Habits of Fit People: Sleep in Your Workout Clothes

By , SparkPeople Blogger
You want to be a fit person, right? That's why I'm sharing my own habits for keeping fit and staying healthy in the ongoing Habits of Fit People series.

Here's one that works for me: Sleeping in my workout clothes. This is especially helpful this time of year, when it's darker and colder when I wake up to run in the morning.

I may not be a morning person, but I'm working on it. Two or three times a week, I like to run in the morning because I love getting it out of the way and having my evenings free. That's not so difficult in the spring or summer, when the sunlight wakes me up and the temperature is inviting. But during the fall and winter? Forget about it! Dark, dreary and cold mornings make want to stay in bed as long as possible. So to stick with my morning runs, I have to keep my workout on my mind—and my body—the night before. So does it really make a difference?

This accomplishes three tasks:
  • I get to sleep just a few minutes longer, which makes all the difference in how rested I feel—and how much sunlight is available when I run.

  • I stay warmer longer. No more stripping down and changing your clothes while you shiver in the morning! I find that it's a lot easier to leave my warm bed when I know I'm already dressed and ready to head out the door.

  • Getting dressed for your workout is half the battle sometimes. Now you already have your clothes on, so there are no more excuses!
Beyond these three benefits, getting ready the night before also means that I'm preparing—and committing—to my workout in advance, which helps keep me accountable. Instead of thinking "Maybe I'll run tomorrow if I feel like it when I wake up," I've already prepared and decided to do it.

I know that some people would find workout clothes uncomfortable to sleep in, so if you like the idea of this tip but think it's unrealistic for you, do what you can. Whether you only wear your workout socks or just your pants (to avoid wearing a tight sports bra all night long, for example), the more you can put on the night before, the more likely you'll be to head out the door on time, without making excuses. This works whether you're going outside, to the gym or even to your own living room to exercise.

I actually do sleep in my workout clothes, head to toe, the night before I run. Since I'm already getting ready for my workout the night before, I also lay out my running shoes (unlaced and ready to slip on), iPod and headphones, my outer layers of clothes (because let's face it, it's just plain weird to sleep in your coat and mittens), my Nike+ SportBand and a house key. It's sort of like packing your gym bag, but without the bag, so you don't have to scramble in the morning. It really helps me stick with my routine in the colder, darker months.

Have you ever slept in your exercise clothes to make it easier to work out the next morning? Did it work for you? Are you willing to try it?

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I am trying this tonight! Last week I planned to go to the gym before work, and I did but I was late because I spent too much time lolly-gagging in the morning! Report
hot flashes and cold spells make these a stinky target for mosquitos. I do still do it. darnit. Have to change anyway lol. Report
Yes, I do this as well (unless my boyfriend is over, and then it's no clothing!), and it does save time in the morning. Report
I did and I will again, as soon as I will have 100% recovered from foot injury. Report
I haven't tried that but it sounds like a good idea, sounds like something I would do anyway. Report
I'm not a morning person either. I've not slept in the workout clothes but I've put them in bed under covers, under electric blanket so they're nice and toasty. Then I slide into them while still under the covers at least part of me. My Ipod on the end table and shoes right on the floor ready for me. It's a big help. Report
I'm not sleeping in my workout clothes yet, but I did start having "gym clothes" -- just like my daughter in Junior High. I wear the same shorts and shirt and shoes each time and I keep them in the same place, so I don't go looking for clothes or wear the wrong clothes (ones that bind or show too much)...this has really helped me. Report
I never thought of that. I wonder if my hubby would think it was weird :-) Report
I used to do this all the time when I was in drum corps, I didn't have much time to get up, get dressed, and eat (if we did eat) before I had to be ready for PT in the morning. So I'm already used to sleeping in a sports bra and gym shorts..... and sweats and all sorts of stuff for when we had a cold gym. So does this tip work, very much so! I may have to start using it twice a week. Report
I think I will give this a try one or two nights out of the week. It couldn't hurt. Report
I started doing this, and it's worked out AMAZINGLY for me. I've worked out every day this week, and that's really saying something!! =D Thanks for the tip! Report
i dont think i would try this, i sweat to much at night... Report
I've never slept in my workout clothes, but I do lay them out the night before and make sure that my iPod is charged up and ready to go. It is a challenge getting up on this fall mornings, but if I can just get myself dressed, my dog won't let me change my mind about running since she comes along with me! Report
I would definitely do this! I'm trying to get myself to the gym in the morning again, and this may do the trick this winter. I remember dressing my daughter in her school clothes at bed time when they were leaving early for class trips. Why not?! Report
"Have you ever slept in your exercise clothes to make it easier to work out the next morning? Did it work for you? Are you willing to try it?"

