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Emotinoal Eating: tips & thoughts on how not to, well, maybe!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Emotional Eating: ok this is one of my action steps in stage 3!

I know I do this, I know you shouldn’t do this. I am better at not doing this at 54 than I was at 40! Bet I will be even better at 60!

What triggers emotional eating:


I guess it would cover almost any emotion you can have. Are there any emotions you cannot remember having eaten "over"?

So… how do we tell if our eating is driven by emotions or because we are hungry?

BIGGEST CLUE: My stomach made lots of rude noises before I ate

I think emotional eating is more senseless than hunger eating. You aren’t aware you are really eating, you may just be standing next to the buffet table having a great conversation and dipping those yummy shrimp into that seafood sauce because it was what you were doing when you started talking, you just keep stuffing food into your face.

Sometimes we stuff food into our face to forget an emotion, like being broken hearted. Only problem is, when we are done eating we still hurt but we are fatter! So, once again, trying to punish the person who hurt me is only making me worse off, their skinny little butt is out prancing around and on to the next girl down the road! Which reminds me of a post in VOW today about forgiveness, forgive & move on it is the healthiest way.

How do you break the chain of emotional eating?

Ok, here are my tips I have so far – anyone who has more, please feel free to add to the list. (ok so they are a lot of don’ts, I wasn’t feeling much like making them all positive today; if you need me to get to positive, send me an email & I will make it better):

Don’t eat unless you have a plate – even if the plate is a napkin!
Don’t stand next to buffet tables until you have this issue under control – until that time, this event can be hazardous to your health!
Keep some low fat snacks on hand in your purse, desk, car – any place you could be when your eating says "EAT NOW AND THIS PROBLEM IS BETTER" and you just can’t get that stupid voice in your head to shut up!
When you are not in the throes of emotional eating, try to think of other things to do to stop from eating. I do not recommend biting your nails, throwing daggers or spitting bullets. Filing your nails might be a good alternative, cleaning out a desk drawer, drawing doodles on a notepad, blogging or journaling.
Hold your breath until all emotions have left your head & heart or you have fainted! You will not be hungry after this happens. If you are lucky you will not be in the ER. If you are in the ER, you will not be hungry as the thought of hospital food makes most everyone ill!
If the event is happy and you just have to put food on your plate, take half the portion size you would have in your old life. Your new life wants you to live longer! Even if you fill the plate twice – you still have only eaten as much as if you went through the line once.
Drink a lot, water that is, instead of eating. Keep that water jug handy. I am looking for an easy way to carry around a 10-gallon jug as my emotions need that much help some days. Of course, be sure to be near a bathroom or carry spare panties or diapers! So.. what I really need is a portable drinking fountain/potty! EWWWWWW! I don’t want to drink that water!

In the end, here is the truth, emotional eating is tough to overcome. Simply because there is NO magical formula to fix it because of the complexity of emotions to begin with. Each of us must find a way to end the bingeing by learning and experimenting with as many ideas as we can and sharing those ideas with others. We need to hold better buffets and clean them instead of letting the food sit out all night.

What else – bet you all have some ideas better or as good as mine. Help us all out, jot a few down here to share!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Well my emotional eating takes place usually at night, and at home. Also, I am usually alone. So the way I curb it, is to not buy food goodies that are too tasty! Which means, I'm not at the point yet, when I can go to a restaurant or BUFFET! danger, danger! Whenever there is free food around, and it is also tasty, recipe for disaster. Luckily I can't cook. ha, ha.(I refuse to say LOL. its a pet peeve!) Anyway....I buy things in small portions whenever I can...yes, its more expensive, but it works for me. Also, if i'm going out somewhere, where I know food will tempt me, I eat first. Last nite I was late going out to an Open mike, cause I had to eat something first. I also spend less money that way! At a buffet, I would stuff myself with the safe food first, fruit, vegies, salad with low fat dressing....and the other temptations will be less appealing. Also, not drinking alcohol helps. Eat first, drink later when you're full. Plus, know it is OK to have some Shrimp, as long as they're not fried or swimming in oil.
    If I am really craving something sweet, I will eat a diet fruit bar (frozen) or a soyjoy bar..(dried fruit and small portions)...or a lollipop. Or even a hot chocolate (with water, not milk).
    Hope something I said was helpful!

    4276 days ago
    Last weekend I was with my mom, my siblings, and the rest of our family at a complimentary hotel Sunday brunch. This was a cooked to order buffet where they made custom omelettes (oh, my!). Instead of telling myself I can't eat anything because I need to lose weight, I reminded myself that I am a strong person, and I will NOT hand my power over to food. I got myself a nice bowl of oatmeal and a big bowl of fresh cantaloupe. I did eat a couple bites of omelettes and pancakes off someone's plate, but I didn't order my own. I was satisfied by the food and so proud of myself for eating so sensibly! No regrets and no guilt.

    Instead of feeling deprived, take a tiny taste if you can handle it. Have calculated small indulgences. Track your food intake and don't try to fool or lie to yourself. Then remind yourself that you do not allow food to have a hold on you. If you do overindulge, forgive yourself, learn from it, and move on. Focus on future choices and don't beat yourself up over past mistakes.

    So far these tips have helped me. Thanks for sharing your tips!
    4279 days ago
    My day has been full of emotions. :-)
    4280 days ago
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