The Advice That Changed SparkPeople Members' Lives

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Everyone has their own turning point. For some, that "a-ha moment" might come from seeing an unflattering photo of themselves. For others, it might be having to ask for a seatbelt extender on an airplane, or not being able to keep up during a family hike. Maybe it comes in the form of something much more serious, like worrisome test results from the doctor or a life-threatening medical emergency.
While these instances can change a life around for the good, not everyone experiences them. Sometimes, a turning point can be as simple as a a single piece of advice given in a time of need.
Advice is a tricky thing. It usually comes from a good place, from a well-meaning loved one who only wants the best for you. But in some cases, it can also be misguided, unsolicited or even downright hurtful. And, of course, advice is all about timing—even when it's good, solid guidance, delivered gently and compassionately, it won't do any good unless you're ready to accept it.
For these SparkPeople members, a well-timed piece of advice made all the difference. Just a few words gave them the nudge they needed to change their lives.
  1. Count your blessings, especially when you don't think you have any. And just keep putting one foot in front of the other. – Diann Toler Dunn
  2. The journey starts with a single step—not with thinking about taking a step. – Jeff Olson, "The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness" – Barbara Barkocy Merchant
  3. Just keep moving! – Sherry Waugh
  4. My doctor said, "One pound a week is 52 in a year." It was a life-changing statement. – Donna Gettings Apperson
  5. It's the journey, not the destination. – Analisa Munaretto Helton
  6. Think "Just for today." If you are thinking about weeks and months and years, then you get overwhelmed. Think that "Just for today, I am going to love myself enough to treat myself better." – TEXASHSMOMOF3
  7. If you are going to waste your time, why not waste it doing something useful, like going to the gym? – NEOMATTLAC
  8. Someone reminded me that even though I have a weight-loss goal, my life doesn't start when I hit it. My life is now, and regardless of how near or far from my goal weight, I have a life to live and love. – CREATINGMAGIC
  9. When you slip, get right back on it. Don't wait for Monday or tomorrow or even the next meal—grab a glass of water, go for a walk if possible, forgive yourself, forgive yourself again, declare yourself back on track and keep tracking! Figure out what you'll do next time in that situation. – SLENDERELLA61
  10. Before he passed away, my grandfather told me: "It's never too late to start over. You can be anything your heart desires. Never give up. Never surrender until you reach your dreams." It had so much more meaning when trying to find my peace of mind and find the path that would truly make me happy. – MIZFENTON
  11. Don't give up. Accept that you will make mistakes and have setbacks. Learn from them, embrace them and continue to move forward. – Sue Friend Robinson
  12. Every day is not good, but there is something good in every day. – Pamela Brown
  13. Not every day is going to be go as you planned. Dust yourself off and try again tomorrow. – Carla Murray
  14. Be patient and forgive yourself. – Jaime Wheelock
  15. Be kinder to yourself. Let go of perfection. – Vicki Bradbury Decie
  16. When you feel like quitting, think about why you started. – Setha Suth
  17. A friend told her son, "Some people are just weak and can't quit smoking." I quit that night and have never smoked again in 14 years. – Annette Abbott
  18. One word changed my life and it is every place I look in my house and I put it at the end of my blog every day. The word is "Believe." It made all the difference. – KATHYJO56
  19. My mom would often say to me as I struggled to lose the weight, "Winners never quit and losers never win," which helped me to not quit. – DIANEDOESSMILES
  20. Love yourself, you matter, and you're worth it! – TEXASHSMOMOF3
  21. Life's not fair. We are only victims if we choose to be. The quickest way out of the pain is forgiveness. Forgiveness isn't for the one who hurt us. Forgiving the one who hurt us is done so that they no longer have the power to manipulate our emotions. The moment we forgive, the pain drops away, and we are free to move on. So get up, brush yourself off, set your face like flint toward your future, and create the life YOU want to have. - HAPPYDOES
  22. No experience is ever wasted. You can always learn something. – Debi Violante Philippa
  23. Just change one thing at a time. – Lori-Ann Shortt
  24. When my oncologist got in my face and said, "This weight gain has got to stop!" I had been trying and failing to get back on the wagon, but after he said that, I jumped right on, and I thank him every six months when I see him. – Kay Larrabee Horton
  25. Try SparkPeople. Ten years later, it's still keeping me going. – Collar Anita Cuffs
  26. This is for life! – Stephanie Bassett
  27. Being overweight is hard. Losing weight is hard. Choose your hard. – KASEYCOFF
What is the best advice you have received along your path to weight loss, health, fitness or wellness?

