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January, 2015..114lbs


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**I use this page as a journal, so updates are added in down below, kinda like a snap shot to look back on.** I've come a long ways! My goal, always, has been to become and stay, healthy. Of course, what we want, isn't always what we get! Initially, my focus was on *weight loss*. Then it moved to *fat loss*. Then to *muscle growth*. Now, I'm on a mission to be in the best shape of my life! This means my focus is, totally on fat loss & muscle growth. Scale weight is no longer the target...so the changes I'm shooting for, are mostly the fine tuning ones. My calories are within a healthy range of 1400 - 2000 and I eat Clean..so there is no starving involved. So before anyone thinks I'm getting too *skinny*...that's not my intention. FIRST ON is LAST OFF! *My* "first on" is my tummy fat...so it's *my* "last off". In order for this to happen, I need to keep draining the fat off my body, in the most healthy way... through nutrition, strength training, and never giving up! Analogy: Fat loss is like a swimming pool. You can't drain the deepest end..before the shallowest end. My deepest end: Tummy My shallowest end: Upper/Lower Body The ONLY way to get the swimming pool *dry*, is to keep pushing forward. Of course, we have zero control of where our body will lose fat. The leanest end (obviously) will just keep getting leaner & leaner..While the deeper end will drain away at a slower pace. But, until the deepest end is completely dry..others might think you're pushing too far. It has to be done! Lean/Super Lean, is not easy!! Lean does NOT mean *skinny*. Lean DOES mean *muscle*. Lean DOES mean *low fat*. There is no other way around it. So, when others read this, know... 1. I eat VERY healthy 2. I eat at a safe/healthy calorie amount 3. I never go hungry. Not for a single second 4. I ONLY exercise 3 times a week/40 minutes, max 5. I do NO cardio, but will walk on treadmill if mood strikes In person, people say I'm skinny, yes, but they ALWAYS follow it up with.."But you have a lot of muscle, too". THERE IS THE KEY! So, that's my mission. My journey of *weight loss*, may be over...but my journey to becoming the best *me*, is just beginning! On with my story.... @@@@@@@@ Jan 1, 2007... Starting weight: 185 pounds Height: 5' 3.5" Frame Size: small Body Fat: 45% Clothing size: 20 jeans Starting Measurements... Chest: 41" Waist: 38 1/3" Stomach: 42" Hips: 45.5" Thighs: 25.5" Arms: 13 1/3" Calves: 14.25" Wrist: 6" @@@@@@@@ June, 2007... Weight: 135lbs Weight loss: 50lbs! @@@@@@@@ 2008 & 2009... I still had a few stumbles and had to re-tackle some gains. But I always returned to the 135lb mark. I thought this was my set point. Boy! Was I wrong!! @@@@@@@@ 2010... My head finally fixed itself, so whatever issue I had with relapsing, suddenly went away. Poof! Just one day, I was fixed! Don't ask me how..cause I'm not really sure?? I was 48yrs old, knew 50 & menopause was approaching, soon, so I just knew my time was now...or I might risk my future health. It was now or never...so I picked NOW. And have never looked back or had a single stumble. @@@@@@@@@ Aug 26, 2011... I had pretty major surgery for a prolapsed bladder.The recovery, even though I was in excellent shape, was horrendous! But I healed very well and after a 3 month wait, I was allowed to resume the exercise...which is VERY modified and safe. Aug 25, 2011...Day before surgery and last day of work: 125lbs Aug 26, 2011...Morning of surgery 123lbs Sept 5, 2011...almost no eating, so the scale read: 117lbs! October, 10, 2011... I returned to work. People were commenting on how "skinny" I was looking and not in a good way. I assured them it was just because I had lost all my *muscle*, not because of low scale weight. It's amazing the difference muscle makes, in our appearance! Nov, 2011...weight settled back at the 121 lb mark Dec 17, 2011...119.5lbs *started back with light weight lifting Jan 23, 2012...117lbs Feb 27, 2012...116lbs April 8, 2012...114lbs May10, 2012...112.5lbs June 11, 2012...111.5 lbs July 30, 2012...111 pounds August 26, 2012...110.5lbs September 18, 2012...110lbs October 1, 2012...109lbs Oct 8, 2012...107.5lbs Oct 29, 2012...106lbs! Feb 2013...103lbs!! **this drop happened due to a 48hr fast I needed to be on for a required medical test. Weight went right back to 106lbs, after resuming normal eating** @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Late 2013 - 2014....After achieving ultra low scale weights and ultra small jean sizes , my desire to attain more muscle mass in my lower body took over, so I changed my focus by increasing both my calories and my squats & walking lunges. It took a few months, but I'm happy to report that I've been able to build my body into a very feminine balance of muscle & body fat, which I'm more than pleased with. Since I was careful, about the only changes occurring were... 1. Increase in (sloooooow) scale weight 2. Had to move out of *boy build* jean sizes of 00 & 0's, into 2/3's which allow my new *girlie shape* to be showcased Never thought I'd have the ability to sport a muscular back end, but it has now become my most prized body part. While it wasn't (mentally) easy, at first, to pitch my super tiny jeans, I've come to really appreciate all my newly acquired curves. Score! : )) @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ June 2014..... Still holding fairly steady, but it appears that I've arrived at another milestone in my life called menopause...so I've noticed my body is *trying* to make some alterations, which I'm not going to allow! Ha While I AM loving my new curvy lower half, I am NOT liking how my lower tummy is becoming fuller & easily puffy. This makes me feel very self conscious and my clothes just don't fit as smoothly. Luckily I am NOT a person who just gives up without a gallant fight, so I am once again diving in full force with all my weight loss knowledge and am gonna win this latest (no fault) battle!! :)) Hormones have way more power than we give them credit for, that's for sure! While it appears that all my healthy eating & being fit has paid off greatly, as I am having what is called "an ideal menopause type (zero adverse symptoms), the shift in hormones (even though balanced) is causing my body to add body fat to help with some of the oestrogen loss. Since I have no need or desire to supplement with hormones, I will just keep digging deeper into all my years of nutritional knowledge, until I find just what it is that my body is asking for...cause I know I can't be too far off the mark, or I would be having a lot more issues, than just the annoying weight shifting one. So my newest plan of attack (thus far) will be.... 1. Log my eating again, just until I'm positive it's remaining on track. Since I'm not much for eating outside my normal selections, this shouldn't take too long. 2. My strength routine is still spot on, so no alterations needed, except for weight increases, gradually. 3. I'm gonna shoot for doing 20 - 30 minute treadmill sessions, on non strength days, depending on whether I dive into HIIT or not. It won't be through jogging or running (due to past female issues/weakness) but by incline adjustments & fast walking increases. 4. Goal with scale weight...is to get myself down towards the 112lb mark, as I know I will feel more content around that number. But I will NOT allow myself to dip below the 110lb mark, for sure! That's about it. Nothing too drastic is needed, luckily, so it will be pretty slow & boring. I definitely do not want to risk losing any of my hard earned female curves, just to reach a itty bitty scale number, or tiny jeans again. I just want to feel good in my skin again. Confident in my clothing. That's all. Let the battle begin!!!!!! @@@@@@@@@@@@@ July 3...It looks like my body is beginning to respond quite well with the new activity I've thrown its way. While the scale has not yet moved down (but it will) I can notice a few positive changes: 1. My middle area is getting smaller and looking less bloated. 2. My clothes are starting to feel more comfortable and the material is laying smoother. I'm even back to wearing a few of my more body hugging dresses, shorts, and shirts. I can notice that I'm getting back into this whole cutting desire, again, which makes me feel much better, mentally. This time, though, I'm not gonna take it to the extreme, like last time, so not to risk losing any of my hard earned muscle growth. Another goal I'm shooting for is to see how much I can improve on my next cholesterol check in another year. At first, when I got my results back, I was a bit put off by the numbers, as it just didn't seem possible for the TC number to go up. It just didn't make sense, as I only eat healthy foods, so I had to doctor send me a print out of my full blood work. This is when I dug out my test from 2011, to compare, and this was when I took noticed of WHY my number had gone up...and it's great!! 2011: TC: 169 HDL: 61 LDL: 108 2014: TC: 190 HDL: 78 LDL: 103 So it appears that I made INCREDIBLE progress...YAY!! My *bad* cholesterol went DOWN by 5 points! Yes!! My *good* cholesterol went UP by 18 points!! Score!!!!! I am elated and so motivated to see just how much BETTER my next test results can become, cause what I already accomplished, in the last 3 years with ZERO cardio, is mind blowing!! I'm just excited to see the improvements I'll make by adding in 30 minute treadmill sessions, several nights a week. It just feels GREAT to find something to motivate me again, cause maintenance sure has its way of getting a bit dull. HA @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ July 17, 2014.....It seems that my new strategy of dealing with my challenging body issues is working very nicely. Yay! The scale is slowly moving downward, I've lost that puffy look & feel in my tummy, and I'm once again fitting into most of my clothes. And even having fun shopping for new ones!! :)) I bought myself a polar HR watch, as I was becoming quite curious as to how many calories I was burning & how my heart was doing with all the new activity being tossed its way. And it's doing great!! I'm really quite excited over how low my resting heart rate came out to be....49 bpm. Score!! That was way better than I was expecting, especially since its been YEARS since I've done ANY cardio, so it appears that my strength training routine has worked well with keeping my heart fit. I've been toying around with a few various HIIT sessions and so far I'm really liking them. In fact..way more than *just walking* on the treadmill & watching Netflix! Ha My max speed is 7mph, but I tend to feel better at 6.5mph, instead. I do a 1 minute sprint and then a 1 minute recovery for about 22 minutes, so far. This one I'll do about twice a week, then I have another programmed course that goes for 30 minutes and it tosses in just a few running areas, but tends to focus more on increasing the incline levels. This one I really enjoy and will shoot for about 3 days a week. I'm just happy that my body seems to be going right back to how it was acting, prior to all the hormone shifts, and that this next phase in my life is remaining symptom free. Guess I was just needing a small fitness adjustment to keep my metabolism strong. