Food Showdown: How Sweet is Your Tea?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
As temperatures continue to climb this summer, sitting out on the porch with a tall glass of iced tea might sound like the perfect way to relax and refresh. Iced tea certainly isn't new on the beverage scene, but we have been slowly increasing our consumption of the warm-weather staple; last year, a national consumer survey reported that 10% of U.S. consumers are purchasing more iced tea than they did in 2009. The survey also revealed that 73% of tea drinkers prefer green tea for its antioxidants and health benefits. Drink companies have taken note of America's love of green tea and have produced dozens of flavored varieties over the past few years; however, many of those varieties pack a mean sugar punch that rivals the most sugary soft drinks on the market.

Between two popular flavored green tea varieties, Arizona Georgia Peach Green Tea and Snapple Peach Green Tea, which one should you choose if you're watching your sugar intake?
The Winner: Arizona Georgia Peach Green Tea!
The Snapple Peach Green Tea contains a whopping 41 grams of sugar for just eight ounces. If you drink the entire 16-ounce can, that brings you up to 82 grams of sugar in one sitting! The Arizona Georgia Peach Green Tea contains just 17 grams of sugar for eight ounces. However, 17 grams is equivalent to just over 4 teaspoons of sugar, which is still quite a bit--plus, there are three servings in a 24-ounce can. You'd be better off brewing your own green tea at home and spiking your glass with fresh fruit. Try lemon, peaches, raspberries, and blueberries for refreshing flavor without the sugar rush.  

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RO2BENT 4/2/2020
Say no to artificial sweeteners Report
Interesting article. Report
QUEENFROG 4/2/2020
Gross! I brew my own; either unsweetened or with stevia. Nothing else needed except the occasional lemon wedge. Report
CHERYLHURT 3/28/2020
Excellent Report
1CRAZYDOG 3/27/2020
That's my take-away -- better to just brew my own tea. Not too difficult! Report
KHALIA2 3/1/2020
I also LOVE unsweeten ice tea!!!!!!! Report
RAPUNZEL53 2/11/2020
Thanks Report
PATRICIAAK 11/15/2019
no sweetener Report
CECELW 11/9/2019
I love tea. I add a tbls of raw honey in mine Report
CKOUDSI617 10/10/2019
I drink tea unsweetened as well. (Coffee too.) Report
SUNSET09 8/16/2019
I enjoy a good tea however, not much on the sweet part of it. My sister likes the Arizona tea so I'll have to try this suggestion. Thanx, SparkFriend Report
KHALIA2 8/15/2019
Thanks! Report
GEORGE815 7/1/2019
Usually leave my tea alone. Coffee is another deal all together Report
I make my own tea and don't add sugar. If someone wants sugar, they add it themselves to their glass. I will add a little lemon or mint Report
I stopped drinking sugar in my tea a long time ago but do sometimes put a little milk in hot tea. Report
I never add sugar or purchase sweetened tea. Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
I am not a tea drinker. Now that it's cooler maybe I'll be drinking hot green tea. Report
Thank you for this great info! Report
Great job Report
Great job Report
Not a huge tea drinker although I should start especially the green tea. I've actually here & there been doing the unsweetened tea. It's actually ok trying to pull back on sugars. X Report
I love unsweetened ice tea. Report
I drink tea, and like iced tea, but that sweet tea loaded with only sugar taste is gross Report
I rarely even drink tea. Report
This is great - I'm making some herbal tea now. Report
73% prefer green tea? Seriously? Have you asked anyone in the South?!? Report
Green and black teas are both about the same in anti-oxidants. I'm so tired of this myth that green tea is so much better. Many of us just don't like the stuff. Report
I have yet to find a bottled tea that I don't find nasty. I like my tea to taste like tea. Iced or hot, I would much rather brew my own. Report
Love brewed tea. Have gotten myself down to no sugar and some lemon juice. Report
I will brew my own tea. I can pick the flavor, the strength of the brew and it is unsweetened and much cheaper than bottled tea. Report
I'm making my own organic green tea. It's a better quality kind that doesn't get too bitter when leaving the tea bags in the pitcher. Able to let the antioxidents keep potent. Report
I love iced tea - the real kind, not some bottled or powdered-ready-to-add-water product that calls itself 'iced tea'. Making it ourselves is so easy; it also eliminates the packaging that ends up in landfills or requires recycling! Sun tea is a good option (used to do it, now don't). I just bring water to a near-boil, plop in the amount of green tea (flavored or plain depending on my mood) and let it steep 'til it's a shade darker than I like (because I add plenty of ice!), toss in a few slices of lemon and 2 packets of Splenda per gallon of tea, let cool a little then refrigerate. It's incredibly refreshing and doesn't pack on the calories.

As for the pre-made stuff? Never liked it, wouldn't waste my money. Report
i love iced tea but i brew it myself i used to buy Lipton iced tea with peach, but they stopped making it. So i had to come up with my way of making it. I like Lipton/Celestial country peach passion sweetin with truvia it doesnt have the after taste like splenda. I need sugar in it to take out the biter taste. Report
I love to brew my own green tea with a little bit of honey:)
I like "Honest Tea" with just 25 grams of sugar for 16.9 oz Report
Snapple diet peach green tea. Yum Report
there are very few canned teas i can stand. most of them are too sweet. the instant ice teas are too sweet also. why can't we have lemon flavoring without all that sugar? Report
I love TEA - no extras added - no sweetners - no flavors. Report
I am not a tea drinker so no concerns over sweetness. Report
I am trying to learn to like tea so new ideas and ways to serve it are always welcome! Report
I do not like sweet tea, just reglular Report
I do not like any sweetener in my tea just a little lemon juice Report
We make our own without the sugar at all and love it. 8 bags of Lipton tea (regular), 2 bags of our favorite herbal tea, 1 gallon of water, 1-2 hours of sunny weather and we've got our tea. I take the tea bags out when it's done so it doesn't get bitter and I don't twist the bags over the tea as that can make it bitter, too. It's a great way to drink iced tea and it's inexpensive and healthier than the bottled stuff. I haven't found a bottled ice tea that doesn't have some sugar added and it's expensive, too. Report
Huh? I've found Arizona to be more cloyingly sweet than Snapple, for the most part.........good thing I don't regularly indulge in either of them...... Report
I love tea, I drink it like its going out of style lol. Anyhow, I am going to try a cold brew tonight of my strawberry tea and see how it turns out. I'm going to do some sun tea tomorrow and see if I have a preference. Usually I use my Teavana tea infusers to make iced tea but sometimes I'd rather not go to the trouble. When I have bottled tea I drink the Diet Peach Snapple since it has no sugar. I got into not drinking my calories but also I have a sensitivity to sweet things. American food & drink can be much too sweet for me. I'm going to try mixing my peach and strawberry teas and see how I like that. Good idea to add fruit to tea to sweeten it and avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners. Report
Drank a lot of sweetened tea when I was a kid. fidnt occur ti me that you could drink it any other way. Now I prefer to brew herbal teas and drink them unsweetened. Can't imagine ever going back. Report
Prepared teas, whether made with sugar or artificial sweeteners, all taste much too sweet to me. When I'm in a restaurant I ask if its sweetened ( I live in Virginia, so it usually is) before I order and end up rarely ordering it. I prefer making it at home. Report
I do not like sweet tea. I like it straight up with a squeeze of lemon. Report