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See this image largerFarewell Party - Me with my hubby, Brad and my sonSee this image largerFarewell Party for Brad - the two of usSee this image largerFarewell Party Conversation - finally got a few minutes to talk to himSee this image largerFarewell Party - The Estes boys, Tad and BradSee this image largerFarewell Party - Brad and his wife Mishaun and some other people - Mishaun is the gorgeous blondSee this image largerMe and Brad, my last week with him (2/24/09)See this image largerAnother photo with Brad, next to last session (2/24/09)See this image largerMy Bike riding buddies and me at Lake Mead, ready for our ride. (2/23/09)See this image largerMe, ready to ride! (Lake Mead, 2/23/09)See this image largerMe with my trainer Brad in his Halloween Costume. It was hard to work out with all the laughing!(1 comments)See this image largerThe (in)famous, adorable TadSee this image largerPumpkinman Tri - Coming out of the SwimSee this image largerPumpkinman Tri - almost ready to ride!See this image largerPumpkinman Tri - DONE with the bike! Thank HEAVENS!See this image largerPumpkinman Tri - Last leg, ready to RUN!See this image largerMy calf markings. Left leg was my age, and the right was S since I was doing the Sprint distance.See this image largerAs the sun began to come up over Lake Mead, race day morning.See this image largerPumpkinman Tri - setting up T1 before the raceSee this image largerPumpkinman Tri - before the race with my hubbySee this image largerPumpkinman Tri - done with the swim and T1, getting the bike for the nex legSee this image largerPumpkinman Tri - relaxing with a HEAVENLY massage post-raceSee this image largerPumpkinman Tri - my finisher's medalSee this image largerPumpkinman Tri - relaxing postrace, wearing my medal. I look rather hammered!See this image largerMe, at about 16 when hubby fell in love with me.See this image largerYAYAY!!See this image largerWhat I'm working towards - ok, not likely but it's motivational, at least, LOLSee this image largerAnother motivational shot of Kate, from LostSee this image largerSee this image largerMe, Feb 2008, 87 pounds down. See this image larger2 crazy Irish chicks... 17 Mar 2008See this image largerSee this image largerTrying not to trip - mini bootcamp training session, June 08See this image largerMy training buddy Rob and I showing our muscles. Training was a mini-boot camp at a park. June 08See this image largerBench pushups during a training session, 20 August 08See this image largerBicep curl with a 30-lb bar, 20 Aug 08See this image largerThe dreaded bicycles, 20 August 08

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