A Thank You and Well-Wishes after 18 Years

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Hi everyone!

We wanted to let you know that our Registered Dietitian, Becky Hand, will be parting ways with SparkPeople. After so many years helping people through her Message Board post responses, articles and blogs, we thought it important to let you know that she is leaving SparkPeople. More importantly, we wanted to publicly thank her for her many years giving advice to our members. Becky has been with SparkPeople almost since the beginning, so the number of members she's helped is immeasurable.

Rest assured, you'll still receive high-quality content and information from our wide variety of experts, which continues to grow. Becky helped set the foundation for the nutritional recommendations on our site, and those will remain the same—all based on well-researched, scientifically verified studies.

Thank you, Becky, and best wishes in your future endeavors!
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_CYNDY55_ 2/9/2019
Thank you so very much Becky! Report
JCMSMILE 2/9/2019
Take care, Becky!! Thanks for keeping us nutritionally safe and sound!! Report
NANCYPAT1 2/9/2019
Good luck and best wishes for your future endeavors! Report
NANCYPAT1 2/9/2019
Good luck and best wishes for your future endeavors! Report
JERSEYGIRL24 2/9/2019
Thank you, Becky, for all the knowledge. Best of luck in your next endeavor. Report
Thank you Becky for your years of faithful service to SparkPeople members. Your input has been immeasurable and you will be greatly missed. I wish you success and happiness in your post SparkPeople life.

Kris Report
FB17CAT 2/9/2019
Wishing you all the best with you future plans. Thanks for the great advice over the years. Report
Thank you, Becky for all the excellent, well thought out advice you have posted over the years. Report
Thank you, Becky!!! Report
GABY1948 2/9/2019
thanks Report
Thanks Becky! Best of luck in your future endeavors. Report
BONNIE1552 2/9/2019
Thank you for all your help over the years. Wishing you the best in your plans for the future! Report
EVILCECIL 2/9/2019
Thank you! Report
BIGTOSS03 2/9/2019
Best wishes and may you continue helping others along your travels. Report
I-AM-TITANIUM 2/9/2019
Thank you Becky for your sincere interest in the health and welfare of others. You served with an altruistic attitude and helped many folks to Success.

All the best to you .. Godspeed Becky! Report
FITWITHIN 2/9/2019
Thank you Becky! Report
MICAROO 2/9/2019
Thank You Becky! You've been such an important part of my SparkPeople Journey. Best wishes on your future endeavors. Thank you so much for everything you have done; you have helped change lives here on SP, especially mine. Report
Best wishes for your future endeavors, Becky, Report
Have a blessed future. You'll be missed. Report
JANIEWWJD 2/9/2019
Thank you for everything you did for Spark People!!! Many blessing and good wishes for a prosperous future!!! Report
MOONDRAGON30 2/9/2019
Thank you for a great 18 years. Report
MNABOY 2/9/2019
Thank you for you help Report
EOWYN24241 2/9/2019
Best wishes in everything, Becky! God bless you always! Report
2DAWN4 2/9/2019
Thanks for a wonderful 18 years! Report
Best Wishes on all future endeavours Report
ZRIE014 2/9/2019
thanks Report