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See this image larger2006 Tanabata Dancers w/ friends after performing in Fussa Tanabata Matsuri Parade, JapanSee this image largerPerforming w/ Aurora Borealis Mid-Eastern Dancers @ AK State Fair-2005See this image largerTanabata Dancers Friendship Fest 2006 --I'm 2nd R, 2nd FTR, my daughter is in frontSee this image largermy handpainted Silk Plum Blossom Kimono/Obi @ 07 Sakura Parade, r/w participant scarf clashes :(See this image larger2007 Mizuho Dance competition ... We won the Mayor's trophy and CitationSee this image largera few Members pose with the Mayor of Mizuho Japan(we had just won a trophy @ the 2007 competition)See this image larger"Queen of the Night"See this image largerYe Gods and Goddesses! oh wait, that's Mike and Shel ... when in ROME, eh?!See this image largerMy Henna'd hands for Diwali (Hindu Festival of Lights) 9NOV07See this image largerMy new Punjabi suit--I love the colors/graphix! Pants aren't as pictured, just boring salwar. (sigh)See this image largerdesigned by a friend...I am so envious! my dream M.E. folk set! just add deep red/wine harem pants.See this image largerI've been told I look great in burgundy and purple, guess I gotta get this beauty!!!!See this image largerI should have been born a red head, or at least a dark auburn ... not just raven black ... oh well.See this image largerSensei Hanayagi and Me posing on the roof of a Ryoku Onsen near Mt. Fuji, Nov 2007See this image largerFancy Japanese Supper at Fuji Ryoku OnsenSee this image largerYep! That's me in the Onsen Hot Springs. Lucky I found a rock to "hide" behind for the pix See this image largerBig WILL SMITH greeting the troops in Japan, and promoting his new movie "I AM LEGEND"See this image largerFormal Ocha: notice the sugar "cube" on the Ivy, the white specks are Shio (salt) for decoSee this image largerDD dressed up for Hina Matsuri in Kimono/Obi, Destruct-o-David actually stayed clean :^)See this image largerMy Embroidered Silk Wedding Kimono Coat--(original retail is Y300,000=$3000) I paid $275See this image largerClose-up of Embroidered Crane on KimonoSee this image larger90% of this Asian/Pacific Island Heritage display is mine. a lifetime to find and collect.See this image largerMy best friend from elementary school, Lisa and I (she's now an MD). She flew into town because her sister lives in and was getting married in Kailua, Oahu. This was the karaoke bachelorette party, I was the D.D. Oct, 2009.See this image largerMy Mother and new Stepfather invited themselves to Hawaii for Xmas 2009See this image largerCaptivating! Inspirational! beautiful shading!!!! found this on

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