Habits of Fit People: Sleep in Your Workout Clothes

By , SparkPeople Blogger
You want to be a fit person, right? That's why I'm sharing my own habits for keeping fit and staying healthy in the ongoing Habits of Fit People series.

Here's one that works for me: Sleeping in my workout clothes. This is especially helpful this time of year, when it's darker and colder when I wake up to run in the morning.

I may not be a morning person, but I'm working on it. Two or three times a week, I like to run in the morning because I love getting it out of the way and having my evenings free. That's not so difficult in the spring or summer, when the sunlight wakes me up and the temperature is inviting. But during the fall and winter? Forget about it! Dark, dreary and cold mornings make want to stay in bed as long as possible. So to stick with my morning runs, I have to keep my workout on my mind—and my body—the night before. So does it really make a difference?

This accomplishes three tasks:
  • I get to sleep just a few minutes longer, which makes all the difference in how rested I feel—and how much sunlight is available when I run.

  • I stay warmer longer. No more stripping down and changing your clothes while you shiver in the morning! I find that it's a lot easier to leave my warm bed when I know I'm already dressed and ready to head out the door.

  • Getting dressed for your workout is half the battle sometimes. Now you already have your clothes on, so there are no more excuses!
Beyond these three benefits, getting ready the night before also means that I'm preparing—and committing—to my workout in advance, which helps keep me accountable. Instead of thinking "Maybe I'll run tomorrow if I feel like it when I wake up," I've already prepared and decided to do it.

I know that some people would find workout clothes uncomfortable to sleep in, so if you like the idea of this tip but think it's unrealistic for you, do what you can. Whether you only wear your workout socks or just your pants (to avoid wearing a tight sports bra all night long, for example), the more you can put on the night before, the more likely you'll be to head out the door on time, without making excuses. This works whether you're going outside, to the gym or even to your own living room to exercise.

I actually do sleep in my workout clothes, head to toe, the night before I run. Since I'm already getting ready for my workout the night before, I also lay out my running shoes (unlaced and ready to slip on), iPod and headphones, my outer layers of clothes (because let's face it, it's just plain weird to sleep in your coat and mittens), my Nike+ SportBand and a house key. It's sort of like packing your gym bag, but without the bag, so you don't have to scramble in the morning. It really helps me stick with my routine in the colder, darker months.

Have you ever slept in your exercise clothes to make it easier to work out the next morning? Did it work for you? Are you willing to try it?

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I've often thought about it but never did!! I just may try it tonight :) Report
hahah I alwaaaaaaaays do this!!! i go to the gym at my college early and it's so easy to wake up, eat breakfast and roll out!!! Love it! =] Report
Sounds like a good idea, especially for those mornings I go to the gym for a class and time is so limited. Report
I thought I was lazy for doing it!!! jajajaja it works like a charm for me... just knowing that I´ll be able to sleep a couple of minutes more helps.... it´s nice to know other people are also doing this :) Report
Yes, this works. As long as you don't press the snooze button and go back to sleep. Report
I do this all the time! I workout very early in the morning. I keep my shoes right by the bed, grab my water bottle and I am ready to go! Report
Yeah, that's not going to happen. Maybe if I were single. Hard to have sex at night when you're all geared up for a run.

Also, enjoy sleeping w/out clothes. Gives my body a chance to "breath" and less chance of a yeast infection ;) Report
A friend suggested this pre-race night and I thought she was weird. Now after reading this and so many comments, I'm going to try it. LOL Report
When i was working, I'd change into workout clothes before I left work. When I got home I wasn't tempted to change into PAJAMAS or lounging clothes, and my husband and kids KNEW that Mommy was going to be working out at some point, so they wouldn't distract me or make extra demands of me. Report
Done it and it helps. Just glad to know other do not think it is such a crazy idea.
Also to the lady who takes a shower before her work out to wake up and then afterward to be clean, I actually thought of that too since I usually have meet my personal trainer at 6:00a.m. Glad to know I am not alone! The best to everyone! Report
I just started my workout routine Wednesday. I sleep in sweats and I have been working out in my "pj's" too. :) Report
When I was in college and working student jobs, sometimes I would wear my swimsuit under my clothes. It was good motivation to stop at the rec center on the way home and swim laps because otherwise I was just some weird girl who wore her swimsuit all the time. :) Report
I had forgotten about using this tactic until reading it here....I used to sleep in my running clothes and go first thing in the morning. Admittedly it's been several years since I was an avid exerciser, and this reminder brought back great memories. I think I'll try it again! :) Report
I did this not on purpose last night as my pjs were in the dryer. Then this am I hopped right on the exercise bike and thought, hey not a bad idea, just sleep in workout clothes. Lol and then I saw this article! Perfectly timed...I sleep in a sports bra anyway, those of us with bigger "girls" have that recommended by the doc to fight gravity later on. 8-) Report
I like this idea. I will skip wearing the bra, but everything else should be comfortable enough to sleep in. Report
I just don't see how I would be comfortable...I like to let things breathe haha. I do have my workout clothes ready though to go, so it is staring at me when I wake up. Report
I wouldn't sleep well in work out clothes, but when I get up I put them on even though I don't work out until after breakfast. Report
this is a GREAT idea! i'm gonna try this tonight but maybe unhook the bra! :) i hope this works cuzfor me half the battle is "getting up" to put on my workout clothes :) Report
Love this! I have been doing this, and definitely think it helps to get motivated in the morning since all I have left to do is put my shoes and jacket on! Report
...and all this time I thought I was just being lazy :D Report
I have slept in my workout clothes before, and I also sometimes just leave my clothes on my nightstand and I don't get out of bed until I put them on! Report
Who'd have thought this but it makes sense to me!! Good idea. Report
This is so funny because I just mentioned it to my husband the other day because when I wake up in the morning it takes up so much of my time having to get something on to actually do the workout. This is confirmation that I need to go ahead and give it a try! Report
Wow! I'll definately try this tonight - I hate getting out of a nice warm bed to put on cold clothes.... I used to have my work-out clothes laid out close to the bed so that I could pull them under the covers and get them warm before slipping them on. Thanx for the great tip - I'll see how it works :D Report
I've slept in my workout clothes a few times in the past and it does make a difference. It saves me time and I don't have to stubble around to searching for what to wear. Report
This is funny! lol. Nice tip Report
Awesome idea. I wish I had thought of that years ago haha. Good info, thanks Report
this is a great idea...my workout clothes aren't really comfortable enough to sleep in :( Report
Sometimes I slept in my comfy t-shirt, so I can go straight to do low-impact, make-me-more-awake morning workout. But usually just slow march, crunches or push-up then stretch. Trying to put on sport bras when still half-asleep is a very, very big negative motivator, haha. Report
Hmm! This could work! I've been wanting to get up early at least 3 times a week to bike, & so this could help me in doing that. Not that I'm concerned about any of the things mentioned as being positives of this - I'm usually awake super early anyway, which really annoys me! :P But I babble here - but, still, being in my biking clothes already when I wake up at 5 or 5:30 AM could be a great incentive to my getting up & out of bed to bike, at least when it's light out at that time.

