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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I stumbled upon SP while looking for some nutritional info. I wondered what the catch was or how much it cost. When I found out it was free and extensive, I thought what the hey, it's worth a try.
I weighed as little as 160 in College at WMU, although my average was more like 180, I was a string bean and back then, I had the world by the excersize balls. I was dazzling, romantic, witty, funny and fit.
I put on 90 pounds from that average and 10" to my waist sense then and the whole time I thought I wasn't really that far out there. I mean I'm a tall (6'1") wide shouldered man who can carry a lot of weight w/o looking that fat and I'm reasonably fit and still a little dazzling but come on now!! Then I saw a pic someone had recently loaded to my face book and I thought "holy crap", what the hell have I done?? When you get that far out there it looks like a hell of a long way back down!! I started thinking more and more and I realized that many people, even strangers, usually start a conversation with me along this line .."hey there big guy...".
I want to be a little guy again!! I want my mojo back. Danny wants a new groove! Or at least most of his old one back.
Posting my food items every day has really seemed to help me. I set my calorie count at 2000 so if I go over 2 or 3 hundred, I'm still doing pretty good. Yet every single week I blow things totaly out of the water at least once. It'll be an Easter buffet, a Mothers day buffet, a buffet buffet, a weekend in the camper or just sitting down in front of the DVR with a big bag of snacks, a bottle of red and a handful of unviewed "24" episodes and yet, I've still managed to lose almost 20 pounds and take 2-3" back off my waist (so far). Tommorrow I may even put on a dress shirt and see if I can button up the top button w/o chocking myself out in 30 seconds.
I used to smoke 2 packs a day up until new years eve 7 or 8 years ago. I've got a terrible achilles heal (more like an achilles calf) in my right leg, broken bones in that same leg on my right foot from where I drove a piece of construction equipment over it years ago, sore knees if I push myself to hard to soon and if I head down hill to fast, shin splints in both legs. Still, My legs are strong as an ox, my lungs are strong, my heart is strong (and still sweet) and my will is crawling back out from the dust mites under the bed.
I haven't really run to speak of in 25 years until a couple of weeks ago. I ran 3 miles today, walked a few more and then came home tonight and ran another mile which I timed for the first time. 9 minutes, 22 seconds and 40 one hundredths. I lot longer than I thought I was doing but it's a start none the less.

And I'm ready to set goals now and really start making a difference:

1) Even though nearly 23 seconds is a great deal of time over a mile, I'm going to get that mile down to 9 minutes within the next 3 weeks.

2) I've never done it in my life but I'm going to run a race (in about 4 weeks?) and see how I stack up so I'll have to prepare a training schedule. I'll continue to log my time/miles.

3) I'm going to prescribe to a set diet for a few weeks and continue to log my consumption.

4) As much as I'll hate it, I'm going to switch from good beer to light beer and reduce the partaking frequency of them . emoticon

Doesn't seem so much like work now and all of the tools, motivation, information, networking, and new friends on SP has made all the difference. Thanks to everyone else trying for a new you !!!

P.S. If there are any females in the GR, MI area who would like to buddy up for runs please feel free to contact me. Remember, there is strength in numbers!!
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    You're a witty guy with a warmth that shines through loud and clear. Good luck with your running!!!!!!! I think you'll be a great success!
    3858 days ago
  • ZENXB!
    Great Goals! You know you can do this.
    Great Blog! Keep them coming. It is an inspiration.
    4108 days ago
    Great blog entry. Congrats on your sub 10 minute mile!
    4110 days ago
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