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ December, 2014....Guess it's time for another update, since the last one was in July! Wow, does time fly!! About the tail end of October, I finally decided that the only way for me to truly know how to fix my puzzling body, was to actually SEE just where I could be making some adjustments. So, I finally bit the bullet and bought a.... FIT BIT! And I just LOVE it!! Since I'm a challenge oriented person (mostly with myself, luckily) this device is a dream come true! I started out with getting to the 10,000 step they recommended, automatically, but that target was just too darn easy..so I climbed it to 15,000 steps, which is about perfect (on just a *normal* work day), but even that number is being left far in the dust, as MANY times I've surpassed the 20,000 step mark. Have even made it to 25,000 a couple times, too..but that number is more than plenty and I have no strong desire to keep shooting past it. Anyway, it looks like what the Fit Bit has done for *me*, is that it has opened my eyes to the one thing that would help to assist all my strength training and muscle gains, with keeping my weight down, and that was the..... **NEAT** factor! Now that I have some numbers to SEE, I'm more than driven to get off my tush and bust out some more steps/mileage..which, in turn, torches more calories. It's awesome!! One thing I do still need to note, though.... I'm still doing ZERO strenuous *cardio*. It's just simple *walking* , as I'm never gonna be the type to convince myself to *love* the full on cardio stuff. Every once in awhile, I may get a hankering to do a easy jog, while on my treadmill, but other than that, my true passion is just, simply *walking*. So, between the *walking*, and the strength training days (just trying to *maintain* the muscle, no longer feel the need to build, build, build..as I'm perfectly content with the amount of muscle I have already acquired, all theses several years) that's about the ONLY changes I've made. I'm still eating all my favorite healthy foods. I still have zero cravings for any of the less healthy food choices. My gosh, just yesterday, it dawned on me... Its been 7+ years, since I've eaten any of my old nemesis'..Chinese & Mexican foods! Wow! And it's NOT because I *can't* eat them (cause I know I very well could, if I wanted to) but because I just don't have that *craving* anymore. Once your body (and taste buds) become accustomed to eating a certain way, the *desire* just vanishes. It's a nice feeling! Lets see, now it's time to update, just what my body has been up to........ 1. Can't say for 100%, just yet, that I'm classified as *Post Menopausal*...as after 230 days of nothing, I had a teeny tiny spotting day(s) occur, which makes me start over with the counting. It's no biggie, though, as I'm still symptom free..so I figure "oh, well". {shrugs shoulders} This very month, though, would mark that 1 year target goal. Just sayin'! HA 2. After over a YEAR of, almost next to nothing for SLEEP...my *newest* hormone shuffle has seemed to leveled itself out and I've been sleeping ALL NIGHT..even needing my alarm to wake me up! THAT there is MY most incredible adjustment! Woo Hoo!! Over a year of waking up EVERY hour..night after night..sure can wear a person down! :(( Luckily, about the only thing that was saving me *some* brain cells, and just enough energy to function, was the fact that *when I DID fall asleep*, I always went right back into dream mode. But, to the minute..one hour later..ZOOM! Awake, again!! Sure have my fingers crossed (tight!) that this past week of sleeping, becomes my, forever *normal*. Only time will tell. 3. Weight wise...This was the pisser! Ha While I knew I was doing absolutely nothing to cause it...the darn scale would jump (over night) by 5 whole pounds!! *Knowing* it's physically IMPOSSIBLE to gain that much (from nothing), was just not enough, to calm my stress factor! Go figure!! But, since I'm not one to throw in the towel, I just kept right on doing research about hormones (which I knew was the culprit), and plugging away with keeping my calories/fitness in check. A few *subtle* signs started to show themselves, letting me know that the scale issue WAS NOT ME DOING SOMETHING WRONG.... 