'I Lost 94 Pounds and Lowered My Blood Pressure!'*

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Meet Cathy Storey, a SparkPeople.com member who lost nearly 100 pounds and took control of her blood pressure through diet and exercise. Find out her full story over at Huffington Post!

Congratulations, Cathy! Keep Sparking!

*Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program. 

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GREEN_EYES2 10/9/2019
Congrats! Thanks for sharing your story ... you are an inspiration! Report
MNABOY 9/27/2019
Thanks Report
Thank you for sharing your story! Very inspirational. Report
KHALIA2 12/30/2018
Congratulations! Report
MARKSMOM3 11/17/2018
Great job! Wtg! Report
Great! Report
Nice job. Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
You look absolutely fantastic! Thank you for sharing! Report
Inspirational! Report
way to go Report
That is oh, so true, SparkFriend! What works for one may not work for someone else. We should find what works for us and work it. Whoo, hoo and way to go! Report
Awesome! Report
You look 20 (really 20) years younger! Congratulations, what a great accomplishment ! Report
Well done and thanks for sharing.
Portia Report
Wow! Amazing! Congratulations! You look fabulous! Report
If it wasn't for some facial similarities, You look like a totally different person. I think that you look more confident now...CONGRATULATIONS! Report
Congratulations! Great job Report
Awesome, Cathy! Truly an inspiration. I hope to get my BP down. Doctors are pessimistic about patients making changes because so few of them do. Let's keep spreading the Spark! Report
Your story is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing.
A point you mentioned hit me pretty hard. The fact that you have to want
to be fit and to do what it takes to get to your goals.
That is so important.
Thanks again! Report
Such an inspiring story! I am so proud of you! I am 25 lbs into the 100 lbs I needed to lose. It has taken me a while, but I am still working hard! Report
Thank you so much for your post; it has motivated me tremendously! You look amazing! I suffer from pain all day as well which limits me physically but also mentally. The fear of increased pain is overwhelming sometimes. The part of your story that really hit home is when you said, "Today, though, it hurts either way -- the pain just feels different. So I choose the healthy version!" This is my new mantra to push on. Thanks again and God bless! Report
Awesome & Congrats!! Report
Congratulations! You look great! I've been taking
high blood pressure meds for a l-o-n-g time. They keep my Hi BP
under control, but I would be so happy so get rid of
them for good. Your story gives me hope that I can. Report
YOU LOOK WONDERFUL. I have similiar problems and find you very motivational. Report
THANK YOU!! we have similar issues and i didn't feel like getting on the treadmill till i read your story.I got on and i will stick to it!! bty you look fab!!! Report
way too go
Thanks for sharing your story very encouraging Report
You look great! Report
Thanks for sharing your story of success!!
I plan to have my own success story to share as well in the near future. Stories such as yours encourages me to keep pressing forward.
Thanks again! Report
Thank you for inspiring me. Congratulations on your successful weight loss. Report
Thank you for the motivation! Report
Are you kidding me? I have Rheumatoid Arthritis AND fibromyalgia including high blood pressure. I take a steroid called prednisone. and it gives one the round face and makes it hard to lose weight. And my RA doc said that it would be dangerous for me to quit taking it. Well in 2009 I decided I would stop taking it go lose weight.And I went from 215 to 173 in 3 months. Then I had a relapse and ended up in the hospital. I commend you for succeeding. If you do exist since no one can find you on this site. If you do exist write me. Report
Congratulations, you look great! Report
You look awesome! Congrats to you! :) Report
Congratulations well done!! Report
Cathy - you are totally awesome! Thanks for sharing. Report
Very inspirational. My bio very similar except I'm old enough to be your mother & just beginning my SP journey. Intense chronic pain definitely a special challenge in, and of, itself. Your story is very encouraging. Thanks for sharing. I couldn't locate a SparkPage for you to form a link. Report
Very inspiring. Report
Congratulations! Very inspiring. Report
Congrats on your success. Your very inspiring to me as I also have high blood pressure and the reason I started a life change. I also suffer from severe fibromyalgia, asthma/COPD and some other things. The sever daily pain and medication has increased my weight and I am not happy with it and decided I have to control of my body back. I suffer from mild to sever pain daily and it changes thru ought the day as you already know having fibromyalgia as well. But I refuse to give in. I try to do some exercise at least 5 days a week. I save my 2 days off for the days with the worst pain. lol Thank you for sharing your journey. I didn't think it would be possible bc of the fibro and the meds that also make u gain weight. Thank you! Report
Way to Go!!! I too am losing because of hypertension. I really would like to get off the meds I'm taking.
You are an inspiration!!! Report
You look very good and much younger. I tried to look at how you did it, but couldn't get it up on my computer for some reason. My goal is to lose 100 lbs. also. Keep up the good work! Makes me think this spark coach team thing might even work for me. Report
Congratulations! You are an inspiration Report
awesomness!!! Report
Congratulations! You look great and are an inspiration. Report
Congratulations! I enjoyed reading your story...very inspirational! Keep up the great work, you are doing an awesome job! Report
It is unbelievable, you encourage me that there is hope. Congratulation!!!! Report
Congrats Cathy! I always thought you should share your journey with all awhile back and look at you now! You are an online star!!! Spreading the spark too!! Thanks for inspiring us!! Report
You look so good, and congrats on lowering your blood pressure. That must make you feel so good. Report