The 10-Minute Mindshift

By , Cherylanne Skolnicki,
As a health coach for busy professionals, I hear a lot about how little time people have. My clients pack their days with meetings and commitments until there is barely room to breathe. But the truth is, no matter who we are, we all have the exact same amount of time--24 hours in each and every day. We can’t choose how much time we get; but we can choose how to spend the time we have. And those choices make all the difference. Redirecting even small amounts of time away from unhealthy activities and toward healthier ones can start a snowball effect that will transform your life!
When it comes to health and well-being, it’s so easy to get discouraged. We think, ''How can I find an hour to work out or to make dinner at home? I’m too busy!'' But why must we think in terms of hours? What if you looked for just 10 minutes instead?
You get 144 chances at 10-minute windows every single day! What if you took just one of those opportunities and used it to feed your well-being? You’d be one step closer to the healthy life you deserve, and I’ll bet you’d be inspired to find a few more 10-minute windows in the days ahead.
Ten minutes can seem long or short depending on how you’re spending it. Need proof? Consider how different it feels to spend 10 minutes waiting in line at airport security versus spending 10 minutes chatting with a friend at Starbucks. As you get started, you’ll want to choose activities that make your 10-minute investment one you’ll joyfully anticipate, not one you’ll dread.
Think about the habits you are trying to develop – exercise, cooking at home, meditating, journaling--and look for a way to get started in just 10 minutes.
Here are several ideas you might consider:
  • Cut up some fresh fruit and store it at eye level in the fridge
  • Go for a walk
  • Have a cup of herbal tea and enjoy a moment of quiet
  • Do a set of old-fashioned push-ups and sit-ups
  • Fill out your food journal
  • Eat breakfast!
  • Assemble a salad to have with dinner
  • Get outside and soak up some Vitamin D
  • Plan your dinner menus for the upcoming week
  • Lift handweights
  • S-T-R-E-T-C-H
  • Eat a banana
  • Add 10 minutes of sleep
  • Drink a glass of water and chill a pitcher for later
  • Jump on the stationary bike or elliptical trainer
  • Meditate
Once you’ve experienced the lift that comes from just 10 of these health-focused minutes, you’ll be on the lookout for more and more windows in your day that you can use to invest in your well-being. It’s easier to find six of them than one uninterrupted hour! And that’s the 10-minute mindshift.

What would you do with your 10 minutes?

Cherylanne Skolnicki is a healthy living expert and the founder and owner of Nourish, a wellness lifestyle brand for professional and executive women. Nourish provides services to help women feed their well-being, including 1:1 health coaching, in-home meal preparation, private cooking instruction, and integrative medical consultations with an experienced M.D. Cherylanne is a former corporate executive turned certified health coach who believes that all women deserve to experience thriving well-being despite the demands of their professional and personal lives. Cherylanne is a dynamic speaker, the author of The Nourish Blog, and the healthy living expert for Cincy Chic and the Fox19 Morning Show. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband and three young children. Outside of work and family, Cherylanne enjoys entertaining, running, yoga, discovering a good book, bright sunny days, and spending time with dear friends.

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WILDKAT781 10/22/2019
thanks Report
KITT52 9/14/2019
great ideas and tips thanks Report
JERSEYGIRL24 6/22/2019
Great ideas, thanks. Report
CATNAP629 5/28/2019
good article Report
DEE107 1/28/2019
thanks Report
Great info. Thanks for the reminders. Report
Great info. Thanks for the reminders. Report
Thank you helpful & useful Report
10 minutes can make a big difference. Report
thanks Report
Great article. I do most of the things on the list plus a few extra because I live on a farm with 4 dogs, a ca,t and a horse. There is always something that needs done and I am the only one that can do what is needed. Report
What a great idea to stay busy cutting up veggies etc.... to keep yourself busy. That’s a great plan! Thank you for the suggestion Report
We can almost do anything for 10 minutes and we have to start from somewhere, SparkFriends! Keep sparkling! Report
Useful ideas thank you Report
thanks Report
Great insight! Report
Great ideas
Wonderful ideas! Report
I only recently started exercising and the only reason I started was because I read an article like this. I figured I could do 10 minutes per day without excuse. Some days I do 50 or 60 minutes, but most days I do more like 30. On my worst days, at least I still do 10. It has changed my outlook so that I actually see myself as an active person instead of as a sedentary person. I probably still qualify as sedentary, but at least now I know that 10 minutes is all it takes. Report
I gave a short speech in a class in college trying to make the point you made here about the perception of time depending on what you're doing. It was the worst speech of my life, and my professor was generous in giving my a D (it might have been a D-minus). Thanks for tying it all together so well. I've got several of the items on your list already planned into my day, and will top it off with some push-ups. Report
I've added this article to my SparkFavorites so that I can be reminded of all the beneficial ways I can use 10 minutes. Report
We will be discussing this blog in our SparkLive! classes this week. What a great topic, and I'm looking forward to hearing what our members have to share.
Judi Report
I am trying to convert myself to ten minute rule. Report
I believe in the 10 minute philosopy! You can do so much in those minutes, you have to be willing to try! Report
Thanks for the reminder that all I need is 10 minutes. I can't always get to the gym,or get in 60 minutes, but there are numerous times I can do 10 minutes of something, Report
Enjoyed this blog. Think I need a few 10 minute intervals every waking hour. Report
Thanks for the reminder. I do several of those items already. Really never thought they could make a difference. Report
hmm... what can I do in 10 minutes ? I'd read a few pages of whatever book I happen to be reading. If I can grow muscle cells when I workout, then I can grow a few extra brain cells by reading a book. ;)

And if I just want to have some fun, I'll play a few rounds of Angry Birds. LOL !
Excellent post - we all need reminders such as this. In 3 10-m segments, you can put a home-cooked meal from scratch on the table! Report
Very well said! Report
I'd go for a walk, call my best friend (who lives in a different state), cat nap, read my Fitness or Self magazine, learn a new song. Report
Every hour has 6 10 minute opportunities! Report
All good points. I need to move more. Report
Well, when you put it like that!!! Report
Take my dogs for a walk around the block.
walk to Carvel on a summer evening to get frozen yogurt (wed. is BOGO!)
brush my kittens fur, to get whatever he rolled in, out!
thanks for the great article! Report
Yes sometimes the thought of 60 min of sweating is often a mood killer, so I look for little ways to squeeze in 10 min here or there.
- I do squats while I wait for the microwave to ding, I race to see how many I can do in 30 seconds (usually about 12 but once I got to 15!).
- At work, I walk up to the 5th floor to use the restroom (4 flts)
- As I remove cutlery from the bottom rack of the dishwasher, I do a squat for each knife, spoon and fork
- I invite friends to join me on walks, the steps fly by when you have a friend along. Report
Thanks for the ideas! I do so many of them already. Just never quite thought of it in these ways before. Report
Excellent! Thank you! Report
Lovw the ideas, I do have more then 10 minutes to work out (just the way my schedule works) but there are times I don't or "I don't want to" but knowing that I can get the same from only 10 minutes is motivating enough. so more 10 minute walks here I come. Thanks Report
Water the plants on my porch. Walk around the block. Talk to my children. Report
Cut up some fresh fruit. Read a good book and enjoy some herbal tea. Fit in some stretching exercise. Report