SparkPeople Success Story in 'People' Half Their Size Issue!*

By , SparkPeople Blogger
One of the best parts of working at SparkPeople is watching people reach their goals and achieve things they never thought possible. Today, we're sharing with you the story of a woman who not only lost weight (more than 200 pounds) but also--as of this week--crossed a major goal off her "bucket list."

Tracy Meuschke (TRACY31502), a stay-at-home mom from South Bend, IN, is featured in this year's "Half Their Size" issue of People magazine. If you ever doubted whether you could lose weight and keep it off the healthy way, just look at Tracy for inspiration. We know her story is going to inspire so many people who are just starting their journey, who are where Tracy was just a few years ago.

After "always" being obese, one morning, Tracy says she just broke down. "I felt like no diet was working and I didn't know what to do. I actually contemplated surgery." Instead, Tracy just started eating less and moving more. Tracy joined SparkPeople in 2011, just days after giving birth to her daughter. Today she's 212 pounds lighter.

She told us: "I knew I needed some extra help if I was going to lose this weight and keep it off this time for good. The fact that I can log my calories on the SparkPeople diet and fitness tracker app is huge for me. Setting goals on SparkPeople helps me be accountable. And of course, a huge one, SUPPORT, SUPPORT and more SUPPORT!!! It never fails that if I'm having a rough day; my SparkFriends are there to say just the right thing!"

When Tracy became an "official" SparkPeople Success Story, she confessed to us that it had been her dream since deciding to lose weight to be in this motivational annual issue of People. We were thrilled to be able to help her achieve this dream so that she can continue to inspire others.

"Still in shock" and pinching herself that she's actually in a major national magazine, Tracy says she's grateful to SparkPeople and her SparkFriends for all the support.
Want to know her "Secrets of Success"? Pick up a copy of the magazine, which is on newsstands now, and keep reading for her best tips.
  1. Count calories. But not all calories are created equal so eat more healthy ones than not.
  2. Follow the 80/20 rule. Eat healthy 80% of the time, and the other 20% can be splurges!
  3. Be active and learn to love it. Even if you currently don't like being active, you can learn to enjoy it.
  4. Stay active. If you don't have hours a week to workout, that's OK. Stay active with your kids by running, playing, bike riding, etc.
  5. Make your workouts count if you're short on time.
  6. Don't skimp on strength. It will change your body.
Three years ago, Tracy feared that she would be a mom destined to live life on the sidelines. Today she's living proof that you can change your life--and SparkPeople is here to help!

Woohoo, Tracy!

*Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program.

