My Bill of Rights to Healthy Living

By , SparkPeople Blogger
We have all learned many important lessons on this journey. One of the most important lessons I have learned during my 53-month journey is finally letting go of the constraints of things I cannot control. Therefore, today I am re-declaring my independence from dieting. Hopefully, this endeavor will allow me the freedom to take life by the horns and to continue to move onto greener pastures.

Photo of the 2007 Bar Harbor, Maine Independence Day Parade

Nancy's “Bill of Rights to Healthy SparkLiving”

  • Thou shall release thyself from thy scale. Thou cannot and should not allow a machine to measure thy self-worth and value.

  • Thou shalt accept the obstacles that are inevitable on this journey we call life.

  • Thou shalt accept help and guidance from others more knowledgeable and experienced than thyself.

  • Thou shalt never give up learning. Education is essential in order for us to change and grow. Don’t ever stop learning and don’t acquiesce to accepting anything as fact. Learn for yourself.

  • Thou shalt not allow one off-track day to undo all the positives we have made in our lives. That one extra hot dog, the All-American food, is not going to undo all your hard work to date.

  • Thou shalt accept the challenges in life in order to grow.

  • Thou shalt never take for granted the health one has now.

  • Thou shalt never underestimate the power of small changes.

  • Thou shalt appreciate the freedom to live a life of joy and happiness, not one based on the size we wear or the number on the scale.

  • Thou shalt thank SparkPeople for totally transforming my life.

I wish you all a very HAPPY and safe holiday. We are all blessed to be given such a great opportunity to share this journey with others from around the country and the world.


What would you add to the “Bill of Rights to Healthy SparkLiving”?

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BGRAEF 6/13/2019
Love it! Report
BONDMANUS2002 3/11/2019
Absolutely great Report
ANHELIC 1/11/2019
Thanks Report
Well said! Thank you for sharing! Report
Well said! Report
What a great reminder, I will be reading and re-reading this to keep me focused. Report
Great Blog thanks!! Report
I so agree with dont take for granted the health you have now. I used to be able to do so much more, but didnt swim because I looked so bad undressed. Now I look worse and of course probably will never be able to swim. I used to walk 2 miles a day and although I never enjoyed it I could do it - now guess what, I am so stiff sometimes I look like the hunchback of notre dame. Tennis - I used to play, then came to a country where it rained so much you could only play for a few weeks in the summer - guess what, now I couldnt play unless a gun was to my head.

Dont stop doing things because they hurt. Exercise is meant to hurt. Dont take [pain for granted - it gets worse if you do and stop exercising. Report
This is awesome =) Report
Great reminder. Thanks for the word. Report
Wonderful reminder of the ways in which to enjoy and appreciate this journey - especially the last point - THANKS SPARKPEOPLE!!! Report
Yaay Nancy! More power for you - Go YOU!! Report
So enjoyed the bill of rights and it is so true if we follow them we are important to ourselves and deserve the best life has to offer thanks for sharing Report
I'll second that "AMEN" Report
I love ANY bill of rights, 10 Commandments lists and so on. They are inspirational and full of insight. I have two LARGE binders full of inspirational items like this one that I've been gathering from the web for years. Loved it and appreciate it sooooooooo much! Report
Thanks, this was a great blog just as you wrote it. Report
Oh I like these thanks. My mom always said "you learn something new everyday" and I have found that to be pretty true. I am very thankful for SP, best place I have ever found for learning and being. Report
Great thoughts!!! Also, Thou shalt share the SPARK when you can!!! Happy Belated 4th...had my "ceremonial hotdog - ketchup and onions please"...enjoyed every bite and now, life goes on!!! Report
Thou shalt thank the Creator for inspiring the creator of SP! AWESOME!!!! Report
What a great blog! It sums up this whole journey! Report
I shall save this entry, and re read it again and again! thank you. :) Report
Thanks so much. With no activity after surgery, I was discouraged with a 4 lb. weight gain. Can't do much but I can walk. Will start tomorrow morning. Thanks again. Report
Thy shall free thyself from the imprisonment of thy thighs. Report
Thank you, Nancy!
You have given us a long, long list of gifts and this may well be the finest!

Good luck to you on this new path!! Report
Thou shall release thyself from thy scale . Great one Report
Thou shall release thyself from thy scale . Great one Report
I wish that I could not be a slave to my scales. I know that I am wrong, but I still weigh once a day - as soon as I get out of bed. My support group (TOPS) meets once a week. I must weigh then. At the present time I have 7 pounds left to lose. It is going slowly, but steadily. Report
Loved this. Report
Love this! I did a similar blog about gaining independence from what hinders us... your bill of rights list is a great, important one. I look forward to seeing how FREE you become in the coming months.. You can do it! :) Report
I am really working on that scale one. Report
((((Nancy)))))) WOW what an awesome blog and what wonderful Bill of Rights~
I wouldnt 'add' a thing and hope to be able to acomplish these all soon!!!
Very nice and I agree with some of your points. Report
"Thou shalt " use negative terminology to reinforce positive thinking.

Using negative terminology is less likely to persuade the desirable, positive thinking process. Better to say, “I will smile and be happy this day,” than to say, “I won’t be grumpy this day.” Report
You should never let a day pass without visiting SP pages and communicating with your SP friends

Uhura Report
I just came back from a BBQ at the beach where I ate less than I would have a year ago, but more than I should have if I had kept my goals in mind. Your Bill of Rights is just what I needed after entering all my "sins" into my nutrition tracker. Thank you. Report
Thou shall always remember that having a sense of humor helps keep your life balanced. Report
A very timely blog. I applaud the content and the intent.For those of us who get wrapped around the use of the "Thou shalt not" wording, I encourage you to read for the intent and theme.
Let's relax, try to be healthy and just live better.
Well done! Report
Way to go Nancy. I constantly need these reminders - I haven't been able to grasp this freedom yet! But I'm working on it! Report
Good to see someone has their head on straight. That is awsome. Report
Thanks for sharing. Continue on your journey.

Thou Shalt have the faith & will power to move you to your next adventure. Report
This is such a great reminder! Thanks for sharing. Report
Absolutely loved it!! Thank you so much Nancy for sharing your "Bill of Rights" with us... Report
That was absolutely Brillant. Thank you so much. I hope SP puts it on a plack to sell in the store . Plus put it so we all can print it up.
what an Inspirational post. Report
This is by far one of the best blog I've read.
I wouldn't add a thing but if I did it would read.

Thou shalt never give up, be proud of who you are.

Thanks for sharing with us Nancy, It is GREAT!! Report
Thou shalt never compare thyself to another. Everyone gets different results at different times! Report
i love your declaration, we should take it and vow not to give, Like I have so many times in the past. Not anymore!!! Report
That was perfect!!!! Great rules to live by!!! Report