Great idea, really! :) Thank-you. Report
Definitely find this extremely helpful because I have been trying to get to where I would get up at 530 am like I used to in order to workout and with the time change I just can't shake it. Maybe this will help me! Thanks Report
I've thought about doing this, but always thought it would be strange. I will try it tonight and see if it works. Report
I don't think so, I take a shower before and after I work out. I know it sounds silly but it wakes me up. :) Report
I do this on the nights I have to exercise on my own in the morning. Twice a week I work out with a trainer so I know I'm getting up and will get ready. But the other days when I plan to workout on my own, I wear my workout clothes to bed. Report
I like this idea, will try it Report
OMG!!! I LOVE this suggestion! Yep. This is a good idea. Report
I do this. Saves time in the am- all have have to do is roll out of bed, lace up my running shoes which are by the bed & hop on my treadmill. Report
Hadn't thought of that, but I like to sleep in very loose fitting clothes. Might try the socks. Report
I'd get WAY too hot sleeping in my workout clothes. But I'm not jumping right into a workout first think out of the sack anyway. I HAVE to have the java first AND breakfast...then the workout. This body's too old to just be jump starting like that - I've gotta EASE into the movement thing. Report
Sleeping in my workout clothes works like a charm; I've been doing it for years and recommend it to friends all the time and the feedback is positive too! I've always referred to this as the domino effect; but I guess I'm spreading the spark! Report
I grew up on a farm, so getting up at 4am isn't a problem for me. Report
I actually had to do that while I was in the Army, and when I ran in the mornings before Army came into the picture. Since getting out of the Army, I have avoided getting up first thing in the morning and exercising as I can wait until later in the day to do it. But I am thinking now that I would start doing morning exercising, especially if I get a job that is full-time and starts early in the morning. Report
Whew and thank you for sharing! Yes I do wear workout clothes to bed to get myself going in the morning. I have been teased but now I can report that people do the same thing all over the country. God bless you for getting all of us to respond. Report
OK, I confess. Since I leave for work at 6:30 am, I need to save all the time I can. So I walk the dog in my sweats, which I happen to sleep in the night before. As an extra bonus, when I come home from work at 7:15pm, I can change to the same sweats and walk the dog then, too. My neighbors, who see just about everything, call it "going out in my PJs". Report
Hi, I never looked at it, that way before: but YES. I guess I do.
I leave my tee-shirt and shorts hanging up over the vent in the bathroom. I have a seat there to put socks on So Yes they are all warmed up when I put them on. {I do this 1st thing in the morining, before eating Breakfast,} but I exercise with my Vido's Tapes about 30 min's after I eat and take my Vitamin's so I never leave my house....in the morining. I guess this just gets me going though the day... Report
I lay out all my workout clothes before going to bed, so I can get up and get dressed easily in the dark. Once I have my clothes on it is enough motivation for me to get out there and do my runs. But now I go to the gym to do my runs instead of outdoors since it was just getting too darn dangerous and dark to be out there alone. I find getting everything ready the night before makes it a snap to head out to the gym first thing in the morning! Report
I have actually done this, slept in my workout clothes. Why not? They are comfy, you are ready to get going the next day and don't have to lag around thinking, "ohhh, I have to change first...bother!" It's a great idea that I've used for a while and I'm glad it has been shared! Report
I am trying this tonight! Last week I planned to go to the gym before work, and I did but I was late because I spent too much time lolly-gagging in the morning! Report
hot flashes and cold spells make these a stinky target for mosquitos. I do still do it. darnit. Have to change anyway lol. Report
Yes, I do this as well (unless my boyfriend is over, and then it's no clothing!), and it does save time in the morning. Report