A Better Way to Get Vitamin C (Besides Orange Juice!)

By , SparkPeople Blogger
With cold and flu season in full swing, most of us are trying to do all we can to avoid catching one of the nasty viruses floating around. Some swear by vitamin C-rich orange juice for warding off disease. Although the evidence about vitamin C's illness-fighting powers is conflicting, there's no doubt that it's still a good nutrient to consume. Since the body does not produce vitamin C, you must obtain it from outside sources to create and repair skin cells and fight off the effects of damaging free radicals. If you eat your veggies, though, it's not hard to reach your daily quota, since all fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C to some degree. That's right; orange juice isn't your only option for getting this important nutrient! Which type of produce will deliver the highest amount of vitamin C per serving: Red bell peppers, broccoli, kiwi, or oranges?
The Winner: Red Bell Pepper!

One serving of red bell pepper delivers a whopping 190 mg of vitamin C! Broccoli contains 132 mg, kiwi boasts 137 mg, and oranges come in last with 83 mg. According to the National Institutes of Health, the daily recommended value for vitamin C is 90 mg for men and 75 mg for women, so one serving of red bell pepper will more than cover your needs. The next time you feel a cold coming on, munch on some peppers instead of reaching for the orange juice! (In case you're wondering, 8 ounces of orange juice has 137 mg of vitamin C—but you're better off choosing a whole fruit, veggie, or mean green juice instead for more fiber and less sugar.)

What's your favorite way to get vitamin C? How to you ward off illness in the winter?

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PATRICIAAK 12/1/2019
fresh is best Report
SNUZYQ2 11/28/2019
Wow...how nice to know that one of my favorite veggies is full of vitamin C. Wonderful! Report
EVIE4NOW 11/27/2019
Love red peppers and grow them every year. U slice them and have them in the freezer all winter. Report
REDROBIN47 11/24/2019
This is a very interesting article. I never knew that red peppers had more vitamin 3 than citrus. Report
CAROLJ35 9/10/2019
We eat lots of raw red, yellow and orange peppers. But we also love them cooked. Does cooking greatly reduce the amount of Vitamin C? Report
Being diabetic I had to cut back on oranges, this is great I now have a replacement to get my vitamin C Report
Great info... thanks. Report
ANHELIC 6/10/2019
Thank you for the information. Report
BONNIE1552 3/28/2019
They are one veggie I will eat plain, although it might be good to have some hummus to help with flavor. Report
EVIE4NOW 1/4/2019
I put red peppers in many things. Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
Eating what I like to eat, I just naturally get enough vitamin C. So that's nice--one habit I don't have to change! :) Report
Thanks for the tips. Report
Good thing I love red bell peppers! Report
Thank You for a great article. Report
Great recommendations! Report
Snap peas and Halos/Cuties are my favorites for vitamin C. Report
Interesting Report
Barley tea has 100% mdr of vitamin c according to the label. Report
Good info Report
Great info! Report
Food for thought! Report
Good to know Report
Melinda I love your blogs Report
Great! Report
Great information! Report
i like them in fajitas Report
Reminder get to the store I need my fruits & veggies. Report
1 cup of Brussels Sprouts has 125% of a daily Vitamin C requirement. Just don't boil them; vit. C is water soluble. Red peppers may sound expensive, but a serving is just 2 or 3 ounces to get all vitamin C or A. I wish the article pointed out that cost per serving is actually pretty low. Report
Watermelon is an excellent source of C Report
love love red pepper had no idea they are high in vitamin c... Report
Vegetables with vitaminC really important
Yum, I have broccoli everyday!! Report
Raw, they are surprisingly sweet. My personal favorite way to cook them is to slice them thin and quickly saute them in a little butter until they are crisp-tender and maybe browning a bit at their edges, Then I sprinkle on a bit of salt and only a half packet of sweetener and into a serving bowl they go! Report
I love red bell peppers! Report
I don't like vegetables as a source of vitamin c Report
Oranges, tangerines, tangelos....I could eat a bag a day....
Do not like peppers of any kind. Report
Geeze! I never knew red peppers contained vitamin C. I'll be eating more of them! Report
Actually, I think Zinc and Vit D are more important in warding off illness, and keeping a good probiotic in your system. For Vit C I happen to love raw red peppers (and green) so that is nice to know.
What's the breakdown in Vit C between green and red peppers I wonder? Red are about twice the price :/ Report
I'd love to have more info on kiwi, which is also high in C. I too cannot eat peppers, no matter what color or how prepared. Report
Carrot juice is my favorite! Report
Wow, that is great to know! I tend to be sensitive to citrus so alternatives to OJ for my vitamin C is good to know. Report
All kinds of natural eaters are commenting, but I'm a sucker for Emergen-C. I take it a couple times a day when people around me are sick, or whenever I start to feel sick, and stick to natural sources the rest of the time. Report
Like Archimedesii, I love red peppers and love to eat my vegetables. I had no idea red peppers were so packed with vitamin C. Good to know! Report
Love RED PEPPERS!!! Much sweeter than GREEN.
So this is GREAT NEWS!!!! Report
This is good to know! Oranges and orange juice don't really agree with me and I love red peppers! I've been buying the small ones and adding them to my salad. Report
Peppers are so so bitter no matter what color. I even pick out the little bits (normally red) in all foods. They are annoyingly put in most prepared foods and I can't stand them. For frozen meals, it must be a mandatory item, yuck!

I just bought deviled egg potato salad, and those annoying red bits are spoiling that salad for me.

I especially hate the seasoning black pepper, that really spoils food. Today my friend made homemade salsa and I was really looking forward to it. Well, she covered the mix with black pepper. I ate one chip and had to stop, such a bad flavor. I really wish the flavor wasn't so offensive. Report
Love those foods, but when I feel the first tickle of a cold I hit the bottle...of vitamin C 1000 mg! 2 or 3 every few hours, and trail off when the tickle is gone. Works every time. Well...almost every time! Depends on how run down I am. Report
I would have thought orange juice. I don't care for red peppers by themselves but I can certainly add them to some dishes. Good to know! Report