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You Can Do What You BELIEVE You Can.

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Ernestine Shepherd is my Inspiration. Born June 16, 1936

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I'm a believer in what Dr. Eric Berg says : My Motto & my Lifestyle.

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Thank you for visiting my SparkPage! I Love being supportive and encouraging on SP. You can call me Bobbie.

**My Inspiration is Ernestine Shepherd, and she says, "Age is Nothing But A Number, You CAN GET FIT" My PLAN: is to stick with my Keto lifestyle and IF (Intermittent Fasting) and Dance to my Heart's content for the rest of my life. I want to be as healthy-looking as Ernestine Shepherd when I'm in my eighties and nineties!
I'm a believer in what Dr. Eric Berg says :
It's Not "Lose Weight To Get Healthy" It's

**The Simple Pleasures of LIFE I ENJOY:**
*The touch of my husband's hand on the small of my back!
*A warm sunny day!
*A field of wheatgrass blowing in a soft breeze!
*The smell of rain!
*Big puffy white clouds!
*A freshly mowed lawn!
*Watching my horses move!

** Important Things to Remember: **
1. Keep your plan simple. Do not complicate it with a bunch of rules that make it difficult.
2. Don't expect perfection. No guilt.
3. Expect plateaus.
4. Don't get in a rush.
5. Listen to your body.
6. Never give up on yourself.
7. Keep Sparking...

When I was a kid I was called "Toothpick" and it hurt my feelings. I think I was skinny from way too much stress.
Before my 1st child was born I weighed 110 lbs at 5 ft. 5 1/2 inches. After my 3rd child was born I settled at about 125 lbs.
I had a total hysterectomy when I was 28 but, not much change in weight. I didn't get up to 140 until I was about age 39.
Then when I was 46 I had stage 4 breast cancer and after chemo and radiation I got up into the 190s.
I am a medium frame and at 51, I lost 50 lbs on Atkins in about 6 months. I gained it all back when I put all my focus on my daughter while I was caring for her after her stroke in 1997. She is doing fine now. But, it took me years of trying to get back on track until I started watching Dr. Eric Berg's videos explaining that the only thing the Atkins diet was missing was the veggies to protect the liver among other things. Also how good Interment Fasting is for the body.

Now, in my golden years, I just want to stay healthy. I have been learning a lot from Dr. Berg and doing the Keto lifestyle since Sat.,10/26/19. I stopped using All SUGAR including foods that turn to sugar in my body, like all bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, and anything with white or wheat flour in it, etc.
Saturday ~10/26/19 ~ I made a commitment to myself: No More Sugar!
(1) So far, my morning readings of Blood Sugar have dropped from 250s to 100s.
(2) I'm sleeping better.
(3) My mood is better.
(4) I'm not hungry all the time anymore.
(5) My belly Is NOT bloated anymore.
(6) I have lots more energy.
(7) I'm getting out of chairs easier and walking faster.
(8) My left knee has stopped hurting.
(9) I have stopped losing weight for now. (But, I'm not worried, that will happen as a side effect as I get healthy).
(10) Update: I have lost 48 pounds as of 11/8/20, it happened very slowly.

Once I made up my mind, I went into my kitchen and threw away my bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, and anything that was high in carbs or processed food. (I could do this because it's just my husband and me). Don't worry I kept the things he really likes and he's fine with it.
Then I made my list of allowed meats, veggies, and condiments, and off to the grocery store I went.
You Can Do ANYTHING You Make Up Your Mind To Do.!!!
12/13/20 I Started Intermittent Fasting (IF).
I think the best Medicine is Resting, Dancing, and Fasting. Intermittent fasting simply allows the body to use its stored energy, by burning off excess body fat. Resting, and Dancing are great for the body and soul.
~~~Health EVENTS That are Important to Me!!!
~~~ The Changes I have made.
You Can Do ANYTHING You Make Up Your Mind To Do.!!!
11/10/17~ Quit Smoking

08/19/18 ~ Started Drinking Turmeric Tea

09/09/19 ~ Stopped E-Cig
10/26/19 ~ Stopped Eating SUGAR & foods that turn into Sugar & went to a Ketogenic Lifestyle with IF (Intermittent Fasting).
I will be doing this for the rest of my life.

5/27/20 My A1C was 5.0 Down from 8.5 on 12/11/2018

11/06/20 ~ Stopped Blood Sugar Medication
12/01/20 ~ Stopped Blood Pressure Medication

3/25/21 - First VITAL PROTEINS COLLAGEN PEPTIDES, Helps skin, hair, nails, joints, and much more.

*******A MESSAGE from MY DOCTOR******
RE: Lab results
General Mailbox
Hello Ms. Bobbie Walker,

I have published your lab results on your portal.

I want to congratulate you on the enormous success demonstrated by these labs. You are no longer showing any evidence of diabetes, elevated liver enzymes, or elevated triglycerides.

Your electrolytes, kidney function, and blood count also looked great. Your thyroid is in control.

Your cholesterol is still elevated however the majority of this is usually due to genetics. Please keep up your success and do not revert back to the diet that caused all the problems we identified earlier.

Please review the labs and let me know if you have any questions.