1st MAJOR one that happened..purely by accident, mind you! I went to try on some (new to me) thrift store jeans, and found that they were a size 3. Of course, after just *trying* to come to terms with wearing size 5/6's..I just put this off as a *fluke*, and thought nothing of it. Until... It happened AGAIN! Different name brand, even. And AGAIN!! Then, one day, I noticed that I was pulling on size 2's with ease! Now, just weeks later (scale STILL wavering back & forth with those 5 extra pounds) I'm wearing size ONE'S!! So, a few days ago, I pulled out the ole measuring tape and found the next *subtle* change...I was getting smaller, again!! Even though the scale was STILL holding firm. So, this morning, I got my long awaited "Whoosh Factor" and the scale FINALLY took a nose dive! 115.4 pounds!! Thank Goodness!! :)) Needless to say...I'm beyond stoked. But, more importantly, I just wanted to post this up, in the hope that it may help another woman in my age category, to see that it IS possible to win the body battle, in spite of the hormone shuffles, as long a we just keep fighting. Don't give up!! Keep your eyes open for those *subtle changes*, as those may just be the clues you're needing, to know you ARE on the correct path. Till next time! :)) ***Felt I needed to add an important note: Weight last year: 106lbs Pant size: 0/1 Shirt size: small/x-small Weight currently: 115.4lbs Pant size: 1 Shirt size: small/x-small Weight difference: 9.4lbs MORE Clothing difference: NONE So, see...we CAN weigh MORE, due to muscle growth, yet ONLY the SCALE will reflect the increase. AMAZING!! **Another nice surprise to add.....today, after work, I went browsing in Good Will. Stopped at the jean section and found a pair of one's (half price) tried them on...they fit nice. Was stepping out of dressing room and decided to pick through the discarded rack and stumbled upon a pair of Aeropostale (my favorite brand) and slipped back into the dressing room. On goes the jeans, easily, even though I was doubtful, due to the fact that they are.......... Size 0!!!!! So it appears that my body is right back to where it was a year ago, EXCEPT it's 9 pounds heavier!! This is proof that females need not to worry about lifting weights/building muscle, for fear of *bulking up like a man*, as our bodies just don't have enough testosterone to allow that to happen. Anyway, that's my latest surprise!! And no one is more surprised, than....ME, that is for sure! WOW!! (STILL SHOCKED) @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ December 24, 2014 ~ I reached my 1st goal, yesterday, and that was to hit the 115lb mark on the scale by Christmas. And I even surpassed it by a smidgen, as the scale read 114.9lbs! Score!! Also, another very fine thing...at the thrift store, Monday night, I stumbled upon a NEW, never even used, Total Gym XLS! It's the newest model and I had it sold to me for $50!!! It has 6 DVD workouts (never opened), squat board, toe bar, pull up bar, leg pulley, and even a workout deck of cards that shows pictures of all 80+ exercises to do and how to do them. As of tonight, I did my first workout on it and I just love it! I ordered a weight bar, so this will allow me to add weight plates and increase the resistance BIG TIME. My other Total Gym has its ramp loaded down with 130lbs of weights, which has prevented me from using the cable system for my upper body, for several years. So I'm gonna love having the weights added (properly) to the side/end of the ramp, so as not to prevent the cable usage on this new machine. As I was doing the chest presses, my deltoids were looking VERY muscular in the mirror. I'm starting to REALLY lean out, again! Even a girl commented on how well I was looking, today at work. That's always nice when people begin to notice the changes..even with a sweatshirt & jeans!! I'm still aiming for the scale weight of 113lbs, as this should place my body fat at the 15% level, which is about perfect, for my body. Don't want to try for any lower than that, though, as too low could throw my hormones off kilter (maybe) and I'm feeling mighty level, to date. Plus, maintaining any lower body fat % becomes very difficult, long term, and I don't wanna go that route. Been there...Done that! ***********************************
***** Jan 6, 2015... Weight: 114.4lbs *another 1/2lb loss! Body Fat: 15.6% Fat: 17.8lbs Lean: 96.6lbs BF Goal: 15% Wt Goal: 113.6lbs Measurements... Waist: 24" Hip/Butt: 33.5" Thigh: 17" Stomach: 27" Chest: 31" Calf: 12.5" *pure hard muscle! Shoulders: 36.75" While, at first, its been hard not wanting to speed up the process, after doing a lot of reading on the subject of getting leaner, I've relaxed about it. My goal is to lose just a 1/2lb in 7-14 days time, as not to risk losing ANY muscle in the process. My body is finally getting used to the new exercises on the Total Gym, so all the muscle soreness has faded away. I did have a slight hormone blip, last week, for about 5 days, which caused some water retention, but that has since passed. This kind of thing, kinda *masks* any progress being made, so I just wait it out. ************************* Jan 19, 2015.... It has suddenly hit me - today, all of a sudden, I've come to the conclusion that I'm pretty darn content with my body shape/weight! After trying on a bazillion pairs of jeans, finding that they are slipping right on and hugging all my muscle filled curves, easily, and they are consistently size 0, but inching into many size 00's...I think my body is just about as perfect as it has ever been! Looking at the picture of myself at age 50 and 105lbs (size 0), and then how I'm looking, NOW, I think there is just no comparison! I have a gorgeous shape... Tiny 24" waist! A fuller, rounder, and lifted booty! VERY muscular upper body!! And I quote.. "You have skater legs!!" Tonight, before going to the movies, I stopped into my *favorite* clothing store (even though I mostly purchase the name brand items from thrift stores for next to nothing!) Aeropostale and everything I bought was in the x small size, it made me