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See this image largerWhen you have enough calories.See this image largerMy coworkers always put sweets and treats here, so I made my own contribution this Monday morning!See this image largerDinner is served!See this image largerParents visiting me in Honolulu. We went out to dinner, and I ordered the chicken and veggie skewers over brown rice from the "lighter side" menu. 500 cals! Stayed within my goal and got 10K steps today.See this image largerWork lunch!See this image largerSlight variation for today's office lunch. Orange instead of apple!See this image largerPrepping my famous chili!See this image largerGetting the rest of my 10K steps while I wait for the laundry to finish up.See this image largerI have to pick an activity for Sunday. What's your vote? 1) Zoo, 2) Art Museum, or 3) Botanical GardenSee this image larger3 days in a rowSee this image larger4 days in a rowSee this image larger5 days in a rowSee this image largerA rare treat for Saturday morning. Made possible by portion control!See this image largerReading by the pool is a treat for me, so I had to walk for 30 minutes to earn this reward today.See this image largerGreek salad pita pocketsSee this image larger6 days in a row. Today was the toughest yet to get my 10K steps. Aquarium tomorrow, then rest on Monday.See this image largerBreakfast today. Apple, chunky peanut butter, and 2 babybel cheeses (gouda and white cheddar)See this image largerThis will be my "before" photo. Taken the week of Thanksgiving while visiting family, I was gorging myself daily. I'm 2 weeks into this process and seeing results. In 1 month, I will post a progress pic!See this image largerBreakfast this morning!See this image largerWent to the zoo and then walked to a lunch spot from there. 2 hours altogether. Stayed in lunch range at sushi restaurant!See this image larger6 lbs down in 2 weeks. A little less than 60 to go. Here's a progress pic for the books. Weight: 198 lbs Waist: 35 in. Hips: 47 in. Thighs: 29 in. Upper arm: 15.25 in.See this image largerWorkday lunches prepped! "Mexican Quinoa" - boyfriend is on dinner duty this week and making a pork and parsnip stew!See this image largerPork and parsnip stew!See this image largerToday's lunch: "Mexican Quinoa" with half of a fresh avocado and lime juice. My coworker has been eating salads, so we've been splitting an avocado for 3 days this week :)See this image largerSkipped my 290 cal bagel and cream cheese for this 290 cal spinach, feta, and egg white wrap. Partly because it's been a solid, consistent week, but mostly because if I eat another bagel with cream cheese this week, I'm gonna scream!!! Lol still on track 👍See this image largerProud of myself! Since I didn't do a slow cooker recipe today, I was really stressed about getting home from work, cooking a healthy dinner, and fitting in a workout. Decided on a ~12 min. Sparkpeople video, and I was able to burn calories and take a shower while my salmon, asparagus, and roasted potato dinner cooked!See this image largerSalmon, asparagus, and roasted potatoes.See this image largerMorning snack: cara cara orange and 1 oz. almondsSee this image largerArriving on the 20th!See this image largerMy fav place to shop regardless of size. Check out these beautiful models! Recommend Modcloth for all body types. It's too good not to share.See this image largerLunch today: Amy's Organic Lentil Vegetable SoupSee this image largerHad the munchies.See this image largerCo-worker just brought in muffins... figured it was about time for my snack.See this image largerLunch: Homemade creamy chicken & veggie alfredo!See this image largerLunch: Homemade creamy chicken & veggie alfredo. 400 cals!See this image largerFinally got my instruments on the wall!See this image largerI'm 1 month in and 9 lbs down. Here are some progress pics for moving forward!See this image largerI feel like these buttons, which my shirts usually hide, will be a great progress tool!See this image largerSo, this is not the first time I've posted something from Modcloth. I swear these aren't paid promos :') - I'm just so appreciative of their size selections and model shapes & sizes. Even if you're not interested in the clothes or the prices are too high, it's a GREAT confidence boost to browse the pics. See this image largerOffice snacks! If anyone brings in something tempting for the group to share, I usually grab a piece of fruit instead so I can still munch on something while we chat.See this image largerReally happy with my numbers today!See this image largerDidn't get my 10K steps, but still a great day.See this image largerWent a few hundred calories over yesterday, but today I stayed in the low-range of my goals, and got plenty of exercise! 