I haven't ever done it, and I probably wouldn't because I don't exercise first thing in the morning, but I love hearing about the wonderful extremes people will go to to stay healthy. Its got me thinking about creative ways to keep my own self motivated. Thanks! Report
I am not sleeping in my spin shorts! To make my mornings easier when my kids were little but potty trained, they used to sleep in their clothes for the next day. Made our lives much easier and there were never any issues with cleanliness since the sheets were clean and my kids were clean! Report
This really does work! I almost never miss my workouts because I sleep in my workout clothes! Report
I am going to try this! I know it would work for me. Maybe not the bra, but at least everything else. Easy enough. Thanks for the idea.

The whole idea that it is "unhygienic" does not apply if you're wearing clean sports clothes to bed. And there's nothing saying you have to let anything "breathe" either.

Even if you don't want to sleep in your clothes, at least laying them all out the night before is better than scrambling around in the morning, giving yourself more time to debate working out!
Thanks! Report
I love the idea of this, but I think snoozing in a sports bra would kill me! I'm just getting started on any kind of workout routine, but I do usually just keep the jammie pants on. Report
This is definately worth a try!!! Maybe I will make this a new goal. Report
If this will help me get my butt out of bed and onto the treadmill, I am sooo going to try it! Report
Thats funny because I started to do this last week and have worked out 9 days in a row now lol. I got into an argument with myself about working out one morning and I put a sports bra on and worked out in my pj's because I was pissy about getting my workout clothes on lol. So, that night when I went to forage for pj's I came across some of my workout things and say, hell I'll just sleep in this lol. AND IT WORKS! Report
i've heard of this before and thought it was a pretty good idea but now that i've read why it's such a good idea to do, i'm sooo trying this! it's true, getting dressed for a work out is half the battle. even more so when you have one foot in dreamland. Report
This is a great idea, and thinking about it: If I am already dressed I have no reason to wander about the house. Just up and out, no time to think of "other stuff" I need to do first, or convinvce myself I don't feel like it. I 'm going to do it tonight. Report
I do this every time I am going to get up early to run. It is so funny to see someone else mention it. I thought I was the only crazy person to do it! :) I also lay out my shoes, ipod, etc. so there is no excuse. I am ready in 5 minutes. Report
Great Idea, your right about getting dressed and ready to go is half the battle. Thanks for the tip. Report
Love the idea...
and have gotten a good kick out of all the comments!! Thanks for the laughs! Report
I've never tried this; however, it is something I would definitely try.

Thanks for the tip!
Imma try it! Report
I've never done this... but I have been known to work out in my PJs. I usually work out late at night, though. Report
I have never slept in my workout clothes, but I think it's a great idea, because, like you, I am not a morning person. My husband may find it strange, but he'll understand ... LOL! Report
I hate mornings and almost never want to get up early enough to workout or walk. So...I think this is an idea worth trying, at least on mornings I need to make extra effort. I like working out after work, but sometimes I know I'll have a hard time getting home in time. Report
This is great! I do this and it does help.. knowing that I am ready to go... It makes it easier to get up and go. Report
Just to add my 2 cents.... I haven't tried it but will tonight. I was dreading getting up and out early enough to work out before and early meeting in the morning. This just might be the trick. I've worn "next morning's clothes" to bed before, when I had to be up and out and about early so why not to work out.

As far as wearing your work out clothes to bed hindering sex...... First, sexual intercourse is NOT the only form of intimacy in a relationship. Second, how is it any different than wearing jammies to bed???? I've climbed into bed with jammies on many times and the jammies come back off on the nights sex happens. Again, where's the problem?

My comment to people that think it's unhygenic, if you shower the night before and/or AFTER your workout, then where is the problem? If you've showered the night before, it's not different than working out at the end of the day as far as hygene goes.

