13 Annoying Gym Pet Peeves

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13 Annoying Gym Pet Peeves That Make You Just Want to Quit Working Out
Peeves are just part of the workout process, especially when you go to a gym. Here are 13 of the most annoying habits. (Our top picks: People who talk or text while hogging cardio equipment, and people who wear heavy perfume/cologne.) What's your gym pet peeve? Huffington Post Healthy Living

Hark! There Is a Brand-New Menu Item at Chipotle and It Looks Delicious
Great news, vegetarians: Chipotle is launching tofu nationwide. Yum! Time

4 Suspension Training Sins
Do you use the TRX or other suspension equipment? Are you using it properly? Find out! ACE Fitness

Eat Plants And Prosper: For Longevity, Go Easy On The Meat, Study Says
You don't have to cut out meat and cheese entirely, but to lower your risk of dying of cancer and other causes, you should limit it during middle age, according to a new study. NPR

10 Unhealthy Foods to Give Up For Lent — and the Calories You'll Save
Did you commit to give up certain foods for Lent? See how many calories you'll save by making these small changes. (Not participating in Lent? You could still tackle these goals and improve your health.) Fit Sugar

A Yoga-Tabata Mashup Workout
Like yoga? Like HIIT and Tabata training? You'll love this short mashup of the two. It's a not as intense as most Tabata intervals, but it is a quick whole-body workout and stretch session. Shape

Birth by C-Section May Raise Obesity Risk
According to a large review of studies, birth by C-section has been linked to adult weight issues. NYT

Dr. Yogi: Physicians Integrate Yoga Into Medical Practice
Doctors are learning how to use yoga instead of drugs to treat various health issues. NPR

Cellulite, Stretch Marks, and a Love Your Body Challenge
Fitness expert Molly Galbraith, a regular contributor to SparkPeople's blog, challenges you to learn to love your body. She starts by sharing real photos of what fitness experts really look like. Molly Galbraith blog
The Food That Helped One Woman Live to 116 
The oldest person in the world just turned 116! Find out what she credits for her longevity. Women's Health

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CECELW 7/1/2020
I can't stand the gym. Talk about germs!! Report
agree with the perfume/cologne, some wear too much of it Report
Talkers ! While I am doing a cardio program on thr a
treadmill, do not come over for a chat. I am actually at witk working out, I am paying close attention to the monitor. and I orob
Not rude on my part, rude to distract me during my session. See you later ! Report
Definitely not cleaning off the equipment after you are through. Report
NOT cleaning up the gym mat if you don't have your own. I ALWAYS have my own. The alternatives are just plain gross to me! Report
Slamming and dropping weights. If you're dropping it, you're using too much weight. Men who don't check out what their crotch area looks like when they're laying on a bench apparatus. A couple of guys at my gym put on quite a show (ugh) when doing benchwork. Report
Ladies in the gym locker room walking around completely naked and carrying the towel in their hand. - decency people! Report
I have a SWEATY RUNNING guy at the gym that sprays sweat all over. Low and behold he is the step dad to my sons girlfriend, I almost passed out when I learned that. Oh the joy at 5am of sweaty running guy and THUMPER that pounds the treadmill I think one day it will break! Report
thanks for bring your love your body challenge here molly this si so awesome Report
Definitely too much perfume/cologne is my biggest pet peeve at the gym. I have a fragrance allergy, so if someone doused in perfume steps onto the treadmill next to me, my breathing is affected and I have to move! Horribly annoying. Report