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SNUZYQ2 9/29/2019
How inspirational! Here it is 5 years later. How amazing it must have felt to reach your goal! Keep on Sparking friend! Report
Way to go Tracy,
You are truly an inspiration to me to not give up I have decided that I'm not going to think unrealistically this time. I'm going to make small changes one at a time so that I don't feel like I have to do everything all at once to be able to achieve my goals. Thank you for sharing your success story with us & giving us hope :) Report
How inspirational to see a person make a change by setting goals and reaching them! Amazing journey! Report
How inspirational to see a person make a change by setting goals and reaching them! Amazing journey! Report
So very happy with the new you.well done. I have plenty to finding it really hard to get motivated. Any help you could give me. Report
I am truly inspired and motivated by Tracey. All your hard work has paid off. You look fantastic! Report
That is super amazing Tracey. Have a happy healthy life! Report
Amazing, Tracey! So happy your dream came true - you earned it. Thank you for spreading the spark by sharing your wisdom and encouragement. Report
I really like the 80/20 policy. I have spent my whole life either fully on track or fully off and let me say there has been much more off. Thanks for the inspiration. Today I'm tracking my food and taking it one day at a time Report
i am so impressed with your story. happiness and best wishes. i have only just begun Report
wow, so inspiring!!! Report
What a great storie. I also, have a thyroid problem and also, high blood pressure. It is very hard to lose weight. I work 2nd shift. I am an nursing assistant. It is very hard for me to get my exercise in everyday.I have very little time to cook . I really want to lose weight. I have already lost 9 lbs. Is there anyone else that works on 2nd shift trying to l lose weight. I need all the help I can get. I am seeing a Nutrition. I have only been dieting 3 weeks. Keep up the good work Tracy Report
Congratulations Tracy! Thank you for sharing. Report
Congratulations! Very inspiring! Report
Tracey , what amazing weight lost I am where you are now. I am depressed with this weight I have put on I have a thyroid problem and I just went to my Doctor who asked me if I wanted to have my tummy stapled I told him I wanted to try one more time that when I got on here and I clicked on this page and here u were I am very motivated to start my new journey now thanks for your Blog and thank you for sharing your weight loss with us . Report
what an inspiration. i am where you were and i want to be where you are. i am plugging away and know I'll get there. great job on putting in the hard work to get where you are now! Report
Congrats! What an inspiration! Report
I read that magazine. Congrats to your success. I am hoping to reduce my weight, look and feel better, and also live a longer life! My children are having their children and I have so much to live for and look forward to! So do you! Report
Thank you for sharing and giving others encouragement from your wonderful story. It is truly inspiring. Report
So inspirational! :) Report
So happy for you. All that hard work paid off. Just what I needed to read for some inspiration. Report
wow this story truly hit home!! Where started is where I am right now. I have a long way to go but seeing someone who started where I am be able to do it gives me so much motivation and inspiration that I can do it! Congratulations!! Report
Congratulations!!!! Report
You are truly amazing! I have never been able to stick to a healthy plan for more then a few are my inspiration. Report
Way to go!! So impressive. I really like your tip about loving exercise. When I was in HS (forever ago) I LOVED to work out, play sports and take weight lifting classes. Time and children and work and life have been the focus of my adult life. Kids are grown and on their own, so it's time for me to work hard to get my health back.

I am two weeks in, and I think I'm starting to fall in love with exercise again!! I am ready!! Thank you for sharing your story. So inspirational!! Report
Thats amazing...I wish I had a friend like you in my life.....good luck to you Report
Congrats! Report
Congratulations!! Whenever I look at myself and how much I have to lose, it seems like such a daunting task but whenever I read stories like yours it gives me hope. Report
!! W O W !!


Congrats ! Report
What an amazing transformation! Report
Congratulations. Report
Wow! You are amazing! I just forwarded your article to my sister, daughter and friend. My thoughts after reading your story are that I need to suck it up and stop making excuses.
This article is in the magazine I got yesterday and haven't had a chance to read yet. Congratulations to Tracy! That is just awsome! Report
What a feat, because it takes time! Well done! You look great! You have motivated me to get back to it! Thank you! Report
I read this article and I'm so inspired!! You are truly an inspiration and I can only hope that I can follow in your foot steps. Congratulations!! Report
You are amazing! It's a new year, and your story has given me a new drive to reach my goals. If you can do it, so can I! Congratulations, Tracy! Report
I bought the magazine before i even saw this when I saw parkpeople I wen tWOOHOO!!! Report
Truly inspirational!! Well done!! Report
Congrats on all your accomplishments!!!! You are an inspiration!!! Well done!! Report
What an incredible inspiration you are and will be with this magazine. Report
Fantastic work, such an inspiration! Report
WooHoo! Great Job and Congratulations Tracy! What a TRIUMPH! :) Report
Fantastic job! Congrats Tracy on all your hard work.
WOW Tracey well done, it was finding your page on facebook that helped me find Sparkpeople & totally loving it.

Over the Christmas period a friend posted a status about her daughter going to University. All I could think was OMG! I can remember tell he she was pregnante on a hoilday in Ibiza & thought I've been fighting my weight & size for 19 years.

Looking for motivation to help spur me on I came across your page. I'm totally hooked on making changes not only for me but also my family so when my little boy is running around the park im not sat on a bench watching out of breath.

Well Done & thanks for the inspiration xx Report
Woohoo -- congrats Tracy and thanks for spreading the spark in People Magazine!

Have fun continuing to reach your goals -- SparkCheers!

Chris (SparkGuy)