Dr. Tarpley
You Can Do ANYTHING You Make Up Your Mind To Do.!!!

*** Goodie for new IF members
I want to welcome you to the "Intermittent Fasting" team. The main thing that IF has done for me is take away being hungry all the time. I started out doing the IF 16/8 (eating 2 meals a day) by eating only when I was truly hungry. I did that for a couple of months and then went to IF 20/4. As I wasn't really hungry but once a day. The main thing you will need to do is Keep Your Calories up. I didn't and that resulted in my hair getting thinner and thinner. I'm working on getting my calories back up to 1200 to 1500 a day while keeping my carbs around 20 a day.

I'm glad you found this team and I hope we can be of some help to you on your journey of health and weight loss.

(((Hugs))) Bobbie

*******Daylight Saving Time*******
March 14, Daylight Saving Time Begins
November 7, Daylight Saving Time Ends

SPRING ~ is March 20, 2020
SUMMER ~ is June 21, 2020
FALL ~ is September 22, 2020
WINTER ~ is December 21, 2020

USA ~ Significant HOLIDAYS Observed :
January 1, New Year's Day
February 14, Valentine's Day
March 17, St. Patrick's Day
April 1, April Fool's Day
April 16, Easter Sunday
May, Mother's Day
May 29, Memorial Day
June, Father's Day
July 4, Independence Day
September 4, Labor Day
October 31, Halloween
November, Thanksgiving
December 25, Christmas

YEARLY ~ Start Weights about the 1st of each month.
Date: 2/26/07 ~ SW: 195.6 Total Inches ~ 339.25"
Date: 1/04/08 ~ SW: 199.6 Total Inches ~ 335.50"
Date: 1/03/09 ~ SW: 188.4 Total Inches ~ 321.75"
Date: 2/10/10 ~ SW: 194.4 Total Inches ~ 335.50"
Date: 1/11/11 ~ SW: 174.8 Total Inches ~ 311.75"
Date: 1/07/12 ~ SW: 165.2 Total Inches ~ 294.25" My Best Year
Date: 2/04/13 ~ SW: 176.8 Total Inches ~ 311.00"
Date: 3/10/14 ~ SW: 170.6 Total Inches ~ 305.25"
From 8/2014 To 8/2015 "We Spent on the Beach in Port Lavaca, TX"
Date: 7/10/15 ~ SW: 187.6 Total. Inches ~ 319.25"
Date: 1/01/16 ~ SW: 186.0 Total. Inches ~ 318.0"
Date: 1/01/17 ~ SW: 183.4 Total. Inches ~ 314.75"
Date: 1/01/18 ~ SW: 188.0 Total. Inches ~ 319.75"
Date: 1/01/19 ~ SW: 198.8 Total. Inches ~ 327.0"
Date: 1/01/20 ~ SW: 182.2 Total. Inches ~ 307.0"
Date: 1/01/21 ~ SW: 161.4 Total. Inches ~ 287.5"
2019 WEIGHT~ Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar
11/10/18 - 207.2 lbs. BP 125/69 p.63 & BS-189
12/01/18 - 202.2 lbs. BP 134/68 p.68 & BS-248

01/01/19 - 198.8 lbs. BP 144/84 p.59 & BS-229
02/01/19 - 194.8 lbs. BP 139/76 p.62 & BS-260
03/01/19 - 194.8 lbs. BP 145/72 p.56 & BS-270
04/01/19 - 191.8 lbs. BP 141/75 p.58 & BS-364
05/21/19 - 190.6 lbs. BP 140/76 p.61 & BS-275
06/04/19 - 188.8 lbs. BP 142/78 p.60 & BS-293
07/01/19 - 188.2 lbs. BP 131/75 p.56 & BS-293
08/01/19 - 187.0 lbs. BP 140/75 p.61 & BS-289
09/01/19 - 188.4 lbs. BP 133/76 p.56 & BS-309
10/01/19 - 186.0 lbs. BP 131/77 p.60 & BS-268 Committed to No Sugas 10/26/19 To lower my Blood Sugar
11/01/19 - 183.6 lbs. BP 137/78 p.54 & BS~144
12/02/19 - 181.4 lbs. BP 138/76 p.67& BS~127

2020 WEIGHT~ Blood Pressure ~ Blood Sugar ~ Inches
01/01/20 - 182.2 lbs. BP 143/79 p.60 & BS~150 ~ 307.0"
02/01/20 - 181.6 lbs. BP 143/80 p.68 & BS~118 ~ 305.0"
03/01/20 - 178.0 lbs. BP 128/66 p.63 & BS~ 114 ~ 301.5"
04/01/20 - 173.2 lbs. BP 123/74 p.71 & BS~ 116 ~ 298.75"
05/01/20 - 170.0 lbs. BP 119/64 p.67 & BS~ 103 ~ 296.5"
06/01/20 - 170.8 lbs. BP 124/72 p.66 & BS~ 133 ~ 296.5"
07/01/20 - 168.8 lbs. BP 132/77 p.59 & BS~ 102 ~ 293.0"
08/01/20 - 164.2 lbs. BP 116/71 p.76 & BS~ 113 ~ 291.0"
09/01/20 - 163.4 lbs. BP 101/67 p.68 & BS~ 105 ~ 292.0"
10/01/20 - 162.0 lbs. BP 115/72 p.72 & BS~ 107 ~ 286.5"
11/01/20 - 160.8 lbs. BP 124/69 p.72 & BS~ 106 ~ 286.25"
12/01/20 - 163.4 lbs. BP 124/69 p.72 BS~121~ 286.25"
2021 WEIGHT~ Blood Pressure ~ Blood Sugar ~ Inches
01/01/21 161.4 lbs. BP 112/70 p.68 BS-118 ~287.5 inches

