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I guess I'll give it a try

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bloging that is. I have never done it, but have a very good friend who does and I love to read about her life.
I guess the reason why I'm scared is that I will lay my life out there for anyone to read, but that might be what I need. I need to see to be able to change it.
I'm hoping with this I can set myself small goals that I can hopefully meet, and also when I get down in the dumpster that I can write about it. A lot of times it helps me to just sit down and write about what is going on and I can figure things out while I am writing them. So hopefully I can accomplish this here.

I have been on and off a diet pretty much all my life for as long as I can remember. I have done We*ght w*tchers after I had my first daughter and I lost about 46lbs. I really liked it, but now I can't get myself to do it anymore. Just the thought about counting those stupid points for the rest of my life just doesn't sound good at all.
Then there was the S*uth B*ach D*et, worked really good while I was doing it, I lost 14 lbs in the first 2 weeks, but it was torture. And of course then I became pregnant with my second daughter and that was a thing of the past.
Then there is Common sense. It is a system by Paul McKenna and it really works great and it's something I can do for the rest of my life.
Just follow the 4 Golden Rules.

1. Eat when you're hungry (if you don't your body goes into starvation mode and packs on the pounds)

2. Eat what you want ( makes kinda sense since if you deprive yourself of all the good thinks you want, you want them even more. Have you ever had a graving for chocolate and you try
to ignore it and all of the sudden you can see, smell and taste it and it drives you up the wall, and even though you think you can ignore it, it keeps knocking louder by the minute and before to long you eat the whole candy bar instead of just a piece if you would have given in in the first place. And also, who want's to eat all the healthy food all the time anyway, not me. Now that doesn't mean you should eat only junk, I mean we are still speaking about a balanced diet, but if you want pizza, eat it!!! Skinny people eat it too, which brings me to the next rule)

3. Eat consciously ( meaning, eat slow so you can enjoy every bite. And trust me your taste will change, all of the sudden you notice how nasty something tastes that you thought you loved, all because you are taking the time to taste it. That is why I love the Wendy's commercials where the guy has snack amnesia, well I think his problem is what many of us have. We think about food all day long, if you are like me, a lot of times it's all you think about, what I want, but shouldn't have, that when we finally get it it is gone in two seconds and we didn't even know we ate it. Therefore we feel still empty inside, because you didn't notice the great taste, and you ate way to much, because you didn't listen to you natural body response that you are full, so you way overate, which again brings me to the next rule.)

4. When you THINK you are full, stop eating ( this is my hardest thing I am facing, a lot of times something will taste so good that I'm thinking, oh, one more bite, and the one more turns into another, and another and so forth. You don't really have to feel full, just feel satisfied, because guess what, when you are hungry again, you can eat, not like most systems where you SHOULDN'T eat again, because mealtime is over. That is something else I like about this, if I want something that is typically a meal, eat it, you don't have to wait for a certain meal to eat it, and if you only eat when you are hungry most likely when it is let's say lunch time and this is when they tell you it is time to eat, oh well, if you aren't hungry because you ate something @ 10 am, then don't eat. I don't know if I'm making any sense here, I'm just babbling along. Ha, who cares, this is my spot anyway, so I can say what I want.

Anyway. I have been having a little of a battle here, trust me all this stuff you just read is very simple, but only if your mind is set to it, and you don't lose control, which is easy done. Food just tastes to good, that's why I need to do small steps, after all I didn't learn this eating habit over night, like I think the solution should come over night, it took me a while to set my body up to self destruct. So little by little I will try to reset my computer/brain to a healthier living, even if right now I don't want the healthy part in it, so I just concentrate on eating only when I'm hungry and very slowly and stop when I'm full. Once I got that under control I'll move to the next part which is eating healthier, because yeah, skinny people eat junk too, they don't only eat that, and if they do, well goes what their blood work looks pretty bad. We all know you don't have to be fat to have high cholesterol. Actually my cholesterol was pretty good last time I got it checked and I am not skinny. Hey I was I wouldn't have to battle with this.
Anyway, welcome to whoever will follow me along here and if I offend you guess what you don't have to read it, me on the other hand have to write this so I can help myself here.
But one thing comes first here and I want this to be clear, the only way I can do anything is through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who strengthens me. Yep, you're right, I'm one of those weird people that believe in only one way to heaven and that is through Jesus. He will help me through all of this. I know I'm living in sin. My Body is God's temple and it looks pretty bad in here right now. So with his help, which I know He always gives his 100%, its' me that is slacking, I can do this. By the way if at anytime you have any questions about my Savior, please feel free to ask me. I'm no scholar at all, but I do have His love with in me and I can share that with you.

So welcome to my journey, and buckle up, here we go.

May God bless
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