realize that I'm there! My body is just about as perfect as it's ever gonna get...and that's PERFECT!! I'm still gonna push myself on the muscle side, as I don't think there will ever be a time where I won't want to be more defined and lean. And, sure, I still expect the scale to drop in sloooooow trickles, as my body continues to lean out even more,, but that's ok, too. I just don't expect anything major, number wise. It WILL take me some time to get used to eating within higher calorie amounts, as my body is so accustomed to the 1,300 - 1,500 ranges..so that will be my learning curve. I may dip my toes back into calorie cycling..maybe?? **It still boggles my mind, that I'm wearing the SAME jean sizes, 10lbs HEAVIER (all muscle!) as I was the 1st time I thinned down. It's amazing how just another round of *bulking* allowed my body to gain just enough muscle to curve my body!** Oh, another reason I feel it best to stop with anymore weight loss, is because I just don't feel secure enough (hormone wise) to attempt another bulking round..as I'd be too afraid to test my body's limit on making the needed *cut*, afterwards. Just too risky, as this latest round sure gave me cause for worry, that my metabolism had changed. Thankfully, I was able to figure out the answer, but it sure caused me a TON of stress, and I just don't want to test my body again. A few more pounds of muscle is just not worth it, at this stage of my life! Anyway...this is how I'm feeling TONIGHT. Will it change in the future? Probably! LOL But, honestly, I'm feeling quite confident... I MADE IT!! :)) *********************************** J
an 27,2015... Registered another 1/2lb loss, this morning, which means that between my calories/exercise, average comes out to be a one pound loss, per month. I'm not concerned with dropping the scale, yet, as I know my body is not doing anything more than taking away a bit more *fat*, as the rate is far too slow, and my protein macros too high, for it to be any lean muscle loss. Plus, the biggest sign that it is NOT muscle loss, is the simple fact that all my weight lifting amounts have INCREASED, and my strength has advanced. The trouble with moving from weight loss mode, into maintenance mode, is the whole mental shift that's needed... *Stop hopping onto the scale, hoping to see a loss! *Becoming accustomed to eating more calories! Luckily, I no longer worry about binge eating, as I have lost ALL the desire for eating any of the crap foods, so that's not a problem. I just gotta get my head around to eating MORE of the same healthy foods I do, without feeling like I'm stuffing myself. Example: the other day my appetite just seemed really ravenous, which meant that I felt the pull to eat more of my food selection (normally spaced out farther into the day) before it was even the classic *lunch time* hour! HA So, needless to say, I just *felt* like I was pigging out, yet by days end, my calorie total was still within weight LOSS standards. I just had a slight hormone surge, a few weeks back, which still means I'm not 100% classified as menopausal, just yet. Still no biggie, as I'm still 100% symptom free, but anytime the hormones surge, that just means they gotta do their *re-alignment*, all over again! (sigh) Luckily, this round has offered my up a few more *positive* signs... *My sleep is still staying on target! Yes!! That was my biggest worry! *My scale weight/body/clothing fit, did NOT make any drastic up swings! Yes!! So, as far as my appetite increases/decreases go, I just place that in the *normal hormone shuffle* category and move right along. I'm just happy that my body is still able to remain lean, in spite of being just a *spot* away from menopause, as I'm fully aware that this is NOT the *normal* pattern. Man, am I glad that I began my healthy lifestyle BEFORE hitting the age of 45! If not, then I bet I would NOT be typing such a positive journal, at this stage of the game!! ***************************************** Feb 10, 2015... Weight: 110.9lbs Waist: 23.75" Thigh: 16.75" Hip (bone): 31.5" Butt: 33" It appears that my body has acquired its latest *whoosh* factor! Ha While it *appears* to be a MAJOR weight loss drop, I do have the comfort in knowing that it's partially (Fat & Water loss) and not my hard earned muscle. I just came off of a hormone alignment issue, and this was causing my body to retain some *puff*, so any scale loss (for the past few weeks) has been hidden from view. But, now that all is back in line, I'm now able to get the clear picture of where my body is *truly* at. Obviously, weight *loss* is not a priority, but it IS a tough one to get a handle on, when it comes to finding that maintenance calorie *sweet spot*. My average calorie amount is about 1,500..but that is WITHOUT adding in all the calories I eat from the cantaloupe, yellow/green melons, and pineapple..which I will NEVER add in, or measure, or limit eating..so my best guess is that my *real average* is about 2,000 calories. My bare bone limit (scale wise) is 110lbs, so I don't have much more room to play around, as that's just another .9 of a pound left. As long as I keep my protein ratio high enough, I'm not worrying to much about any muscle loss, at this point. My strength is still holding (and even showing some increases) so that's a positive sign. This whoosh is mostly just fat & water, as I just leveled out on the hormones, again, so these few weeks of zero scale drops have just been masked by water retention. Still, though, it is time to get all my mileage, weight training, and calories, in the correct zone! I DON'T WANT TO RISK LOSING MY HARD EARNED NEW BOOTY!!! *********************************
