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3/16/08 Getting a dose of reality

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The first time reality hit me was when I was on my cruise, filling out paperwork for my massage. It was a slap in the face of reality that I wrote and saw my age of 50. I looked at it for a long time, then started to believe what I was looking at. This took me a long time to accept.

My doctor spent a long time encouraging me at my last appointment. He asked me to lower my expectations to a weight of 180. Explanation being that I am 50, having hormonal changes, taking medication that causes carb cravings, medication that causes water retention, a small LAD artery that acts up requiring Nitro Quick, fibromyalgia, five ruptured discs from a car accident, and most of all a low leptin level (Leptin is a hormone that regulates eating and works as an appetite suppressant. It stops you from eating too much as well as makes you more active so you burn off more energy).

Here is more info if you are interested in finding out more on Leptin. http://www.3dchem.com/molecule

I am so glad my doctor is so savvy in all this stuff because I thought it was just me. He told me to take a dose of reality and not be so hard on myself. He also told me I looked beautiful for 50 and he always loves when I come in because I smell so good. To make me laugh and stop crying, he offered to sew my lips shut!!! He also said I looked way under 200 and he would never guess I weighed that much if we didn't have the scale. For all of you that have noticed my depression over this, thank you for keeping a check on me!

I took my dose of reality well, stopped crying and decided to lower my expectations to a reality weight of 180. I can always go lower if I can.

Thank you all for being here to support and encourage me. I will never ever give up. One of my favorite sayings is "You can't change the wind, but you can adjust the sails". I'm making my adjustments and sailing on through.

Thanks for another great week!
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    Lynn...what a wonderful doctor you have. Listening to his kind words would make any woman get back on track. Not too many men tell us to be kinder to ourselves. We all need a dose of reality from time to time...just what the doctor ordered. If you have the time, please read my most recent blog on what I'm taking for Fibro...hoping it might work for you, too. Take care.

    4768 days ago
    I already love your Dr and don't even know him. He sounds a lot like mine. You just remember you are a beautiful person inside and out. No, you don't look 50!!!! I have a philososphy.... age is 95% mental. If we want to feel and act old then we show it to others so don't feel and act old and others will think you're a lot younger!!!! Just keep up the going great day by day.
    4774 days ago
    First of all...what doctor tells you that you smell good? I had to read that 2x to make sure that I read it right. Second, you have done an awesome job getting to where you are right now that I'm sure you are going to look fabulous at 180...since you are looking just as great at 200. Take care!
    4776 days ago
    Lynn, first and foremost, I love the current profile pic. 2nd, I'm with you, you can't change the wind, but you can adjust the sails. You're going to make it! Just continue with your healthy lifestyle...
    4776 days ago
    Lynn, considering what you are fighting against physically you are a lady with much determination. You have come so far against all odds considering your medications fighting against you. I am glad you got a dose of reality from an expert.

    Hugs, Sonia
    4776 days ago
    Lynn,you have accomplished so much thus far,and I know you will get to where you want to be. Just stop beating yourself up over this!

    Everyone has given you such great encouraging words ,that I feel they have spoken for me also. Listen to Jenna,she is very smart.

    Do what feels best for you.

    And there isn't anything wrong with turning 50!!!! I am 53 and in the best shape I have ever been. I am so much more healthier having joined Spark and meeting you! You have been a very good friend,and have supported me when I needed it.

    Thanks,you are truely amazing!
    Many hugs to you Lynn,Arlene
    4777 days ago
    Real sentiment: What a kind and understanding doctor you have Lynn. It is sweet that he took time to nurture your emotions and give you wonderful advice.

    Knee jerk sentiment: That doctor was totally hitting on you! You look so good now and SMELL so good that his defenses were down and he came completely unglued... He has seen your great accomplishments and just couldn't help himself!

    Lynn... it is a good thing.... you have been very hard on yourself and expect so very much... You have truly made it to a point where you are now "perfecting" or "tweaking" so, relax and enjoy the next losses and just keep on encouraging the rest of us...

    Losing a large amount of weight is a head trip and I know from past ventures that your mind takes a while to catch up with the new you....

    I said it last week and will say it again.. You are a very beautiful lady!

    4778 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/17/2008 2:20:55 AM
    Och well done Lynn. So pleased for you. Hugs. Doc knows best. He sounds like a really good doc. So pleased you have such good support. And you have done so well. And the scale is just a number. It's the healthy lifestyle choices you make that matter.


    4778 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2357972
    Well, Lynn, I have to agree with your daughter and everyone else - especially your doctor who says you smell good! Inhale - yeah, definitely good! You have been such an influence for good on so many people!

    I'm 51 and started at 350. My doctor told me that a reasonable weight for me was 200. At first I thought that was crazy, but at this point in time I'll make that my goal and if I can go further, I will.

    You are loved! Hugs! Beverly
    4778 days ago

    Your daughter is wise beyond her years. Listen to her, she is absolutely correct! You can be very proud of what you have done and what is ahead for you as well. Also, remember how much more fit and active you are! It isn't all about the number on the scale. Keep plugging away!
    4778 days ago
    Hey, Lynn, U have accomplished so much. U have lost 46#s, & have NOT allowed yourself to gain a lot of it back. U assisted Jenna (or visa versa, wasn't sure which) in starting up a VERY successful team that keeps growing with every challenge, have made some wonderful long time friends that will ALWAYS be there for U, & have kept your beautiful youthful looks. If I never get out of the 160's ever again, I will just chalk it up to this is where Mother Nature intended for me to be. Back in high school, when Belinda weighed less or was in a smaller size than I, I thot I wasn't doing enough to lose weight to be the same size as her. I'm older & wiser now, to know that we are built TOTALLY different & will never be in the same size. I'm OK with. I'm healthier than I've ever been, even with age related problems. We all get those eventually. Some sooner than others. At 30 I was falling apart, when my older sis didn't start falling apart until she turned 40. We are all different, that's what makes us so unique.

    U have been such a role model for me, & have been like another big sis to me (mine is 51, a yr older than U. She'll be 52 in Sept). In fact, U have been more understanding & less critical than she is, or has been. Thanks for being here & know U are loved no matter what. Weight or size has nothing to do with it. Many hugs, Ruth
    4778 days ago
  • ACHOLT21
    Lynn, first off did you everthink you weren't beautiful because sheesh, you are! I agree with the DR, you really don't look like you are 200lbs. When I first saw her picture I thought you less, I surprised when I saw the number. You are so great, and going to 180 is great, and who knows maybe you will go lower. Do what makes you happy!!!
    Hugs, Aislynn
    4778 days ago
    Hey mom. I know that you think that moving your weight loss goal to 180 is making you a failure, but it truly is not. You started this weight loss challenge at 254, you lost 46 pounds already. That's an accomplishment, be proud! Getting to 180 will be a bigger accomplishment, that's a loss of 74 pounds. Seriously when you get to 180 you can then decide if you want to lose more or stay where you are. The great thing about losing weight is that it is totally about YOU!!! You have to be proud of your accomplishment, and feel good at where you are at.

    So stop crying and beating yourself up. Do your thing and put the fork down. LOL :) I love you.
    4778 days ago
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