How Hopes and Dreams Keep Me Going

By , SparkPeople Blogger
I used to think most goals were out of my reach. I live life more day by day as my journey to health continues. Instead of looking at how far I have to go, I rejoice at how far I’ve come. Every extra effort to get where we are going counts as a success in this journey of ours.  Even if we fall, we tried. We are like babies learning a new lifestyle of walking, and we should always get up and try again. Wouldn’t it be sad if a baby just decided it was too much effort and never tried to walk? We would weep for the hopes and dreams we would have for him or her.
Hopes and dreams keep me going now. I shop looking at clothes with a “Someday I will wear that” attitude, as opposed to just envying those who can wear it now. No, I probably will never be a size 5, but I’ll have more choices of clothes that I like better. It’s already happening.  I never realized I had an active wear side before. Usually, I’m a girly girl. I think new sides of you start to surface as you remove the layers.  My husband is sometimes surprised by how drastically my taste in clothing has changed. I have a few shorter skirts and tighter tops and have given up the baggy, frumpy look. I dream of the day of picking anything I want off of the rack at any store I want.
Before SparkPeople, I also had no idea that I was interested in physical challenges. Now I hope someday to do a 5K in an actual event, and even without a walker. Gym classes were always so competitive and it was just a pastime for others to make fun of the fat kid. I think it scared me away from physical challenges. The one thing I always enjoyed was Hatha yoga. As a child, I watched a show called “Lilias, Yoga, and You” on Chicago PBS. I remember just waiting for that show to come on television and challenging myself daily to see if I could do her poses or improve or even understand. Now I dream of being able to do a salutation to the sun once again. 
I dream of writing a book someday to help others stay inspired through this life-long journey. There are a few chapters written. I’m not sure what to do once I get a book written, so I think my brain is stalling. Writing to you on SparkPeople is a dream come true. Honestly, I prayed for a way to reach people with the news that even mobility-challenged, severely obese people like me can make the journey. When I was starting out and found that I could get the support and tools that I needed right in my own home with SparkPeople, it made all the difference in the world for me.  I can only hope that something I write touches someone and helps them.
I also dream of being a weight loss coach, to help others make it through the hard times. I’m still letting my fear hold me back here. A great friend of mine, SPARKGIRL32 encouraged me in this direction and I think I would enjoy it.
Think about your hopes and dreams and then move a little closer to them each day. You can embrace yourself, nurture yourself, and love yourself. Then follow your hopes and dreams as far as you can. Each day is full of new possibilities. Is this the day I will dance? Will I walk on the beach this year? Every question, every new possibility, every hope, and every dream keeps me going. Did you notice that I never mentioned a number on a scale? That’s because it is merely a side effect of changing your life. Change your life and you change your weight, not the other way around.
What are your hopes and dreams?

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GETULLY 11/22/2019
Your book would be fabulous! Report
CHERYLHURT 11/17/2019
Excellent Report
AKELAZ 11/8/2019
Wonderful blog - thank you so much. Something in there for each of us. What I am particularly taking away - 'Change your life and you change your weight, not the other way around' LOVE it! Sticking it on my mirror with other quotes that mean a lot to me. Thank you. Report
AKELAZ 11/8/2019
Wonderful blog - thank you so much. SO much in there for all of us. What I am particularly taking away - 'Change your life and you change your weight, not the other way around' LOVE it! Sticking it on my mirror with other quotes that mean a lot to me. Thank you. Report
KHALIA2 5/22/2019
I love this one! Thanks for sharing! Report
Motivational article, thank you for posting Report
My dream is to keep my glucose #s under 125. I'm down to 228 from 168! Report
This is a great article...............Thank You. Report
Write that book now. I know you could have a positive influence on others who need to hear that you have worked hard to get where you are, they can use your book as a personal trainer, you got this far, so can they. I am a child counsellor in the u.k. and I have seen kids turn their life around, just by learning they are not alone with their problem, what ever the problem is. Report
Dr. Oz had a sement on about important stretching and salutation of the sun was one of the forms shown. My balance is very poor right now and I'm hoping that I will be able to do these stretches in the future. You have given me new hope and something to look forward to. Thank you for your inspiration! Report
This is a very inspirational blog! After reading this blog I felt like it's time to make a change. I also would like to go to the stores and have more choices of clothing to buy. Thank you and keep going! Report
Well Put!
"Change your life and you change your weight" - WOW is that powerful. I think I'll add it to my poster. Thanks for the inspiration & keep writing! Report
It is quite amazing how someone can touch your heart with their own story! Thank you. I feel fabulous working on Cheryl, my dream is to help the children of Haiti recover from earthquake. I have had and shared ideas but have yet to touch the ground. I dream of visiting there and being touched and touching someone in need. My hope is that my analysis paralysis will end and I will just go and do what I can now! Report
My hopes and dreams are to be fitter, thinner, and I really need to change my attitude, and be more positive, as well. Great blog... Report
I enjoyed your article but was particularly struck by the example of a baby who becomes discouraged and decides to give up on walking. This was powerful and had real impact. Thank you Report
Once again I am so thankful for your article and for you sharing your life, your hopes and your dreams with all of us here at Sparks. Thank you for the encouragement and the new perspective. Thank you for sharing the joy in the journey! Report
I dream about feeling comfortable and looking good in a bathing suit the next time I take a trip to a hotter climate. Some days I even think seriously about booking this trip, so it would even motivate me more..... kind of like build it and they will come attitude. Report
To live a long healthy productive life. Without health and energy one cannot achieve any dreams. Your story is amazing. Report
My hopes and dreams?
To complete this journey towards optimum health and to run a rescue sanctuary for all animals.
God willing this will all happen for me.
Best to all of you and may your dreams come true too! Report
You must finish your book! You are so inspiring! I look forward to reading your blogs. Thanks to you, this is how I now think: how much more comfortable the seat at the theater will be the next time we go; the seat belt on an airplane will be comfortable; I can actually buy a bathing suit that I will like...the list goes on and on.