***** March 1, 2016.... Well, its been a full year since I've written in my journal, and a lot of positive changes have happened in this time frame. 1. I've been working really hard on building up muscle mass, especially in my lower body. 2. I've radically changed my way of eating..as of Thanksgiving, 2015..that was the last day I have eaten any meat. I will eat eggs and Greek yogurt, but that's it, so I've pretty much gone vegetarian. 3. I no longer have my head so wrapped around the scale and any particular number. Especially anything below 120lbs. 4. I've been eating more within my maintenance range or a 100 calories above, in order to support muscle growth. 5. Since discovering some new shoulder exercises, I have now (working on my 3rd week, currently) split my lifting routine, to accommodate the increased workout load, and am lifting weights 6 days a week. 3 sessions take 1 hour and 3 sessions take 35 minutes. 6. My only cardio choices are indoor cycling on a trainer & walking. My latest stat update, as of today, is... Weight: 122.8lbs *this makes for a 12lb increase in a year, which I'm happy about! Waist: 25.75" *Makes for a 2" increase Thigh: 18.5" *Makes for a 1.75 increase! Trust me..it's pure muscle!! Hips: 33.75" *Makes for a 2.5" increase! Yes!! Butt: 37" *Makes for a 4" increase! It's incredible!! I don't have any current body shots, but if you look at the picture of me in those mustard colored pants, from last year, and compare the weight & measurement increases..you'll get a nice idea! One very important item to note...I just had those same pants on, last week, yet the scale places me 12lbs heavier! So, see, muscle does NOT make females BULKY. Now, yes, my thighs are now far more muscular, and my booty is more pronounced, so no longer am I able to slip into those size 0/2 jeans. But why would I want to? I've hand built myself a strong, muscular, and curvy (no jiggles) lower body, that I'm soooo proud of!! The funny part is...this past year of building the muscle and increasing the scale...was mostly happening in the background. I was having hormone fluctuations (which still only cause one negative..and that's my sleep) and all the constant waking up (every hour, for the most part) would wake my tummy up and I'd have to eat either soy nuts or protein bars, or I'd never fall back asleep. So, while all this was happening, I was mentally exhausted, and had continuous frustrations over the scale increasing. But, then the hormones would go back in alignment, and my appetite would calm way down. Long story short...all this up & down eating, was causing me to (unintentionally) do a re-comp. Which means that with all the weight lifting I was still doing, my body was building muscle during the surplus of calories I was consuming at night, without me even realizing it was happening. I could never figure out WHY the scale was NOT dropping back down, AFTER my eating reduced to normal range, and for most of the year..I was pissed! But then, once the scale reached and never went below 120lbs, I started to REALLY look at myself (along with hearing the positive comments from others) and realized just what my body had accomplished. And all thanks to those frustrating hormones! HA So, right now, my body is really starting to lean out. I really didn't gain all that much fat, along with the muscle growth (which is normal) but what little bit I did, it's slowly burning itself off. My mind is open to having a scale weight, anywhere from 125lb - 135lbs, at this point. Since I've learned (by accident) just how my body works during a re-comp (and it's a VERY slow process!) I'm just gonna continue on this path and just see where it takes me! Till next time...... *************************** Jan 16, 2019... Looks like another good chunk of time has passed since I've updated this journal. For the time being this update will be mostly just a check in, as it was so spur of the moment, I'm not even sure what I want to say! Ha But here goes.... 1. Weight: 115lbs Waist: 24.75" Hips: 36" 2. I've leaned out quite considerably in this last year. Suprisingly quite effortlessly in fact. I had bulked up to gain some really good muscle and then very slowly (about a year) went about dropping the fat that goes along with it. 3. Being post menopause has NOT caused any negative changes, hormonally or physically, so that is a MAJOR positive! 4. Part of me is debating whether to do another (mini) lean bulk, as I kinda want to work on building my hips/booty size up a few inches more with muscle. Scary part is that with muscle gain, fat gain comes along for the ride! But I don't want myself to get too tiny, again, either, so that's another thing to consider in this debate of mine. 5. Still eating mostly plant based, but occasionally will add in some chicken or turkey, just not too often. Will also eat egg whites, so not a full fledged vegetarian, as I had been for 2 solid years. Still, though, staying clear of red meats and milk. Guess that's it for now. I'll try to remember to update more regularly. Hard to believe that this June will mark my 13th year in maintenance mode. Wow! Just wow! Till next time... **********************