Just my own humble opinion, but I think it sounds like a great idea. It's one more way to combat the "excuses" we all come up with to get out of exercising. Report
It's a good idea but I don't plan to give up my Victoria Secret to save a few minutes in the morning, lol! I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate it either. ;) Report
I love this idea, taking praticality to the max. I must try it, now I just ride my stationary bike in my pajamas. Report
I sleep in my workout clothes & I have a timer set on my coffee pot so it starts brewing a couple of minutes before I plan on getting up. The smell of the coffe wakes me up & I'm all ready to head out the door. It's great! Report
I do this!! It helps save me a step on those frosty mornings when I have to go out and warm up the car for the drive to they gym!! Report
I will give it a go! Report
Maybe I'm crazy, but why would sleeping in your workout clothes be un-hygienic? As long as the clothes you work out in are clean when you put them on, what's the problem? And why do you shower before you work out? That's like putting on makeup to go swimming (I know people who do this--boggles the mind). And as for letting your personal area breathe at night--WTH?

I haven't tried sleeping in my gear, but it's not a bad idea. I might have to try it tonight. I live in So Cal and there is no sun when I get up, even with daylight savings time. I get up at 5 AM twice a week to go running, and it's dark and chilly. The sun doesn't start coming out until I'm almost back to my house. I kind of like running in the dark, but only in the morning. Report
This is such a great idea! Why haven't I thought of this?! Report
Okay, now I am sure to be "blasted" for this, but here it goes...these were the questions that were asked:

Have you ever slept in your exercise clothes to make it easier to work out the next morning? No, I haven't
Did it work for you? N/A
Are you willing to try it? Yes, it sounds great!

I am not saying that you shouldn't have your own opinion, because we are ALL entitled to one, but at least answer the questions asked. This has become the biggest reason that I don't read the comments on the blogs, the recipes, etc. Too many people are trying to "blast" each other for their own opinion.

Here is an easy one for you, if you don't like it (or it doesn't apply to you) skip it! That is the beauty of the comment section; you aren't obligated to read every comment. So, can we move on and get back to the questions at hand.

I personally think that this is exactly what I NEED. I have STOPPED exercising daily, because lets face it LIFE got in the way. I am trying to find the "best way for ME" to start up again. This will help me because I won't have the "excuse" not to work out first thing in the morning.

Now for those that were saying, there is light earlier, well that doesn't apply to me because I have to get up at 4 every morning (still dark). For those that were "concerned about hygiene" please understand that the people that do this are not using the same sweaty undergarments over and over and over again. For those that are concerned with sex being an issue, my husband and I have been married for over 13 years, if something as silly as what I am wearing in bed stops us from being intimate, we really have a bigger issue than workout clothes. :-P

So please ladies and gentlemen, post your opinions (whatever they may be), but answer the questions asked because that was the whole point of the comment section.

Smile, it can't hurt Ü Report
This is not a bad idea, but it wouldn't work for me because I sweat while I'm asleep. Putting on fresh clothes in the morning is part of what gets me moving! But I do lay my workout clothes (and my normal work clothes) the night before so I don't have to search for anything. Report
i already sleep in like cami type shirts with the bra support (since my girls arent that big i dont need a sports bra) and yoga shorts or pants and i shower b 4 i go to bed so y would your hygiene be comprimised????...you get in the morning wash your face...brush your teeth....wash A...B..C.. put on maybe a different pair of pants and go to the gym!!!! do we have to think so childish about the bathing now if your a person that does not shower b 4 bed than sleeping in your work out clothes may not be the best option for you!!!
But we have to support this for whom ever it works for!! Report
What a great idea!!!! Report
i used to sleep in my swim suit and sweats in high school. we had a 5:30 practice and had to drive a ways to the pool. Maybe i need to go back to those days. Report
Great idea. However, I can't sleep in my exercise bra because it is too binding. I could sleep in the jogging pants that I will exercise in though. Report
I already do this, the clothes I wear for bed clothes are yoga type pants or capris and comfy spaghetti strapped shirts, and also wear the same style clothing to exercise in/ Report
This really isnt a good idea. You are supposed to let your personal area breath at night and not wear anything below. Report