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Treat Mom to a Healthy Day

By , Alicia Capetillo, Staff Writer
This year, let’s do Mother’s Day the healthy way. We love delicious, leisurely brunches just as much as the next person, but how did long lines and too many pancakes become the best way to honor all that mom does? Why not show mom you love her by treating her to a healthy outing, instead? No matter where you live, there are plenty of active activities that will get your blood pumping while you spend quality time with the woman who always remembered to cut the crusts off your PB&J. (Or, if you’re a mom yourself, suggest that your kids take you out for one of these fun and healthy events this Sunday.) 

Kayak or Canoe If the weather cooperates, seek out the nearest body of water and rent a two-person kayak or canoe. Gliding down a river or through a lake as you admire the great outdoors will be so enjoyable you won’t even notice that you’re exercising your arm muscles and core. You’ll burn over 200 calories in under 30 minutes with this fun warm-weather activity. Plus, there’s no better place to talk about life and love and dreams than out on the quiet water.

Fitness Class Between TRX, barre, Zumba, hula hooping, SoulCycle and others, there’s probably a fitness trend that has caught your eye. Indulge your curiosity and try something new together this Mother’s Day. Grab mom, pick out a class she’s always wanted to try and head out for a morning workout. If you’re not into paying for a class, try an at-home video like this 17-Minute Barre Workout or the 20-Minute Fat Blaster, instead. After you get your sweat on, whip up a batch of smoothies to reward yourself and spend some time laughing about those crazy Zumba moves.

Bike Ride Hop on two wheels and spend an afternoon looping through your local bike trail together. Even on a leisurely ride, you’ll still burn major calories without even realizing. In just 30 minutes riding casually, you can burn almost 200 calories. Pick a scenic trail for maximum enjoyment.

Park Your local park is a great place to spend an afternoon and is especially fun with the family. Challenge your family to a basketball game or see who can swing the highest. You’re all sure to feel like kids again as you work your way across the monkey bars. Make a whole day of it by packing a healthy picnic!

Hike Break out your hiking shoes and water bottle and hit a trail in the woods together. Hike up hills and over uneven terrain to challenge yourself, or find an easy trail where you can work to spot wildlife or identify birds. Thirty minutes on the trail with hills will burn up to 170 calories. Pack some homemade, no-bake protein bars for a mid-hike break to enjoy your surroundings and your company, of course.

Golf Skip the golf cart and carry your own clubs for an extra challenge at the golf course. Walking from hole to hole is a great workout for your legs, and you’ll have plenty of time to catch up on life events as you stroll together. If your long game is a little rusty, head to the driving range for an afternoon in the sun competing to see who can make the ball fly farthest. After exerting so much energy, you’ll enjoy that lunch at the club even more.

Run Many cities host Mother’s Day races, so check your local events guide to see if you can sign up together. If you’re not in prime racing form, why not make Mother’s Day the first day of training? Pick from one of the many exciting or wacky 5Ks out there and draw up a training schedule. Not only will you be building up your endurance and fitness levels, but at the end you get to share another special day with one another. Don’t know where to start? Try one of these flexible 5K training plans.

Garden Sounds leisurely, but any real gardener will tell you that working in the yard can be a full-body workout. Between squatting, raking and digging, a typical day of gardening will challenge all your muscle groups. Plus, the end result will yield beautiful plants and vegetables that mom can enjoy all year round. Get some ideas for gardening in the city, easy vegetables to plant and more in our Gardening Guide.

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Interesting suggestions but in my opinion, we should treat our mothers to activities they want to do, not what we think they should be doing. My daughter knows better than to invite me to any of these (with the exception of possibly taking the grandchildren to a park with paved paths for my cane), and at 87, my mom uses a walker with a seat so these are all out of the question. In a hectic life where brunch is a rarity, a special brunch remains a good idea for Mother's Day. Just take your mom's tastes into account. Active is great, as long as it suits her. Report
These ideas sound fun. My mom and I hiked the trails at Roaring River this past Sunday for a Wildflower workshop. Report
The picture used cracked me up!! Report
Yea agreeded my MIL is 87 and my mum is 80, so most of these seem impossible (bike ride? Lol) However, going over and tidying up their house and yard makes a good work out and will be very appreciated. A promissory not for an adventure ride out to see some scenery with a mild walk to a picnic bench with a healthy lunch, some stretch bands with an age approprite book (Strong Women stay Young), a cute set a of exercise/lounge wear, make a tray of dark chocolate dipped strawberries, fill crock pot liner bags (target/walmart)with delightful mixture of spices and dehydrated vegetables (I did sweet potato, carrots, onion, garlic, red pepper, passion fruit leaves, mexican thyme - with a bow and cute tag listing the ingredients and instructions to just add a chicken 1/2 cup water and cook for 1 hour and of course a pedicure. Report
I would love to go walking with my mother, but that's not possible since she passed away in 2013. I'll never have that time again. If your mother is still living, spend time with her. When it's gone, it's gone forever. Report
I got a very distinct mental image of what would happen if I announced to my 80-year-old mother that we would spend the day kayaking.
She'd probably hit me with an oar. Report