July 7th, 2009: 182.4, 2 months of ChaLEAN, Loss: 22.6 lb , 14.25 inches all over, 6mm body fat, 9.1% BMI
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I just ordered ChaLEAN Extreme and decided to do a spark search and stumbled upon your blog. Your results are amazing, and I am even more excited about starting it now! ~Jodi

    3826 days ago
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, and the results you've had with CLX!!

    Question for you -- I am very very interested in getting this workout, however I don't have a lot of hand weights, and quite frankly can't afford to buy more. Is it ok to do CLX with just 5-10lb weights?? Or do you really need heavier??

    Let me know...and again...CONGRATS on the results!! FANTASTIC!! emoticon
    3977 days ago
    I was sitting here doing the happy dance because I found out my copy of Chalean Extreme should be here today and then I came across your page! Talk about kismet! I am so happy to see your results and hear such positive things about the program. I tried P90X but to be real, Tony and I just didn't click... I haven't given up on him yet I just want to do Chalean first! Thanks so much for sharing your story and results with us.

    3997 days ago
  • FIT_BY40
    That is great. Seeing your results has convinced me that I will get Chalean Extreme. Keep up the great work!
    4007 days ago
    Is ChaLean a workout and eating plan/foods?
    4020 days ago
    You look wonderful, I can't to be able to post my before and after shots.
    4024 days ago
    I am so glad I came across your blog! I seriously need to purchase ChaLEAN Extreme. I already own Turbo Jam but I haven't been using it. Like you, my biggest problem is eating out of habit. I won't even be hungry but I enjoy the act of eating so I eat and snack all day long! I'm trying to break this cycle but it is sooooo hard because my mind is telling me to eat while my body is telling to STOP!! I'm also trying to start excersing again. Best of luck with acheiving your goals. You are doing great! Keep up the good work.
    4034 days ago
  • SCORPIO180
    Heeey thats my motto too "GO HARD OR GO HOME". You've done wonderfully and you look great. I too was eating unconsiously and mindlessly "grazing" in the kitchen after dinner (grazing is what i call going from the fridge to the cabinets looking for anything to snack on..lol) I had to stop this and i feel so empowered just being able to recognize and tell myself "NO", which i'd never done before. Anyhow i will be giving the Xtreme a try because i love Chalene and already use TJ regularly.

    Tracy emoticon
    4038 days ago
    Wow. You're results are incredible! I'm on week 3 of Push phase. I'm really not losing any weight so far in push phase.....but I'm still losing inches. I'm going to add you as a friend and keep track of your progress. You are an inspiration. You talked me into getting out my food guide again and really trying to stick to eating higher protein snacks. I am addicted to the 5-6 small meals a day though!
    4048 days ago
    Wow I'm very impressed by your success! What is ChaLEAN Extreme?
    4048 days ago
    You go girl what wonderful results! Keep pushing forward! emoticon emoticon
    4050 days ago
    Awesome results so far!!! You're the incredible shrinking woman :) And I especially love the huge grin on your face. Looking forward to your final CE results, Niseynisey...
    4050 days ago
    You Go Girl!!! Tomorrow is my 3rd day of Chalean extreme and looking at pictures of ppl like you always get me excited cause I want to be that girl that ppl look at my page and say wow like I do to your pictures.
    4050 days ago
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