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Darn Plateau!

Friday, August 14, 2009

I've been stuck here since March!
I've tried to focus on fitness and the big picture.
I've set new goals to run a race.
I've played with calories and changed my exercise routine.

But I'm stuck - just needed to vent!

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    Eve ~ Well, now you know your not alone... Vent away as we are all right here with you.. I am just happy I'm not gaining!!!!

    4216 days ago
    Vent away darlink!! I completely understand. I feel your pain. I've been on a plateau for, for..well, too long..Chin up and look at how far you've come. Onward! Upward!
    4219 days ago
    Eve, I hear you! I've been at a significant plateau for almost a year. I've gone up or down a few lbs. and it's been frustrating. I've experienced no real weightloss in a very very long time.

    One way for me to look at it is that I've maintained a lower weight for the first time in my life. In the past, I've added and added and added lbs.. I've lost only to add it back on. That hasn't happened this time. I've gone up some but my clothes still fit, so I am maintaining. That's new for me and my body. Maybe my body doesn't know what to think so is hanging onto things longer. Who knows. But for now, like you, I am keeping up with the exercise and staying in this holding pattern until things change.

    Katherine said it best a while ago. There's no reason to go back. What would we go back to? Unhealthy eating and sedentary lifestyle? We may not be losing at the moment but we are certainly a lot healthier than we were. I'll take that for now.

    I know I haven't been as serious with food in the last year as I was in that first year. I think this plateau is about what the rest of my life will look like, what that lifestyle actually means for me. What will be the dealbreakers? I know that exercise is a dealbreaker. Now I need to figure out the food dealbreakers.

    Like everybody has said, look at your success and know you have come a long way. You WILL get there. I have no doubt you will! Just think about what that running felt like in the beginning vs. now. You have come a very long way. And the journey never stops.
    4220 days ago
    I know, sweetpea....I know. I wish I had that magic "something" to bestow upon you that would just melt away that last little bit.

    But, as your friends above have said, you're doing the right things and have come such a long way . You should be very proud.

    And may I just add that you are not alone in this and I find you to be a motivating force for me. We just need to keep doing this. Get up, breathe, move, and make good healthy lifestyle choices.

    It'll happen the way its supposed to happen. I'm SURE you look fabulous...you hot 40 something!
    4220 days ago
  • NAVYMOM133
    It will happen Eve. You are So dedicated to healthy living and are getting more fit EVERY day. So maybe on days where scale frustration really hits, remind yourself that your level of fitness and overall health are NOT plateauing!! They are improving daily, getting better and better and better.
    This Fall, Eve = Soccer COACH! That's due to 100% healthy living, being able to take on that job with confidence. Now if that doesn't shake loose a few lbs....!!!

    Hang in there, Reframe your thoughts to focus on your continued success!!
    emoticon Melly
    4220 days ago
    Hi Eve,

    I have heard that those last 10 pound are always the hardest, and sometimes there is talk about your body having it own "ideal" natural weight. Whatever it is, I could understand that frustration. Hopefully it changes soon.

    Best of luck,
    4220 days ago

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