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Staying Fit, Getting Lean & Eating Healthy!

I use vitamins & foods, to keep my body & hormones as stable as possible. My favorite staples are...

Soy Milk
Flax Seed
Soy Nuts
Greek Yogurt
Fresh Fruit (melons)
Chicken Breast*
Red Potatoes
Brown Rice
Spaghetti Squash
Pure Protein Bars
Whey Protein
Steel Cut Oats
PB (powdered peanut butter)
Lots of water (1 gallon)
Caffeine Free Teas

I'm a total believer in...


*Note: As of Nov, 2015 I've dropped meat and have gone vegetarian

My Program:
Eat Clean, avoiding process and sodium, as much as possible.

I do follow a 95/5 rule, as there is no reason to be 100% strict, to be healthy.

But, I really have no desire to stray away from my eating plan, so it's very easy to follow.

I strength train Mon - Sat (added more shoulder & lat work, so needed to increase the lift days from 3 to 6)

Free weights - 12 to 35 pounds, depending on muscle being worked

Total Gym ramp for lunges with about 140lbs of weight added

Bench with barbell

Total Gym XLS (new) for pull ups and squats. Have a weight bar for adding weight plates

I have a road bike set up on a trainer, so I hop on that after my weight routine 20 - 30 minutes, max, once a week

My job is very physical, so lots of calorie burn happens, 4 days a week.

Using my phone, I track my steps per day and my average range is 20,000 - 25,000..but my highest, yet, is 30,000 (twice!)

Personal Information:
Height: 5'3.5"

Age: 53

Other Information:

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