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Saturday, November 15, 2008

that is how I feel this morning. I feel like I did pretty good last week but when I got on the scale this morning, it read 177.5. I thought it would be down more then that. Now granite, I am very close to my monthly and I have had quiet a bit of sodium, which makes me retain fluid like crazy. So I'm hoping that is the reason the scale barely moved.
The Tastefully Simple party went pretty good. But of course I did eat to much, I was full to the top, but of course I had to have just one more bite of something, and then another and you can imagine how it ended. And boy the salt content in most of their products, wow is all I can say. Well, I guess I'll be hosting a party in January. I'm kinda nervous, I am not good at hosting parties, I get to nervous. Oh well, it will be ok.

Now on another note, my sweet little girl Anna seems to be changing, she must be hanging around the wrong people and that is scary since she is only 5 years old. But in the last 2 days at school she had to pull a ticket twice. The first time was because she called a little boy stinky Manny. Name calling just so isn't cool. She has been making up funny names for a while now, such as banana head or poopy head or pickle head. Well I think she heard the stinky Manny from her class mates, at least that's what she told me. Anyway, then Yesterday she came home telling me (I love it, she tells on her self) that she had to pull another ticket because she got into a fight with another girl. Great, name calling, fighting???? What is going on??? First she got to right an apology to Manny and for the fighting she got to stay in her room all day long and go to bed pretty early for a Friday. Well, she didn't like it, but oh well, she has to learn somehow.

Well I guess I better get some energy since I have to clean this bedroom after Chris had been sick in it all week, it stinks of sickness emoticon.

So I will talk to you, or I guess myself later. Hey this gives me an excuse to talk to myself, how fun is that.

God bless

Ok, I'm back again.
I hate being so moody, I know why, but I don't like it. And I know my kids don't either. I keep yelling at them and yes they do get spankings too.
Now I don't believe in beating your child, but if they are disobedient they need to be corrected!!!
The only problem I have sometimes is that I spank out of anger and that should NOT happen.
How come I can't control myself emoticon???
And then Chris is driving me up the wall too. I can't stand it when he is sick, I mean I understand that he is feeling pretty bad, but guess what, life still goes on in this house, the kids still want to see their daddy and I still need to clean and get housework done, so I can't help it if you can't get any peace and quiet. We have been quiet for about a week now, that's enough. Now he is in the basement, getting some work done. Good

Then there is Church tomorrow. I'm so shy and really don't like to talk in front of the whole congregation, but it looks like that's what I have to do tomorrow. We had a Shoe box packing party Wednesday and I would like to give a report on how many we did and thank everyone involved. Also I have a little certificate for every child that has packed a box.
I guess the Kidz-zone teacher just has to take the kids to the sanctuary and sit them on the front row and when we are done giving out certificates they can go back to their class. Now I just hope I won't turn as red as a lobster and can't get a word to come out. Just sitting here writing about it makes me nervous, and I get a lump in my throat and I want to puke. Great.
But I know the Lord will help me through this.
Well, I need to prepare what I will say tomorrow, so I'll see ya later

Ok, tonight just royaly sucked, I can't believe the junk I ate after supper. From another Bagelful to chips with salsa, to Marshmallows oh, and don't let me forget the 6 cookies.
Yuk, I'm so disgusted with myself. Now I just need to be strong and don't loose focus. I don't think it happened because I was dissapointed with my weighin, I think it was more boredum and I so haven't been drinking my water.
Anyway, off to bed.

Good night
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