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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Friday evening.
I found a park nearby where the temp job is. And I'm not working tonight at the part time thing. So, I walked a 1.8 trail with a gorge and a waterfall nearby. And there was also a Parcourse trail whre there are outside stations to exercise at. Awesome. I went on part of it. And one of the most memorable things was this one where you lie at an angle with your head up, extend the arms overhead and grab onto a silver rod and then bring your legs up as high as you can. Well. right, I need some practice on it. But the most motivating part was the view of the ceiling. Which was outdoors with the tree limbs and mere sprouts of leaves, and the clouds beyond. What a great reward after a busy week!

The lunch packing is going better. I just need to force feed myself a piece of fruit or veggies at the afternoon break. Will eat it after the first bite. But it's yuck until I do, so I head for the vending machine. Will work on this. I also figured out that if my lunch is packed somehow and put into the car, so I don't eat it in the middle of the night, then wake up about 10 minutes early, then I can get to the gym........and SWIM! What more can I say?

--Sunday eveningWell, I got my groceries, just needed frozen veggies, that was pretty much it. Now I need to pack my lunches, I think that I will focus on how many calories are in each day's lunch. And as for the vendingg machine? Well, I got some chocolate bars. I'll put a half or a fourth in for each day. See if that helps me stay away from there.

I'll better plan the meal thing. I had been going so hard for the three weeks, that I let up this weekend and went back to my old habits. but I became more aware of what my thinking is. One thought that I have is~~well, I've been doing well, it won't hurt this time to let up and give myself a break. I thought that each time that I went past my favorite ice cream places.

Tuesday evening~~I worked an extra shift on Sunday because they were short and tonight I called off because my body said, enough.

I also wonder if some of the feeling that I'm having is from a healthy feeling good again that I'm not use to. After a crappy weekend, I began eating better at work. My kitchen is finally stocked with healthy food, that I can buy quickly at the store, and I have the containers that I need for packing my lunches. No easy task, it has taken a long time for me to figure out what to do and how to do it. This week, now, it's getting easier to get the things done in the morning. Only tonight, the no laundry caught up, and I just felt different. Then I wondered later, if my body isn't feeling better and I'm not sure what that feels like. I need to clarify that, in that, I was really sleep deprived, and I wasn't listening to my body. So, tonight when I called in for the part time job, I slept. I'm refreshed, but I still feel different.

I bought 4 hershey's dark chocolate bars and one serving is four little squares. I froze them, and on Monday, I broke off the four squares and I packed them, only I don't know what happened to them. Go figure. I like tore my lunch bag apart. Ok, lol, I conceded, and said, the vending machine won........and I replaced it with one of their candy bars.

Thursday, I had a better feel for eating throughout the day and not eating during the evening. At my breaks, I'm eating my veggies at the first break, eating celery and carrot sticks on the way to work, lunch~~it's chicken and some fruit, and for afternoon break, it's some soup.

Now, I'll try watching my portion control by learning to eat slower and try to eat when I'm hungry. I don't know how others do that when they have to eat on breaks and lunch times only.
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    YOu are still doing great, I am so impressed with all the thought you are bringing into your eating. you will conquer the vending machine lol
    I agree with that last part about how to do this when you only can eat on breaks ect. I have a supper break anywhere from 5-6:45 as there are two shifts then dont get another break till I sit and do my charting at about 10. So hard cos dont want to eat that late, but then get home and want to eat....
    When home for the day, I do not too bad.
    But trying to do the intuitive eating but sure isnt as easy as it was the first few days.
    Now have a chest cold, something I dont get often but oh well. hope it leaves soon. I worked hard wed and thur outdoors so today a bit of indoor stuff then rest, relax, yoga, ssauna and gear up for Night shift on weekend. YUk.
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