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Jack of Spades

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hm....the Jack of Spades,

Saturday night, grocery shopping, got to be to work at 11 am.

Sunday night, got back from my grocery shopping, only I have to clean the oven before I can bake my stuff. Euch!

Sideline......did I do my part to support somone? I don't think so. At work, there are two up and coming people who are trying to become the leaders and they are tring to edge out another long term employee. I hadn't worked the day shift for a while and when I did work there today the climate was different, but I was busy trying to stay in the routine and I had some goof ups this week and I was trying to make a comeback from it. Anyway, I was out of hearing range, when I heard the older employee say in response to one of the wannabe leaders~~the long time employee said a bad word, in fact several, in front of customers. Only the wanabe leader knew what buttons to push. That was my take on it. I didn't have an opening to ask what thee details were of the long term employee, yeah, she should be responsible for herself, yet, being isolated in the work place is no fun. Update, I was wrong, she was really being a pest.

A different kind of reward~~consistency at getting my hair done and waxed~~not in the same places. I have been blessed with lots of hair, enough said. I have had six hair cuts with the same person and she has taken me from permed clown look to a more modern me. And my brows are actualy shapped to my face. It hasn't been a do this and then get this sort of reward.

Ok, cleaned the floor, and put my stuff in a pan on top of the stove. And my celery in a pan in the sink, breaking it apart and cleaning it. And eating it, what a snack!

I had one cup of coffee yesterday and 16 oz of soda today, will be glad to get back to eating healthy tomorrow. I stopped at a chilli place tonight and had a salad and a plate of chilli spaghetti.....I always go there when I'm trying to sort things out.

Remind me to put my remaining potatoes and celery and onions into the crock pot for soup..........It can cook tomorrow.

Rats, I don't like it on a Monday morning when I didn't set the alarm right, rather reset it. Uch!

Tuesday~~uch, my resident manager is wacky, and she does monthy water leak checks. If the owne wasn't on the propertty, I'd be looking for another place. I stay because I like the apartment, and Im' not sure that I can find another that I like as well. Anyway, I called off work to make sure my apartment is clean. I'm angry at myself because I'm reacting to her. She issn't professional. For breakfast~~apple diced, raisins, pecans~~sat down to eat it for a couple of minutes even though I'm surface cleaning, that's it. I like to deep clean, not surface clean. Ok, valuable lesson hre! Guess that falls under "Eating for a purpose".....onward now, rest period over!

I wonder what soy milk tastes like.

My dark chocolate candy bar is a good choice, I'm not abusing it and I'm eating only the squares that I figured for the day. Now, I want to reduce the number of squares by one. To three.

Well, with the temp job, I've been asked to work the next project. I'm glad that I used this project to get my eating into whack. Use to be, that if I packed, it was monotonous and I wasn't able to go the entire week, and this time I have.
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    Still doing good - great going!!!! soy milk well I used to use it when dh had it, but can only put it in my cereal. He has now gone to rice milk as he tolerates that better, it too only goes in my cereal. He says both are fine but rice was better.
    Hope this new temp position is good too and you are able to keep up the great job with your lunches.
    4651 days ago
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