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See this image largerSee this image largerWent blueberry picking at a local farm this morning. I picked enough berries to freeze to have on hand for the colder months. #deliciousdailymomentSee this image largerMy gardening project paid off! We've got oodles of wildflowers by the new fence. They look like a rainbow of petals.See this image largerToday's lunch: Chipotle/cumin rubbed steak, roared brussel sprouts, and lentil/bulghur wheat salad.See this image largerI've been stalking this zucchini in my garden since I first noticed it growing. Almost ready for picking. I can't wait to pop it in the oven with some olive oil, salt, and freshly ground pepper!See this image largerNot sure what type of flower this is, but it popped up in my bed of wildflowers. Happy Tuesday, everyone.See this image largerFound a Johnny Jump Up among my wildflowers today. Happy Wednesday!See this image largerThis pumpkin is taking over my yard. It's a pie pumpkin. Can't wait to see if we get any pumpkins growing off of this one!See this image largerMeet my little pollinator friend. Happy Saturday, everyone!See this image largerHomemade veggie stir fry for lunch!See this image largerThis is my preloading-with-healthy-food before a family cookout strategy.See this image largerTook a walk this evening and chased the moon. The shot is a bit blurry and doesn't do it justice. If the skies are clear in your town tonight, step outside and catch it. It's gorgeous!See this image largerMy garden is paying out in zucchini! I had to pick a couple more today and roasted them with some olive oil and kosher salt.See this image largerHello from Maine! Today is my rest day, so I took a brisk 40-minute walk on the beach earlier this morning. Enjoy the day, everyone!See this image largerBoston baked scrod, steamed broccoli, and roasted green beansSee this image largerSkipped the bag of chocolate chip cookies -- Popcorners have a lot less sugar in the bag serving.See this image largerSaw this in my doctor's office today and wanted to share. :)See this image largerI'm in Toronto until tomorrow night on business. I just got back after exploring the city on foot for two and a half hours and captured this gem in the interior courtyard of a restored art gallery.See this image largerI ordered chicken shawarma for dinner on a bed of salad and pickled veggies. I ate half and am saving the other half for breakfast. Lebanese restaurant for the win!See this image largerFirst pie pumpkin of the season popped up on the vine. Can't wait to make some homemade pumpkin purée..See this image largerFinally pulled all of the scraggly weeds out of my front garden bed. Now I have space for my mums. Usually, I kick and scream my way into fall. This year, I'm embracing its arrival.See this image largerI asked Windows 10 the meaning of life. :)See this image largerI don't know why, but this cracked me up.See this image largerJust finished spin class.. I love that my gym emails me my stats afterwards. :)See this image largerI planted zinnias from seed back in July. They just started to bloom. :)See this image largerStrawberry banana nice cream pops -- they came out super tasty!See this image largerWent to spin class early this morningSee this image largerEggplant mini pizzas fresh out of the ovenSee this image largerPosted a goalSee this image largerSlowly but surely my mileage from Spin class is growing..See this image largerI found a random sunflower growing in our sandbox. What are the odds?!See this image largerSecond zinnia has bloomed and it's orange! :) Our library has a seed catalog every spring and I grew these from one of the free seed packets that they were giving away.See this image largerTried my hand at making a vegetarian chili using amaranth. Surprisingly good for a meatless dish.See this image largerEver had a recipe that took more than it gave? In the hour and a half that it took me to make these pumpkin muffins, I broke a glass bottle of cinnamon, sliced my forefinger cleaning up the glass, then cut the opposite thumb, got water in the pumpkin purée, and dropped the bag of flour in the the bowl full of wet ingredients. I'm cracking up over here. These pumpkin muffins better not be cursed! ;D On the bright side, I now have 20 cursed pumpkin muffins to last me through the next or two. :pSee this image largerFirst time planting carrots in the garden -- just harvested them and made pesto out of the carrot top greens.See this image largerPumpkin Watch 2017 continues! There are five in total growing on the vines. My money's on this guy!See this image largerI wanted to give you guys an update after yesterday evening's "MuffinGate". I wrapped all twenty muffins up in foil after they had cooled and went to bed. I got up early this morning and half of them were gone. My husband apparently raided the stash on a late night snack binge while he played Xbox. He has NO idea how much fiber was in those. Lol!See this image largerI've been waiting since spring for these shasta daisies to bloom. Have a great weekend, everyone!See this image largerMy neighbor had extra apples from the tree in his yard and gave me ten (along with a ton of asian pears). Just made an apple pie out of the apples. Looks like it's officially autumn! :)See this image largerIlluminations fireworks at Epcot this evening -- 100% worth sore legs in the morning. :)See this image largerGood afternoon from Disney's Hollywood Studios. I walked 9.5 miles yesterday. Surprisingly, my legs weren't overly sore this morning. Looks like my group exercise classes prepared me well for this trip. :)See this image largerHello from the Epcot China pavilion!See this image largerFinal day of our trip.. spent the morning at Epcot. Greetings from the Morocco pavilion -- one of my favorite dining spots in Epcot.See this image largerI never thought that this moonflower would bloom in our zone 5a climate!See this image largerThis may look like just an electrical outlet, but it was part of my workout today. ;) I'm preparing to welcome our first tenant in our rental unit. I did several hours of painting, cleaning, and touch ups (including new wall plates) tonight. I'm sore and feeling accomplished. :D Now to put my feet up for a while..See this image largerGood morning, everyone. I got to watch the sun rise over the Dallas / Fort Worth area this morning. I'm here on a business trip. Got some running and weights in this morning, too. So glad I was able to get up early. As Rumi once said, "The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Do not go back to sleep."See this image largerTook my daughter to a Girl Scout event this past weekend at a local agricultural school to learn about pet care. Say hello to the painted turtle we saw. It's been years since I last volunteered. Turns out I love to be involved with scouting. I'm. It sure who has more fun -- my daughter or me.See this image largerSpent the morning at a marine animal rescue center with my Girl Scout and did some clean up along the Cape Cod Canal.See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerOur little tree has been decked out. I've increased my consistency in working out, despite a bad sinus infection. Did strength training at the Y on Monday night, yoga at home on Tuesday night, and Zumba tonight. Experiencing bouts of anger lately -- some of it over my job and some of it related to family (and their general lack of involvement). I need to do a better job of managing through this. Funnily enough, strength training has proven to be a good outlet when I'm feeling that way.See this image largerIt's 21 here in New England and actually feels like 7. I proactively put on my workout pants to take my daughter to kung fu. This way, I won't be able to talk myself out of going to Zumba later.See this image largerSee this image largerWalked nearly 60 miles these last seven days at Disney World. I absolutely love the Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot. 🌻🌷💐See this image largerWe went to to beach today up in Maine. This is our weekly tradition during the summer. The water is chilly (55F), but we still get in and splash around. I also steal away for about half an hour and take a brisk walk down the beach. Think I'll squeeze in some yoga before bed tonight, too, to round out the exercise. Have a good evening, everyone!See this image largerThe front garden is in bloom. The lilies I planted last fall are now massive. Love me some bulbs! Started out my morning with a 2-mile run at the local track, then took the family to the farmer's market. My latest obsession are garlic scapes. Has anyone else tried them? I LOVE to roast them up in the oven with some olive oil, salt and cracked black pepper. So tasty!See this image largerPosted a photo

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