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See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerThis photo was taken 5 years ago. I had maintained my weight of 129 for 9 years at this point. I have another grandchild due next month, I really have the desire to be healthy again. Yesterday began my climb back to taking care of me. Thank you SparkPeople for still being here after 12 years!See this image largerDay 2. Starting at 157 lbs. My starting weight the first time in 2005 was 179 lbs. I’m 5 ‘ tall. This photo was me when I began my first stint with Spark People. It kept me on track until 7/2015. See this image largerAs hard as life is, we have to claim it; claim our mistakes, claim or failed attempts and claim our down days. We can’t change most circumstances or sorrows but we can choose how to handle them. In this life, as I watch my husband’s brain and body die, I claim and take back each day of my life I have left. I want my life to count, if for no one else, at least for me🐾🐾🌹🐾🐾See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerToo worried about my last little sibe to eat much....See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerAfter all the heartbreaks and joys on my journey I finally "earned" my wings.....See this image largerme todaySee this image largerso healthy I conquered my fear of heights and went to TN and went zip lining!See this image largermy angel wings-took 4 -12 hr sittings and two 4 hr sittings....See this image largerhappy at last? well.....getting there...............See this image largermy soul mate.......and my best friend......See this image largerAndrea and me at 27 years-2 months after I gave birth to her-2 years later began my "Yo-YoingSee this image largerMe at 179+ lbs 4 mo before I found out I was borderline diabetic and had stroke level blood pressureSee this image largerWhy didn't I lose the weight before my daughter's most special day?(1 comments)See this image largerDanielle and Gabby and me-Dani has been my best friend and my cheerleaderSee this image largerEmma and me-I am healthier now than I was at the age of 30~I am 51 years youngSee this image largerNOV 08' ME FINALLY GETTING TOWARDS MY GOALSee this image largerVALENTINES DAY 2009See this image largerMAR. 2009-trying a short hair style.........See this image largerAndrea, our older daugher and Destiny and the "nurse"See this image largerMy youngest daughter was not alone in raising her baby-she had ready helpersSee this image largersibes and babies-a perfect matchSee this image largerKASA - SNOW QUEENSee this image largerKasa- 7 years on April 17th of 2008 What a beautySee this image largerKasa-content just to soak up some sunSee this image largerKASA-JAN 2009 STILL ACTIVE!See this image largerKasa 2010 still our girl age 9See this image largerNita kasa and TuTanka-Which one is the alpha?See this image largerDestiny and her palsSee this image largerTuTanka-Her Paternal Grandfather and Great Uncle played Truman and Shorty in "Eight Below"See this image largerRIVER GETTING LOVESee this image largerTuTankaSee this image largerOne of my four sibes! If you want to lose weight-get a Husky!See this image largerTUTANKA IN THE SNOWSee this image largerSHADOW IN THE SNOWSee this image largerSINGING HIS SOLOSee this image largerShadow-Starving and abused when he came into our lives! His spirit and dignity triumphed!See this image largerShadow-love of my lifeSee this image largerShadow going blind but strong and healthySee this image largersibes are like potato chips-you cant have just one!See this image largerPHOENIX TAKING OVER THE BED 2009See this image largerPhoenix then........See this image largerPhoenix-a rescue hours within being put to death-just to find out he has heartworms-can we save him?See this image largerPhoenix-let's pray that he can live up to his name!See this image largerReconnectingSee this image largerPhoenix and me - bonded at lastSee this image largerPHOENIX RECOGNIZED AS "ADOPTED" HUSKY HIKE OCT 08See this image largerA WELL AND FIT PHOENIXSee this image largerPHOENIX WELL AND HAPPY AT LAST JAN 2009See this image largerHE'S FLYING IN THE SNOW! JAN 2009See this image largerPhoenix now...........Still my Heart!!!!!! Always my Hero!!!See this image largerPhoenix today 2010

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