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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Well, here again, getting stronger and eating better by nanoinches. Sure takes a long time for me!

I'm discouraged a bit, because I want this to happen faster!

Keeping good food in arms range is most important! When I didn't this evening, I grabbed the cheetos and an almond joy from the shelves at work. Opps!

Water glass by the sink. Well, as a kid we had a common cup near the faucet by the kitchen sink and it was used by all family members, I know, it bothers me too! But, we didn't think anything was wrong with it when we were growing up. Visitors got their own glass. Anyway, since I do not have to share with others, I put a cup by the sink and am getting my water that way.

Walked to the bank then on the way back stopped in at a meat market that cooks several things and you can buy stuff by the pound. I asked for 1/8 lb of the swiss steak and then I bought an orange. The lady was surprised, and it was 2 oz, which Sparks says is a serving of the meat, and I was happy!

today on the walk to get quarters for laundry, when i crossed the street~~ I ran with a bounce, golly, where did that come from? Wow!

About 9:15 and a good time to go Walking in the rain. First I need to wash the dishes from supper and let them drain, so should get out of here by 9:30. yep, I walked until my body said, go home!

Medium.............Medium, tried on a new shirt and I fit nicely into a medium. Yeah!!!!

Frustrated at being a good neighbor. Two loads ahead of me in the laundry room. Gave me a break in my momentum, now I have to regain it...stopped to complain here. Put the clothes in my storage unit, and came upstairs. How yucky is that? My frustration stems from the fact that when I see a washer and a dryer sitting there not moving and no people around, I want to growl!

I dont' smoke, and there is a no smoking rule at work, and we are on the clock for 8 hours, so those who smoke have a rough time of it. Everyone knows who the smokers are and where they go to hide. Anyway, one of the new people got fired today. You know life isn't fair, she probably saw the others getting away with it and she got caught. Probably because she is not as skilful at hiding it as the others are. She was a nice person. So there is more drama unfolding there.

Hey, I lost my keys and I found my floor. Asked my son to help me out and he did, of course with a lecture and how i should get structured. Somewhere before he came I lost my keys but didn't realize it until after he lefr. I've shuffled so much stuff around today that I don't think I can track the keys by logic. Wish they had a micro chip in them!

If I don't find them by am, will not be able to go swimming. It's Friday tomorrow and I haven't been swimming all week. Yuck!
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    I love that spontaneous feeling of joy that comes over me sometimes, and I break into a run down the sidewalk for no reason.

    Hope you get back to the pool soon. When I go home for spring break, I'm going to buy a bathing suit for the first time in 8 years and I'm going to use it too, and while I use it, I'm going to think about you.
    4685 days ago
    Sounds like a good day in all, Great for eating good choices mostly. lol
    and walking with a spring in your step thats awesome. A medium top wow.... as to the laundy, I remember days like that when we lived in apts. oh well just chaulk it up to ignorance.
    Hope your days and momentum continue to be great!
    4686 days ago
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