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GRAMMYD11 8/4/2019
Fantastic article Report
MORNINGGLORY893 7/31/2019
Love this article! Report
STARVING__POET 7/29/2019
Great article! Report
Great article Report
CHERYLHURT 5/28/2019
Thanks Report
POINDEXTRA 5/24/2019
My own personal mantra for both weight loss AND maintenance is, "The only secret is : Just Don't Quit!" Report
BUBBLYARIES01 12/29/2018
I love #8....1 lb./week = 52/year. Thank You! Report
LIDDY09 12/22/2018
Thanks for sharing. Report
SHOAPIE 12/22/2018
Great. Report
thanks Report
My favorite piece of advice I read here on SP--and have passed along often--is "Never do anything to lose weight that you aren't willing to do for the rest of your life." Report
GMAM48 12/21/2018
If you never give up, you’ll never have to start over. Report
SPINECCO 12/21/2018
Thanks for sharing. Report
Love the quotes! We all need a pep-talk now and then! Keep Sparkin'! Report
XNANNY 12/21/2018
Very good advice in this article! Thank you so much for it! Report
I agree with the last comment in the blog : Choose your hard~losing weight is IT for me! Report
KATHYJO56 12/7/2018
great advice Report
KHALIA2 11/21/2018
Thank you for this great advice! Report
SUSANBEAMON 11/18/2018
Keep getting the same old advice from everybody so much I have stopped listening to them. Report
ALEXSGIRL1 11/14/2018
Just to keep looking for Hugs Happiness and Healthy Living ...its what i write at the end of every blog Report
SBABEYTA1 11/13/2018
For me, the best advice was to only make changes that I would be willing to make for life. Are you willing to exercise regularly for life? Yes. Are you willing to drink meal replacement shakes for life? No. I view every potential health & fitness option through this lens: are you willing to make it a life-long change? If I can answer yes, I do it; if I know I can't or won't do it, I eliminate that option. Report
LUANN_IN_PA 11/13/2018
Thanks for this article. Report
_CYNDY55_ 11/13/2018
Thanks Report
NEWMOMOVER40 11/13/2018
I have a whole slew of inspirational quotes on my SparkPage! Everyone from Eleanor Roosevelt to fellow Sparkers. I am very inspired by words. Report
CECTARR 11/13/2018
Thanks Report
BUDDHAWOMAN0 11/13/2018
Thanks.. True Report
MNABOY 11/13/2018
thanks Report
MNABOY 11/13/2018
thanks Report
LIS193 11/13/2018
Very inspirational! Report
AMYRCMK 11/13/2018
Thank you Report
97MONTY 11/13/2018
Thank you Report
NEPTUNE1939 11/13/2018
TY Report
JANET552 11/13/2018
Thanks Report
RAMBLER61 11/13/2018
Find Joy in the Journey. Report
AZMOMXTWO 11/13/2018
thank you Report
DRDIVA28 11/13/2018
I have two. One is a quote "Success comes from small efforts repeated day in, day out" and the other is a mantra I made up when I used to jog "Every step counts". Report
woo hoo fame at last Report
PAMBROWN62 11/13/2018
For me it was seeing a post that said, “Every day is not good but there is something good in every day.” That has become my mantra. I repeat it every day. It is true. Even in my worst days, there is always something to be grateful for. Even if that something is that it doesn’t get any worst. :). I look for that good each and every day. Report
RAPUNZEL53 11/13/2018
Nice. Report
MARUKI52 11/13/2018
Great advice. Report
PWILLOW1 11/11/2018
Great advice. Report
PWILLOW1 11/10/2018
Great advice. Report
DAN072254 11/8/2018
Thank you Report
BABY_GIRL69 11/7/2018
All good advice and pick me ups when you just don't have that motivation or feel/see results you want. Report
PEGJW111 11/7/2018
My HaHa moment was talking to my doctor about lab results. The prospect of taking numerous medications to stay healthy scared me. She agreed to give me a year to lose weight, before she put me on the medication train. I've gone from obese to overweight and my lab results are normal. Yay! Now we are working on blood pressure and I am working on losing 20 more pounds. Lots of tracking and Mindful Eating! Report
MOONDRAGON30 11/7/2018
Great quotes! Report
BIKE4HEALTH 11/6/2018
thanks Report
KBLANKEN73 11/6/2018
A young trainer at a gym I went to once upon a time said to me, "Every little thing that you do is better than doing nothing." Those words have echoed in my head for years and years now. She was wise far beyond her age. Report
KITTYHAWK1949 11/6/2018
thanks Report
BRITOMART 11/6/2018
Love it. Love it all. Then love it some more. Report