I don't dwell too much on the scale anymore. I concentrate more on how I'm eating and how much exercise I'm getting, and because of this, the only time I gained (and only 1/2 pound) was when I increased the amount of weight I was using for strength training.

Thank you, so much, for your blogs and inspiration!! Report
Just what I needed to read this morning. And many of the same dreams. Thanks!
We all need goals as motivators, you have hit the nail on the head. Keep up the good work. Report
The words fail me; to say Thank you seems so small compared to the inspiration you have written. But Thank YOU! You have opened yourself to hear the spark inside you. You see challenge as an opportunity, change as a doorway to greater things. You see so much more than many of us will see in a lifetime. Thank you! Report
I too was a watcher of Lillias, Yoga and You and live in the Chicago area. I continued to learn more yoga, read books, watch tapes over the years, it makes you feel great. Wonderful and Inspiring article! Report
Beth, please do write that book! I find your blog columns so inspiring, and this one is no exception--I would love to read the book you would write. Report
It really is all in our heads sometimes, huh? I know my mind causes me more angst than my ample behind ;) Thanks for the reminder that attitude is everything. Report
Thank you. Very well written, and helps me to believe in myself, because the author believes in herself. You are making changes, and dreaming dreams that I have been struggling with. Report
nice article. So true that #'s don't define who we are as a person. My dream is to take a train trip with Dennis across parts of the US to see his son. Report
Thank you so much for sharing. I dream of hiking, biking, horseback riding, and so many things with my grandchildren. Mostly I dream of living independently in place instead of a nursing home. Report
Great blog! Thanks for sharing your insights! You will get there with your positive attitude. Report
This is awesome Report
I am also reaching for new goals. I am a substitute teacher, in search of FT work. Every day I just give my heart and soul to kids, teachers and everyone that I meet. I know that God has something good for me. I just need to keep my hopes alive and reach for them every single day! Report
Beth, your blog was very inspirational. You are right, as we set out on our journey we are babies learning new things. I too am focusing on what I did today to accomplish my goals instead of how far I have to go. It makes each positive change I make more positive. Thank you for sharing. Report
Thanks, you make some good points. Report
Thank you so much for posting this. So eloquently written and wonderfully inspiring! You are amazing! :) Report
Thanks for this blog today, it was inspirational and a small piece of motivation to start the day. =) I believe the most important message in this is truly loving yourself through the process. The more love you feel for yourself on the inside, it'll truly reflect on yourself on the outside. It's important to be kind to yourself, and understand you are human who makes mistakes. Nobody is absolutely perfect. Remember next time when you see somebody who you THINK is the definition of flawless perfection, think about what kind of struggles they had to endure to get to their point, or invisible struggles you know nothing of.

Thank you once again for sharing! Report
i love the change your life then your weight. im working on it step by step. thanks for sharing. Report
Very inspiring blog post - thank you, Beth!

This might sound weird, but my main hope is to become braver and bolder - I want the courage and the brave attitude to really believe in my dreams enough to set out and accomplish them. I have so many dreams tucked on a shelf, labeled in my mind as "fantasy." I want to be able to one day convince myself to get out there and try.

I have definitely become a little wee bit braver by becoming healthier and more fit - I didn't think I could run nine miles straight, but did it (with a PR!) in a 15k last fall. This year, I'm testing myself to see if 13 miles and 26 miles are also do-able. I'm hoping this fitness-related bravery will bleed over into the rest of my life :) Until then, I will take your advice and try to move a little closer to my dreams every day - thank you! Report
What an inspiration. You continue to overcome challenges in your are on your way to being a life coach with such inspirational writing. Congratulations.
You are exactly right! And once you accomplish baby step goals and dreams, it's contagious, and even bigger dreams emerge with confidence and accomplishments. Mine began when I actually completed my Dreamboard/Vision Collage. I kept looking at it and wondered why I had to wait until the weight came off. That would be a long time down the road, so i started living my dreams then. I've accomplished a number of things including climbing a mountain, I made it even further than I thought I could. I made it completely. I'm excited about making a new dreamboard soon, since I need to add more. This also leads to naturally planning things around these dreams and goals. We are much more active now on vacation, and they aren't just about relaxation any longer. We crave activity, and some down time too, but we are much more active. And I've abandoned the scale. It stopped moving, but my body is ever-changing. That is most important. Living out your dreams and loving life is so exhilarating! It's awesome!! And a balanced lifestyle is essential for me! Report
Wow. This is so inspiring. I've been struggling to get out of the scale-mentality, and really think about why I'm doing this, but moreover, what I really want to do with my life. How I want to make a difference in this world. So thank-you for the wonderful reminder, and best of luck with each and everyone one of those goals...I believe in you, and I can't wait to see your book on the shelves one day. Report
I really needed this encouragement today. I was the fat kid that was last to get picked for sports. I stopped going to a gym because of the disgusting stairs I got from the actives. I will keep on track. Thanks for sharing you thoughts. Report
Beth GREAT blog thank you for sharing . As always you write with such a great attitude ,you will be walking an the beach ,and accompliching all the you have dreamed . SOOOOOOOOhappy for you . Report
I wish you all the best in the world! You will do it! Report
This was so moving. I love that you didn't mention a number. I think we should all remember that #'s don't mean as much as how you feel, what you think and what you can do. You rock! Report
This is a great blog. I can certainly relate. I am trying to change my attitude and outlook, but I guess its a work in progress and I will go one day at a time to try and get back to the positive. Thank you for sharing!! Report