02/01/21 163.0 lbs. BP 122/63 p.64 BS-124 ~286.5 inches

03/01/21 165.8 lbs. BP 104/67 p.55 BS-109 ~286.5 inches

04/01/21 168.4 lbs. BP 116/68 p.68 BS-115 ~286.5 inches

at least 30 min. a day, Mon. & Fri. on my BowFlex
****Monday's Core & Upper Body*****
Seated Row, Aerobic 3 8 40#s
Bench Press 3 8 40#s
Biceps Curl 3 8 40#s
Lateral Raise 3 10 20#s
Triceps Press 3 8 40#s
Lat Pulldown 3 8 50#s
Resisted Crunch 3 8 50#s
Resisted Twisting Crunch 3 8 50#s
Resisted Reverse Crunch 3 10 40#s
Hyperextension 3 8 40#s
Seated Rear Deltoid Row 6 16 40#s
Time 55 min x 6 = 330 Calories Burned
****Friday's Core & Lower Body****
Seated Rows, Aerobic 3 10 50#s
Seated Ab Crunch 3 10 50#s
Oblique Crunch, Right side 3 10 25#s
Oblique Crunch, Left side 3 10 25#s
Hip Extension, Right leg 3 10 30#s
Hip Extension, Left leg 3 10 30#s
Inter Thigh Ext., Right leg 3 10 30#s
Inter Thigh Ext., Left leg 3 10 30#s
Seated Leg Extensions 3 10 60#s
Seated Leg Curls 3 10 60#s
Time 50 min x 6 = 300 Calories Burned

*** Sisters in that way.***

Hi Friends,

I was writing a comment on a friend's page today, that had also survived cancer. I know there are a lot of Teams on SP for folks going through cancer and for survivors and I'm a member of one. I don't post in it very often. Mostly because it puts me in a melancholy mood. At the time and place, I was in while going through treatment (1992/1993, there were no support groups that I knew of and all my family was back here in Texas so I did it on my own. Like a lot of us did in those days. I had God and my husband and it made me a stronger person. I had good training for it though. My mother died when I was 17 and my dad when I was 9. I really don't know what it would take to knock me down. I came close in Jan. 2004 when I lost my younger brother, Gary.

I survived stage 4 breast cancer in 1992/93 while living temporarily in LA, CA for my husband's job with an Oilfield Co. That was the loneliest time of my life. But, I wasn't scared because I knew I would make it through it. Positivity means everything at times like that and I say it can move mountains in my life. I have met several strong women recently that are cancer survivors. We were all blessed by God and are still here to live a full life. We are sisters in that way. I love them all in a way only you could understand if you had gone through and made it through a life-threatening disease like that.

Life is great and I celebrate it every day in every way. I like to be upbeat and live a positive lifestyle. I can tell you that you haven't lived until you bend over in the shower and your bald head hits that cold shower curtain! LOL

(((Hugs))) Bobbie

Member Since: 4/6/2012

Fitness Minutes: 2,717

My Goals:
Enter a summary of your goals, or just a few you would like to share.
#1 Goal: GETTING HEALTHY Inside and Out.
The weight will come off as a side effect.
******* Important Things to Remember:
1. Keep your plan simple. Do not complicate it with a bunch of rules that make it difficult.
2. Don't expect perfection. No guilt.
3. Expect plateaus.
4. Don't get in a rush.
5. Listen to your body.
6. Never give up on yourself.
7. Keep Sparking...

My Program:
Give an overview of what you are doing to meet your goals.
Dr. Berg's Program
Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting

Personal Information:
My name is Bobbie from NorthTexas
Formally: Charlie-B originally joined SP Aug. 16, 2008

My Goal Board

Other Information:
*A warm sunny day!
*A field of wheatgrass blowing in a soft breeze!
*The smell of rain!
*Big puffy white clouds!
*A freshly mowed lawn!
*Watching my horses move!
*The touch of my husband's hand on the small of my back!
My Fav quotes:
If your dog is fat, you're not getting enough exercise". Author Unknowns:
Life's too short to be unhappy." by Me
Sometimes in order to become the person you are meant to be, you have to grow in ways you never imagined. by Bryan Anthonys
Never trade for what you want most for what you want at the moment." by Unknown
Believe in Yourself.
Women are like Tea Bags, we never know how strong we are until we get in hot water." by Unknown
Age is Nothing But A Number and You CAN GET FIT" by Ernestine Shepherd
If you gonna be Stupid you have to be Brave. by Charles Stamps
“Accept yourse

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