1 step back, 2 steps forward! Keep sparking.See this image largerYesterday was a good day! 10,000 steps, 2.6K cals burned (Fitbit includes BMR in dialy total), 4.4 miles, 66 active minutes, and 5 floors! See this image largerPlus I met my water and sleep goals!See this image largerAnother lesson to not judge by looks 🤣🤣 This is a decadent treat! Apples and Cinnamon Oatmeal (130 cals), 1 tbsp peanut butter (90 cals), and 1 square of unsweetened baker's chocolate (45 cals). Result is a 265 calorie chocolate peanut buttery breakfast!See this image larger8 lbs down. 62 to go. Wanted to post some pics in my new bathing suit for future reference. Going to the pool now to relax after a long week, and then I jave a 3.5 mile hike bright and early tomorrow, followed by a fresh fruit and beef jerky picnic at the beach! (I live in Hawaii)See this image largerSome photos for the future.See this image largerA shot from my hike today. It's only 3:30 p.m. and I've already burned ~2,500 calories... Ready for a nap, lol.See this image largerGarlic spinach over 2 eggsSee this image largerHad to clean out the fridge tonight and cook up the stuff about to turn. Cooked cabbage topped with roasted potato, root veggies, and shallots.See this image larger10 years ago at 17 years old and the best shape of my life. I know I'll never be as fit as when I was a teen, but still fun to look back. And I still play tennis!See this image largerSee this image largerLunch today. Aloha Salads Ono Ahi Salad with mango vinaigrette.See this image largerToday's SparkCoach challenge: eat a meatless meal. EASY! Vegan pono chili with side salad from Umeke Market with my reusable to-go container and utensils.See this image largerYum! Almost forgot to take a picture before drinking it all. I had 2 bananas and some cottage on their last leg, so I blended them up with frozen berries and pomegranate seeds, almond milk, and some honey. Wasn't sure how it all would taste, but turned out great!See this image largerPlayed some lawn games and picnicked today for sunset. Ate a little too much, but it was all fruits and veggies :)See this image largerIt's been a while since I have felt comfortable in my trusty pencil skirt, even ignoring that it's been too cold to wear anything but pants. Almost back to onderland. Slow and steady, but still a reminder not to lapse again in the future, cause this is hard work!See this image largerPrepped a breakfast scramble the week! Ground turkey, onion, garlic, eggs, red bell pepper, spinach, and spices!See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter small difference, but sorta there. Starting weight was 221 on December 27, but I didnt take any pictures then.See this image largerMy go-to breakfast place was out of their tofu scramble, so I scrambled over to Subway for this 6-inch egg and cheese with mayo, spinach, tomatoes, and onions for 520 cals. A little high, but fits into the rest of today's meal plan just fine.See this image largerEggs and veggies for breakfast. 400 cals!See this image largerPrepped egg salad for sandwiches this week, and prepared chicken caesar salad for dinner later tonight. Just need to add the dressing.See this image larger#BeforeAndAfter I'm down 18 lbs and several inches so far this year. Still plenty more to go, but I'm sticking with it!See this image larger#BeforeAndAfterSee this image larger#BeforeAndAfterSee this image largerThis week's healthy haul.See this image largerI had a chicken salad and spinach sandwich and a pickle for lunch today. Tastier than I expected. I love spinach!!!!See this image largerMy famous Tom Kha Gai!!!See this image largerFavorite easy breakfast: instant oatmeal, a tbsp of peanut butter, and a handful of any kind of berry.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerSuper easy & healthy chicken pasta for dinner tonight. So many variations can be made. Recipe here:
See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerYum! Courtesy of my boyfriend!See this image largerMy first 5K(2 comments)See this image largerFeeling really bummed right now after spraining my ankle at tennis practice today. Hoping it heals quickly, as I'm supposed to play 2 league matches next weekend and walking to work is my main mode of transportation. Here's to the bus this week, and thanks to my lovely bf for doting on me today while I stick to the R.I.C.E plan... rest, ice, compression, and elevation. :/ On a happier note, here's a great pic from ocean kayaking for 4 hours yesterday.See this image largerAloooooha!(1 comments)See this image largerSee this image larger(2 comments)

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